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There is a total of 12 levels and three Toad Houses (one of each kind) in this world, making it the longest world in New Super Mario Bros. This level is a Ghost House that has multiple paths and is also infested with Peepas and Boos. This level is an underwater level filled with massive boulders that attempt to crush Mario, along with Bloopers hiding in pipes. This level symbolizes the first appearance of the Mini Mushroom and prominently features it, for the level must be completed with it. This level is a water-themed castle cramped with dangerous Grinders that attempt to hinder Mario. There are 12 levels and five Toad Houses in this world, making it the longest world in New Super Mario Bros. Some levels in this world have a jagged mountainous background that is similar to those found in several levels in Super Mario World. Mario's Assist Block power-up from Super Mario 3D Land returns, among other gold-tinged power-ups.White Tanooki Mario returns in New Super Mario Bros. I had no hype for Super Mario 3D Land until I got it as an unexpected Bonus from a GameStop deal.
Quote from: NWR_insanolordI seem to be the only one on staff who came out of E3 really looking forward to this game. The entire contents of this Web site, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright © 1999 - 2016 NINWR, LLC.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without consent from NINWR, LLC is prohibited. Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is floating high-up in the area where the first Lakitu appears, and is concealed by Clouds. Star Coin 2: Shortly before the Checkpoint Flag, there is a Piranha Plant resting atop a yellow platform.
Star Coin 3: Shortly before the Flagpole, the third Star Coin is floating high-up in the air, out of sight. Super Mushroom • Mario Car • 1-Up Mushroom • Mini Mushroom • Propeller Mushroom • Fire Flower • Ice Flower • Penguin Suit • Star • Coin • Blue Coin • Red Coin • Red Ring • Star Coin • Trampoline • POW Block • Light Block • Propeller Block • Stretch Block • Roulette Block • P Switch • ? Amp • Banzai Bill • Banzai Bill Cannon • Big Boo • Big Cheep Cheep • Big Deep Cheep • Big Dry Bones • Big Fuzzy • Big Goomba • Big Piranha Plant • Big Venus Fire Trap • Big Wiggler • Big Urchin • Bill Blaster • Bill Blaster Turret • Blooper • Blooper Baby • Blooper Nanny • Bob-omb • Boo • Boomerang Bro • Bramball • Broozer • Bulber • Bull's-Eye Bill • Bullet Bill • Burner • Buzzy Beetle • Cannonball • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Cheep Chomp • Circling Boo Buddies • Clampy • Climbing Koopa • Cooligan • Crowber • Deep Cheep • Dry Bones • Eep Cheep • Fire Bar • Fire Bro • Fire Chomp • Fire Piranha Plant • Fire Snake • Fish Bone • Foo • Fuzzy • Ghost Vase • Giant Cannonball • Giant Spiked Ball • Goomba • Hammer Bro • Heavy Para-Beetle • Huckit Crab • Ice Bro • Jellybeam • King Bill • King Bill (New Super Mario Bros.
There are nine levels in this world and, unlike normal worlds, does not have a tower level.
This level is a maze-like Ghost House where almost every door leads to a different room, thus comprising of several areas. It is an underground-themed level cramped with sandy-looking objects, Buzzy Beetles, and red POW Blocks. It is a level full of Whomps that attempt to crush Mario, along with humongous Spiked Balls that destroy everything in their path. There are ten levels in this world, seven are on the main path, one is an optional level, and the other two are the rainbow and cannon levels of the world.
The first underground level in the game, and introduces red POW Blocks and the Mega Mushroom. The first cannon level in the game, and also is the first cannon level ever to use the Dash Mario mechanic.

The first underwater level in the game, filled with Cheep Cheeps and the occasional Spiny Cheep Cheep. Its harder to find bigger Mario fans than us, but after Augusts New Super Mario Bros 2, it felt like we could really use a little break from Marios platforming. Yoshi has been in so many Mario games since he first appeared in World that his special skills are in danger of becoming commonplace.
New Super Mario Bros 2 was full of brief levels, challenging affairs made to be played on brief train rides.
NSMBU is the first Mario game ever to have a seamless, continuous world map, and that sprawling overworld is laid out similarly to the one in Super Mario World. Packed in with the SNES when it launched, Super Mario World was tasked with showing off the new graphical prowess of the system, like in its colorful levels that used the new Mode 7 sprite rotation. 2 as the game's Assist Block, according to Famitsu.The power-up first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land, making Mario invincible for the rest of the level. I'll be there with bells on, like I have been for every side-scrolling Mario game since I've understood gaming.Am I expecting an amazing game? Combining Mario platforming with a high score mechanic is going to be insanely addictive for me.Not true. There is also only three normal levels on the main path in this world, contradictory to the five-to-six levels found in normal worlds. The seven levels on the main path includes five normal levels, the Fortress and the Castle. Fast forward two months to when weve played more than half of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros U and are dying to finish it.
NSMBU has a similar responsibility as one of Nintendos first HD games, and while it wasnt true for every stage we played, a few really impressed us with their visuals. This world is both beach and jungle-themed, although the music is similar to that of World 4 of New Super Mario Bros. Of the 12 levels, eight levels are on the main path, which includes five normal levels, a Ghost House, and the Fortress and Castle.
Like 3D Land, the Assist Block containing a Golden Leaf appears after you die five times in the same spot.
This level has many Pokeys, and there's also a Yoshi in this level, which makes taking out Pokeys easy, while following the beat of the music.
Levels in this world (other than World Mushroom-Rainbow and World Mushroom-Cannon) can be based on any theme. Much like in New Super Mario Bros Wii, Yoshi is limited to the stage you find him in, but now he acts much more like his World self, particularly in his ability to drop power-ups after eating enough fruit.
Fans will remember Super Mario World took what 3 did so well and incorporated that into bigger, more varied stages that tested a players endurance as well as their reflexes. There youll find an extended riff on Worlds Forest of Illusion, one of the trickier portions of that game. Particularly praiseworthy of the first five worlds was the stage inspired by Van Goghs Starry Night painting. Of these levels, five are normal levels, one is a Ghost House and the other two are the Tower (or Fortress) and Castle levels. Of the remaining four levels, one is the Rainbow level, one is a level requiring payment of Star Coins and the other two are secret levels.

It is unknown if there will be any other additional boosts other than invincibility from the suit in New Super Mario Bros.
Lakitu also makes an appearance here and throws Spinies, which can easily make the player's Yoshi fall in the quicksand. This leads to a dark area with another Piranha Plant, a Fire Piranha Plant, a Light Block, and several more yellow platforms. Because of our endless love for Super Mario World.After beating the first five worlds, we couldnt help but notice all the lessons New Super Mario Bros U learned from Super Mario World. Meanwhile, the Baby Yoshis are back for their first real appearance since World, and they have the same ravenous appetite for eating any enemy that stands in front of them.
NSMBU does the same with diverse levels whose complexity puts the last Mario game to shame.
NSMBUs forest has the same commitment to confusing the player with false exits and roads that go nowhere. The brushstrokes in the background and artistry of the stage make the most of the new HD canvas. Of the remaining four levels, two of them are normal levels (one is a secret level), one is the Cannon level and the last is the Rainbow level.
Beyond surface level references, NSMBU is a tribute to whats great about the SNES original.
Still, no matter how many they eat, they stay the same adorable size, or at least thats true for the pink, blue, and yellow varieties we came across.
Without NSMB2s gold coin gimmick to hide behind, the stages are forced to stand on their own merits, filled with new challenges that will entertain Mario veterans and newcomers alike. NSMBUs reference is made all the more direct by the fact that the screen pixelates when you enter the forest.
The world ends, as always, with the castle level, where Larry Koopa, the boss of this world, is waiting, unless the player takes the path to the cannon, which will lead to World Flower when completed, allowing the player to skip an additional two worlds, World 3 and World 4. This world is a compulsory world, meaning it is necessary to play before defeating Bowser in World 6, since this is the first world of the entire game. The first half of the map is located at the seaside while the second half is located in land, where the jungle is, although the levels can take place between any of the two locations regardless of it's position on the world map. It is unknown exactly what item will activate the two different suits, as so far, only a Golden Leaf, which is identical to the one that activated the White Tanooki Suit in Super Mario 3D Land, has appeared in New Super Mario Bros.
There are three Toad Houses in this world, one of each of red, green and yellow (Star) varieties. However, the player can avoid fighting the bosses in this world by taking the world's Cannon, leading to World Flower. Additionally, Luigi becomes silver when he gets a Golden Fire Flower, unlike Mario's gold.New Super Mario Bros.

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