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The toughest workout in New York City burns 1,100 calories, packs on burpees We finally found the most difficult fitness class in New York, which knocks SoulCycle and Barry's off the map.
Youa€™ve made it through boot camp and pedaled through the toughest class SoulCycle has to offer. Where an intense Spinning class can burn off 600 calories, and a typical session at Barrya€™s Bootcamp can leave you dripping with sweat, a single Grynd session at Epic Hybrid Training melts 1,100 calories off your utterly defeated, sore-for-days physique. CrossFit and other Marine-style classes start with some basic stretching, maybe running in place to get the heart rate up, but the Grynd warmup means one thing: burpees.
As Nicholas shouts a€?Down!a€? the dozen people in class repeat the same four steps: From a standing position, they squat with their hands on the ground, kick their feet back to a plank position, do a push-up, then jump up from the squat position.
Nicholas, who is built like Eli Manning and just as affable, quickly runs through the plan.

The stations include monkey bars, kettlebell thrusts, 35-pound saddlebags to lift on your shoulders while running in place, giant boxes to jump on and off of, hanging rings for pull-ups and terribly uncomfortable wheels that your feet strap into for rolling planks. About those 20 seconds of a€?resta€? between stations: They are not spent catching your breath or curling up into a sweaty ball in the corner. For the record, this reporter a€” who has made a career of covering every development in the a€?toughest workouta€? world a€” could not complete this daily Grynd.
Crew size 00 jeans a€” the mostly female class is made up of muscled fitness enthusiasts who look like they would be perfectly comfortable changing a tire. But there is no rest for the weary; instead, everyone has to find a high bar and hang on before doing another round.
And the Epic regulars generally spend one night a week grabbing much-needed drinks after class; on weekends, they run in team races.

In teams of two, everyone will spend 90 seconds at each station, with 20 seconds to a€?resta€? in between. Whenever classmates seem on the verge of a burpee punishment, the others cheer them on to keep pushing. In October, Tuesdays might be spent working only on the upper body, but come November, the class might spend the night on the roof, throwing spears.

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