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An essential component of her work is the recognition of the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit.
Nondual awareness infuses her work with clients, a perspective in which the split between self and other is recognized as a mental construct and possibilities for spaciousness and clarity unfold. She is comfortable helping with a variety of subjects such as relationship problems, major life transitions, abuse, grief, sexuality and spirituality. In the context of a supportive and collaborative relationship, she helps you examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. EMDR, the Hakomi Method, and the inquiry process of Byron Katie are key components that she draws on when meeting with clients.

In this video clip taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011, Buddhist teacher Kenneth Folk discusses attention as a technology for awakening and offers a three-speed transmission to work with attention in daily life. Kenneth began practicing Theravada Buddhist meditation while working as a professional musician in 1980, and later completed extensive long term meditation retreats in Asia and the U.S.
Results of this process may include greater awareness, more confidence and resourcefulness, and an improved sense of vitality.
Her work is also informed by a variety of practices, including daily meditation, as well as yoga, movement, and time in nature.
Having completed training in bodywork and energywork, these modalities also influence her psychotherapy practice.

Kenneth Folk is one of the few spiritual teachers willing and able to speak openly about enlightenment from both the gradual and suddenpoints of view. His "3 Speed Transmission" method of teaching combines the most pragmatic aspects of Theravada Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta in a way that is easy for modern practitioners to understand and apply.

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