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It’s the bow-tied, triple-knotted kind of ending for this cast of characters, as we say our final goodbyes to Secret Garden.
As announced last week, a special Secret Garden was held on the night of the drama’s penultimate broadcast, January 15, and here are some photos from the event.
Secret Garden ends its 20-episode run this weekend, but it’ll have another week on the broadcast schedule, as it has announced a special to air the following week. Okay, there have been a ton of recent parodies and references to Hyun Bin‘s sparkly tracksuit in Secret Garden, but this one really takes the cake. The OST concert featured performances by the artists on the soundtrack, and tickets reportedly sold out within five minutes of going on sale. In addition to the music, the night featured a Q&A segment where Hyun Bin answered questions, such as his upcoming military service plans. The other artists who took the stage were (in order of photo appearance below): OST queen Baek Ji-young, BeBe Mignon, and 4Men. I’m watching SG Ep 20 live right now and it’s interesting to read this article while the concert is on air! Unfortunately the no 1 trending topic now is from the concert.A big boo boo the director giving instructions in the background was not edited out.
I really, really hope Yoon Sang-hyun picks another good drama and doesn’t pick some weird or bad project. It’s hard to read comments finding fault with the way it ended, where in reality they climb over, broke through and torn down the normal 10 minutes of happiness that most drama give at the end.
Doesn’t having the concert at the same time the penultimate ep is airing detrimental if you need the viewing numbers?
For the first half of the episode, KIM JOO-WON (Hyun Bin) pretty much ticks off all the boxes on the checklist of the Cold K-drama Hero: rich, arrogant, brusque, little tolerance for incompetence, fashionable, etc. Thankfully, she’s got her hot boss on her side, IM JONG-SOO (Philip Lee), the director of the action school who sees her for her worth. The two cousins have a competitive relationship, though I think it’s more on the side of Joo-won, who always has to one-up his hyung. We start out with a lush, extravagant landscape straight out of an Austen novel, zooming across the well-kept grounds to the enormous mansion where our hero, Kim Joo-won, resides. His rich, successful celebrity cousin Oska lives in the same environs, and as he heads into the city that morning, Joo-won can’t escape witnessing Oska making out with his actress girlfriend at the side of the road. Joo-won meets his mat-seon date at a museum, and Seul does her best to impress him with her looks, smarts, background.
As they walk through the museum and have coffee, Seul notes his detachment and remarks that he’s free to leave. She also had a past relationship with Oska, which she intends to keep a secret from Joo-won. The ritzy ladies of the VIP lounge burst into a chorus of murmurs and dirty looks when a woman enters, and you can practically see the signs lighting up above the well-coifed heads that are smoking with indignation: SHE IS NOT ONE OF US.
Seul stands up for all the oppressed rich ladies forced to endure this affront to their delicate sensibilities and confronts Ra-im, who dares to inflict her off-the-rack clothing and tough-girl looks upon them. Contrary to my expectation, Ra-im doesn’t fight or talk back, but quickly offers to leave. Ra-im isn’t particularly inclined to go after the thief, but the girl launches into a bout of hysterics, and Ra-im sees that this might help her case. Seul was lying, and rather than rifling through the garbage, she gives up the pin from her purse and declares that they’re square. Ra-im doesn’t like being pitied, and cutely responds in a way designed to ward off sympathy: by joking that this is the burden of being born so pretty, sigh, but what can she do about it?
Interestingly, it seems that Ra-im does have an inner girly side, but she keeps it covered up with her tomboyish attitude. He gives her tickets to an Oska concert, knowing she’s a huge fan, and puts the tickets into her locker.
Seul is also here, looking wistful, which I suppose supports the idea that she does, technically, have a heart. In addition to his lax work schedule, another reason Joo-won’s employees complain is his pretentious insistence on taking the escalators.
This puts Chae-rin in a foul mood, so when she reluctantly practices for the upcoming action scene, she makes an angry swipe in the air with her sword — straight at Ra-im. Chae-rin shrieks over a teeny scratch on her thumb while Ra-im has suffered the brunt of impact, landing on glass and cutting her arm. The director yells at Ra-im for injuring the actress, while Jong-soo gets indignant on her behalf. While waiting in the suite, Ra-im thinks back to that first meeting, when she was playing the double for Kim Sun-ah (another call-out! The following conversation is a silly mix of double entendres and miscontrued meanings as Joo-won and Ra-im have two entirely different conversations with each other. Ra-im finally catches on that he thinks she’s Chae-rin, then calls him a country bumpkin for making such a silly mistake. She gets a call from the AD about their afternoon shoot, so she offers to bring Joo-won to Chae-rin. They make it back in time for Joo-won to get to the press conference before Chae-rin confirms anything. On his way out, Joo-won catches a glimpse of Ra-im in the thick of a fighting scene, and the sight of her awesome skills has him impressed, and even a bit smitten. He waits around to catch her after she’s done filming, and talks to her in his blunt, inquisitive way. Joo-won drives slowly, keeping his gaze fixed on Ra-im trudging along, and finally pulls over. Just then, a van screeches up and out pops Oska, who’s dying to know what happened with Chae-rin. Joo-won sighs that he’s in playboy mode again, but it seems Oska really does remember her.
Ra-im all but melts into a fan-worshippy puddle at his feet, touched to be remembered by her star crush.

What I dig the most is the abundant sense of humor, and how the actors are really going for it. But what I love most about these characters is how both leads have these contradictory sides. Funny ,I was NEVER a fan of Hyun Bin (or Ha Ji Won) but he totally won me over by episode 2. Hyun bin face is too skinny, I like him better when he’s a bit fluffy and Yong Sang Hyun looking more like Yoon Eun Hye. I am now curious to see how comedic Hyun Bin is, since i’ve never seen him as someone very comedic. Last time, we introduced the filming locations for a popular television variety show called "We Got Married." This week, we'll be showing you the different Korean drama filming locations in Korea, including the filming sets and shooting sites in "Gu Family Book," "Secret Garden," and "Love Rain"!
The now-airing historical drama, "Gu Family Book," features K-pop idols, miss A's Suzy and Lee Seung Gi. The folk village showcases the lifestyle and private houses in the olden days during the Chosun Dynasty. Many of the Korean historical dramas, including "Gu Family Book" and "The Moon That Embraces The Sun," had scenes that were filmed inside the village. If you would like to visit the folk village and relive the memories of Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, and Han Ga-In, or simply want to check out where the historical Korean drama scenes are filmed, you may take the subway and bus to get to the folk village.
Operating hours for the village change slightly throughout the seasons, but they always open at 9:30am sharp every day. Another classic and popular Korean drama was "Secret Garden," which aired in 2010 and starred actors like Ha Ji-Won, Hyun Bin, and Yoo In Na. Petite France was not only where "Secret Garden" was filmed, but it is also dedicated to the French novel called "Le Petit Prince." There is even a memorial hall inside for Saint-Exupery, who is the author of the novel. If you have watched "Love Rain," which starred Girls' Generation Yoona and Jang Geun Suk, you'll remember the scenes where the two characters spent their time at a beautiful house!
As shown in the drama, there is a beautiful garden outside, and the house's structure itself is impressive.
However, the TS Entertainment singer has also shown that shes in a positionto tug off a adorablesymbol as well. The contributors of the JYP Entertainment group have also been known for their explosive charms and personality, besides as their skillsto tug off eitherlovely and horny concepts.
Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even supposingthere are so much ofstunningladiesfar and wide the world, Korean ladieshad been praised for their original visuals and charms. However, one Korean boy has receivednumerous attention for being even more pretty than maximum Korean girls, and pictures of him have been spreading all over the internet. Meanwhile, "Mirror of the Witch" is a mythhistoric about an unlucky princess named Suri who is cursed to be a chilly hearted witch and a passionate, young guy named Heo Joon.
And whilstenthusiasts were already neatlyconscious about how pretty the JYP Entertainment group contributors are, even they were blown away by way ofcontemporary fan footage of the girls.
While Lee Sang-yoon and UEE are latelystuck up in a hot topic, Lee Seo-jin seemedat the SBS Radio Energy FM, "Choi Hwa-jeong's Force Time" and discussed "Marriage Contract" which he co-starred in with UEE. The actor said, "I wondered what I may do to make the kiss scene with UEE memorable so I did it forcefully. Park Joo-mi takes at the part of Jeong Nan-jeong who bullies Ok-nyeo in the recent MBC drama "The Flower in Prison".
Phew, what a roller-coaster journey this drama has been, and this episode is no different — it takes us from one extreme to another, serving up some silly moments, light romantic beats, cute comedy, and then more melodrama with lots of angsty tears. It’ll be a standard special, with a highlight reel, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and NG clips, and has a 70-minute running time. The cast members present were Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang-hyun, both of whom had songs to sing from the soundtrack, while Kim Sung-oh, who plays the hilariously passive-aggressive Secretary Kim, acted as MC for the night. It had its loopholes, but those aren’t anything to hold against its innate awesomeness. So it was with relief that I found the first episode light and funny, with a bustling pace and solid comic acting from the cast. Despite the creds, I was cautious of writer Kim Eun-sook, because I have found her writing a little too glib and soulless for my liking in the past.
This song is sung by Yoon Sang-hyun’s character and gets a fair bit of play in this episode. He runs the LOEL department store, where employees grumble behind his back at his schedule; he only comes to the office two days a week.
Ra-im is a hard-working stuntwoman for action movies, and since most of her colleagues at the action school are men, most of the time she acts like one of the guys.
Oska’s real name is CHOI WOO-YOUNG, and as part of his petty rivalry, Joo-won chooses to call him by that name rather than Oska.
She’s a well-educated CF director, armed with a prestigious family background and the snobby, entitled attitude to match. Chatting in the fancy VIP lounge of his department store with one of her spineless toadies, she’s hardly set down by his dismissal at all.
Seul berates the waitress for being lax with their strict VIP policy and snatches her nametag to have her reported. She’s a friend of the waitress and, as a former employee, was let through to the lounge.
She takes off on bike after the mugger (who jumped into a car), going through a series of BMX-style stunts like jumping stairs and rails. For instance, someone compliments her on a job well done, and she accepts it with pleasure, one foot tucked behind the other in a little-girl pose of aw-shucks bashfulness. So I totally awwed when Ra-im ends up bringing Jong-soo with the extra ticket, even though he told her to bring a friend. Currently, he’s trying to find a director for his new music video, but nobody will work with him because of his diva reputation.
They’re thrown off-balance, and Ra-im lurches forward to grab her, but they both crash into a pile of props. But rather than cause trouble, she covers up with a jacket and apologizes for the accident.
He can’t go because he’s about to record an appearance on Chocolate (SBS call-out!

Joo-won gets to the set and asks for the actress Chae-rin, and is directed toward Ra-im instead, since they’re dressed the same. On the other hand, Ra-im thinks to the first time she actually DID meet Oska, in a hotel for a press junket. He smirks because it sounds like a flowery euphemism, and his eyes widen at her answer: She gets paid extra for outdoor and rural appearances, since rooftops and forests are all the rage right now. He’s able to urge her into silence by threatening further scandal, and that takes care of that. And when she sways in dizziness, he’s too slow to catch her because Joo-won gets to her first.
He starts in on his usual bickering with Joo-won, until he takes notice of the pretty woman standing with him and reverts to glib words, saying that he recognizes her eyes.
Oska smiles at her in full charm mode, while Joo-won gapes as though to grumble, You have gotta be kidding me.
I mean I remember they were selling it as a melodramatic fantasy(which is one of the reasons why I didnt think much about the show haha) but reading the recaps it seems to be more of a romantic comedy(with future fantasy elements).
I was watching with chinese subs, but even with those they talked really fast and I didn’t really get some parts, but your recap totally cleared things up!
Since "Gu Family Book" is a historical drama, most of the filming took place in the Korean Folk Village located in Gyeonggi-do. Inside the village, there is an exhibit containing commonly used items from the era, and there are also sometimes special events like traditional wedding reenactments.
The setting was fitting for historical drama scenes that needed to show local markets and private houses of commoners. Petite France is a cluster of white buildings with French architecture, and fans of "The Little Prince" may also find it interesting to visit the place! The house is none other than Four Seasons House, which is owned by Director Yoon Suk-Ho, who also directed the four seasons' dramas (Autumn In My Heart, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, Spring Waltz). There are exhibits within the house that show props and photo stills from the dramas, and there is also a souvenir shop and caf inside.
If you want to see where "Love Rain" was filmed or want to reminisce moments from the four seasons' dramas, make a stop at Four Seasons House! In fact, a contemporaryat the back of the scenes video showed that Hyosung can shift between cute and attractive in not up to a second, proving that she still possesses the multi-faceted appeal thats made her so popular. In fact, after seeing staff member Mina simply rubdown her own neck throughouta contemporary radio broadcast, fanatics fell in love with how her attractiveness and charms shined brightly even with such undeniable actions. With large, bright eyes as smartly as double eyelids, the young boy in point of fact embodies all of the stern Korean attractiveness standards. She has a robust ego which never shall we her bow down in any scenarioalthough she has to seal to survive. Among the group, it's miles known that the rapper and actor prefers to wear longer sleeves and covers is skin as he does no longer like frame contact, while others suggesting that it could be a intellectualsickness of his as he is simplytypically shy. Dressed in the outfits from their newest hit tune video Cheer Up, the ladies proved why theyre regarded asone of the crucialmost prettywomanteams to have ever debuted.
UEE seemed in Televisiondisplay once and said, "It was oncein realitybloodless that eveningyet information technologychanged into warm while we kissed".
Once a picture is stamped onto an actress or actor, it ischallengingto switch thenor not it'smuch more likely one tries to stick on an identical lines of that image.
Now I wish to let everything down and display them what I havewere given and I wish to exist an actress who can pull the rest off", acknowledged Joo-mi. So I’m almost 33 years old and have finally experienced my first bout of fangirliness after watching this video.
Secret Garden is full of her trademark super-speed banter, but this time I was swept up in the zippiness because the characters are so engaging. Seul is a snob of the worst order, already fancying herself his wife, and casts a derisive eye around her at all the other social-climbing wannabes in the lounge. How nice of the drama to make it extra-stunningly clear that we are meant to hate her, just in case the previous scenes were keeping you on the fence. Also interesting is how Jong-soo clearly sees her very much as a woman and treats her as such, although she’s oblivious.
He insists on taking the escalator because he’d rather be called haughty than the truth of his fear being known. Joo-won asks how much money she usually takes, meaning as payoff, because Chae-rin is demanding money as settlement. She dresses casually and doesn’t put an effort into looking feminine, but she does seem wistful when she overhears the director telling Chae-rin that all she has to do is look pretty. I didn’t have much interest after not being able to understand some of it, but after this, I totally want to watch tomorrows episode. The place where the two first met was at Petite France, a small French cultural community area located in Gapyeong.
For those who want to visit Four Seasons House, you will have to make a reservation online or by phone before visiting. She also drops in a number of pop-culture references, some of which involve the stars of her own previous dramas, which are fun to spot.
Chae-rin threatens to reveal their relationship to the reporters who are here to cover the film. In fact, his whole persona has been crafted to cover up his weaknesses, like his refusal to come to the office more. And when she balks, he responds that he doesn’t need a reason to take her home other than wanting to do it. Hyun Bin is sooo funny and tomorrow’s episode will surely be even funnier based from the montage at the end.

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