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If you enjoyed this, check out Thelonious reveal the secret of Curtis, but sh-h-h, keep it on the down low. One weakness of the story line is that some of the time references either require the reader to either be as old as I am or a student of pop culture history; some of the younger readers may not appreciate the London punk rock scene of the 70s.
What makes the story a lot of fun is a campy, sarcastic sense of humor in the dialogue, and the central part of the comic is drawn with a classic, nostalgic flair that perfectly correlates with the retro nature of the main character. Andrea is a consultant and technical writer for various scientific software and instrumentation companies.
Animation Expert Craig Frank invites all to be a part of this secret mission and make their pledge.
Funding support will allow Craig to collaborate with another writer to work on a tighter story and some details in the dialogue. This project will only be funded if at least $15,400 is pledged by Saturday May 25, 6:30pm EDT. For the best part of 20 years, I have been intrigued by the case of Jack the Ripper, particularly the many theories on the identity of the killer or killers.
So, what are the clues that lead the authors of this book to conclude that the mysterious Walter was also the Ripper? First of all, many chapters of the book are dedicated to providing evidence of Walter’s taste for young teen girls. To establish motive, there are a few incidences given of Walter being tricked by prostitutes and their pimps or of various unfortunate women and girls falling foul of his violent temper. In the most bizarre piece of “evidence” in the book, the authors look at some of the “Jack the Ripper” letters, most of which were treated with suspicion even at the time, then see how many of the words used also occur in Walter’s work.
Adam Greenwood is an author and speaker living in Nottingham, currently working on his third novel. In general, though, the writing was quite good and managed to hold quite a few thoughts and ideas for what is typically a somewhat “fluffy” literary genre in terms of content.  I especially enjoyed the ambiguous ending and would definitely look forward to future installments.
Craig needs to work on this project full time and needs the financial support to produce this 120+ pages graphic novel in hardback.
If Craig is able to reach much more than his goal, he might make the book longer with an epilogue and hire a friend to help digitally color the images.

When I picked up this book I was intrigued as here was a suspect I had never come across before.
Between August and November 1888, five prostitutes were murdered in the East End of London and their bodies horribly mutilated.
The simplest and most plausible reason given is that these two individuals were known to be active in the same place at the same time and, while he mentions many other national events and incidents which were deemed newsworthy at the time, Walter makes no mention of the Ripper or his crimes. Certainly, in his youth or when he was short on funds he would go with any woman who would have him, regardless of their age or attractiveness but his preference was always for pretty young girls. It is true that Walter often ends such stories with the rather ominous “I do not recall ever seeing her again.” This, the authors suggest, is one those little clues he provides to the truth. He gleefully describes the pleasure and thrills he derives from inflicting pain and fear on women and, on the surface, this would seem consistent with the Ripper’s behaviour as what made the murders so shocking to the public in that summer and autumn of 1888 was the horrible mutilations inflicted upon the victims. As none of the words used for the comparison seemed particularly uncommon (such as “Hell”) all this particular chapter seemed to prove was that the two spoke the same language and knew a lot of the same words! I found it a fascinating exploration of the dark, hidden underbelly Victorian culture and it inspired me to want to track down and read “My Secret Life” to find out more.
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Geri and me were at our favorite restaurant, Benihana’s, and an old Japanese man with dreadlocks served as the hibachi chef. Moral punishment has its price and JFK carries the burden alone to protect his country and family. The lines are drawn with a ball point pen and Craig loves how it captures the direct artistic expressions; there’s no erasing those baby blue lines.
On the other hand, if he does not reach the goal, he will still create and produce JFK SECRET OPS; but it will take a lot longer because he would need to work to pay bills. The more I read, however, the more convinced I became that said suspect was categorically not the Ripper.
It was believed that a single killer was responsible for these crimes and this shadowy figure was known as “Jack the Ripper” in the media and public imagination. This argument from silence suggests that Walter did not want people in general linking him with the crimes but that clues were left for those who knew how to look.

If the case was being made that Walter may have also been an unknown murderer then this could certainly be used to give credence to the theory but as evidence of Walter being Jack the Ripper it seems terribly thin. However, one fact about the Ripper murders which has intrigued and puzzled investigators is that all the mutilations were carried out after the victims were dead and it seems that they were killed quickly with a deep cut to the throat from behind, leading many to puzzle over the motives for the mutilations. The killer or killers were never caught and their identity has remained a fascinating mystery ever since. When reading these chapters, I was a little confused as to what point the authors were trying to make as this seemed to me to be far more evidence against Walter being the Ripper than for it. Surely, if the killer was a sadist like Walter he would have tortured his victims and killed them slowly. Walter comes across as an interesting and disturbing enough character to be worthy of his own book without needing to be linked to arguably the most famous criminal of all time. This job might eat his brain, but he’s looking forward to 13 hour days of painstaking work on this unimaginable story of epic proportions. Around the same time, another mysterious figure known only as “Walter” was publishing, in instalments, an account of his life and sexual exploits, written to titillate other Victorian Gentlemen. There has been some debate amongst scholars as to the identity of Walter and whether this extensive work should be considered an autobiography or a novel and opinion remains split. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the darker side of history but, I must say, anyone looking for new information or clues to the identity of Jack the Ripper will come away disappointed. Of course it seemed nuts, but I had the elements: Irish Moss, marijuana seeds, coconut rum, Jolly Ranchers, and a tablespoon of magnolia sugar. When Geri walked in the door she dropped the groceries and came at me like a tiger, hee hee hee.

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