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For those who have known Lord Shiva as a God, an avid warrior, a dancer and the god of destruction, this novel will give you a new look. Devadutt Pattanaik has illustrated and written this book, giving us a chance to peep into the Indian Myth that above the skies is the Swarga and above that is Vaikunta. We have heard many a time the story of Ramayana, but have you heard the tale of Ravanayana, the story of the banished Asuras, their sorrow tale. The book brings out the gender discrimination that is ever prevalent in the Indian society.
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While reading these books I got carried away into a time that was far away and that made me realize how my Indian psyche is attached to these stories.
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You will be taken back in time to the time of birth of Panchali from fire, as the wife of five brothers, and the fiery female who has caused the great war of Mahabharata.More enigmatic are her relationship with her mother-in-law, her complex friendship with Krishna and her secret attraction to her husband’s most dreaded enemy. Chandravanshis have joined hands with the Nagas, the deformed tribe with unmatched martial skills.

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We can see the war of Mahabharata through the eyes of the fiery Panchali and get another view of Mahabharata.2.
When all hope seems lost for the Suryavanshis their hope is the ancient legend that a hero will emerge.Is Shiva, the Tibetan immigrant the hero that the Suryavanshis are waiting for?
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And instead of praising these characters, the authors have described the characters and left the judgement to the readers. And hence these books are perfect companion for minds and hearts.Gods amaze us, they provide us an ideology, they recreate our world. They helps us understand our real inner self, the struggles of the conscious and the ultimate victory of the soul.

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