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I started collecting fun ideas for my story, amazing adventures for the setting, and challenges the protagonist could face.
When brainstorming I do my fair share of staring at the computer screen while grinding my teeth, but I prefer to alternate that with thinking while running and reading (but not all three at the same time). Act II: The hero is thwarted again and again because she lacks understanding of her fatal flaw.
If you’re planning something deliciously terrible to happen to the protagonist, the first or second turning points would be a good place to plant this misfortune.
You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0Both comments and pings are currently closed. The story is about a homeless man called Karl, who lived two lives (one in 1776 and one in 2001).
Yeah, sorry, I really wanted to emulate an old book for 1776 - old pages with old gothic font, just like in old manuscripts.
All my work, including a finished and ready to publish thirty-two page short story, is trapped on the hard drive of a currently inoperable laptop. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. In 1929 the family moved to Prague, when Victor obtained a professorship at the citya€™s German University.
Through his academic connections, Victor secured a research position in London and the family fled Prague in February 1939 just a month beforeA  Hitler occupied the city. When the war ended, Heinz returned to the family farm in Germany, which Elton remembers visiting as a boy.a€?I spent many holidays in the SixtiesA  on that farm,a€™ he says. Elton wrote back, insisting that the satire was intended to be respectful and Sir Geoffrey backed down. Nineties and it took us a long time to have children.a€?When they reached the age of ten, we had to face a very difficult decision. Creatures of the furry and cute variety are more immediately sympathetic, in part because they are most often perceived as blameless.
I’ll go more into depth about this structure in later posts, but the idea is that stories have natural beats, rhythms of tension. The hero revels in her new-found ability until the second turning point, when the antagonist rallies. If you wreck tragedy at the center of the novel, for instance, the reader might grow frustrated.
The first was designed for screenplays, but most of the structure still applies to novel writing. Currently, the goal of my viewpoint characters is something close to, “Gain a smidgen of happily ever after.” This may be suitable in a story titled, Never After, but the softness of the goal worries me. I am confident my story satisfies items one and two, by transporting the reader to a mountain etched with myth. Initially I planned to have the protagonist meet a minor character in the first chapter, but I realized this should instead be the antagonist.
It is a novel caught between world wars, essentially about war, that also happens to feature giant, murderous bat creatures and kindly beetle beings called Little ­Gentlemen. A few anachronisms, though, but I'm too much of a critic, don't mind me (I always get crabby & picky before a migraine.
Well some of them are voluntary - three episodes are coming up so to gradually become more and more solidly sci-fi.
The first chemical matches, which were lit by dipping in Sulphuric Acid, were invented in 1805.

The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. But only in middle-age has Ben Elton finally felt he has the maturity and experience to commit it to paper.The one-time enfant terrible of the Eighties a€?alternative comedya€™ scene, Elton is now a comfortably off, 53-year-old, with 13 best- selling novels and four hit musicals to his name.
After Kristallnacht in November 1938, when thousands of GermanA  Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps, the Ehrenbergs realised they were no longer safe. If we continued to live in Britain, our children would never know, in any real sense, their very large and very wonderful Australian family.a€™Elton now divides his time between Britain and Australia. When I indulge in cartography I use a Map Editor tool from my youth, from a game called Heroes of Might and Magic III. Like songs that break for instrumentals at minute two, having the right narrative notes at the correct times will grant power and a sense of resonance to a novel. It’s possible that in the story, when fighting off enemy warriors and scraping along the cliff edge of survival, the goal will seem more concrete and tangible, but I’m still enjoying second-guessing myself. He would casually demean her and the love she just lost, inflaming the hero (and reader) with a desire to see his downfall.
Only one was able to remain safely in Germany a€“ Ludwig and Gottfrieda€™s cousin Heinz, who had been adopted by Eltona€™s great-uncle Paul. But you shouldna€™t be so sensitive to criticism.a€?a€‰a€™Oversensitivity is a charge that is frequently levelled at Elton. Not only does this allow her to clomp up cliffs, but it also grants the story a boon of an animal companion. I was initially planning the hero’s goal to be saving the soul of her lost love from an eternity of chillsome madness. When the goal of happiness is rather general and intangible, having a strong antagonist will be critical. Although he was brought up as a much-loved son of a Jewish family, he was not ethnically a Jew. Soon afterwards, Richard Curtis invited Elton to help sharpen up the second series of Blackadder and he became a co-writer.
His Left-wing routines made him enemies, before he then alienated some fans when he began writing not only screenplays and books but musicals, including Queen tribute We Will Rock You, which has made him a rich man.
For this story, I have humbler goals: Leaping over a waterfall on a woolly goat, charging down snowdrifts, goring enemies with black spear-point horns.
The first turning point introduces a twist that makes the quest more challenging than expected.
Some movies ease into things, while novel openings require a flash and bang of tension (but not necessarily action). That’s a kind thing to do, but I’m not certain I can phrase it in terms of MUST and CANNOT.
The list is also encouraging me to tie in subplots, and I likely should use some of the tips in point thirteen in the transitions between acts one and two, three and four. While Heinz was conscripted into the Wehrmacht, his cousin Gottfried enlisted in the British Army and became an interpreter with the Army Intelligence Corps.
Later, they would be classified subhuman [they fled to Holland and later America].a€?But he was just a young man, who wanted to finish his education and become a farmer.
However, in 1989, when Blackadder Goes Forth satirised the futility of the First World War, he ran into trouble a€“ with Sir Geoffrey. Fellow comedian Stewart Lee has compared him unfavourably with Osama Bin Laden a€“ because the worlda€™s most-wanted terrorist had a€?at least lived his life according to a consistent set of ethical principlesa€™.Now living in Australia with his wife Sophie and their three children a€“ Bert, Lottie and Fred a€“ it was even claimed Elton had emigrated because he was so upset by the repeated tongue-lashings. Unless I say her own sanity requires she MUST save him, and setting that up would take more time than I’m willing to grant it.

It just pulled at me.a€?Everything I have ever written in the past has come immediately from an idea that occurred to me. He was advisedA  to anglicise his name because an Ehrenberg would immediately beA  identified as a refugee Jew by the Nazis if captured. As it turned outA  he had to spend six years in the Wehrmacht.a€™ During the conflict, both Heinz and Geoffrey served in Italy and later worked out they had been stationed within a mile of each other. I’m not certain I want my heroine to risk everything for the love she lost when she was sixteen. So Gottfried Ehrenberg became Geoffrey Elton a€“ later better knownA  as Professor Sir Geoffrey Elton, theA  eminent historian. She became very grave and sad, and Mum scolded me, saying, a€?Dona€™t do that Benji.a€?a€‰a€™ The two branches of the family are still in touch a€“ in 1994, Heinz came to Britain to attend Sir Geoffreya€™s funeral a€“ but Elton thinks it inevitable that the link will eventually wither.
So I started to write a novel.a€™He certainly seems to have felt compelled to write Two Brothers, his magnum opus. Rather, that element might be better as part of her back-story, a detail of why she became tough as granite.
This book has beenA  gestating inside me all my life.a€?I think I needed to be as old as I am now to want to go into the details. Bena€™s father Ludwig changed his name to Lewis, later becoming a professor of higher education at University College, London.a€?I find the fact that I had one uncle in the Wehrmacht and another uncle in the British Army fascinating,a€™ says Elton. His parents have both read it and given their seal of approval.a€?My parents are never particularly effusive, but my mother liked the book a lot. As the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis begin to slide out of living memory, Elton worries that the younger generation are unaware of their significance.a€?You would be amazed, now, at how many people havena€™t heard of Kristallnacht and the Night of the Long Knives, but then lots of young people havena€™t really heard of Margaret Thatcher now,a€™ he says. But you do not write fiction about such a dreadful period unless you know what you are talking about.a€™Two Brothers tells the tale of Paulus and Otto, twin sons of German Jews who thrive in the Weimar Republic. Elton, an only child born in 1959 to Lewis and his English wife Mary, has been aware of his familya€™s extraordinary war-time experiences for as long he can remember, although they were rarely discussed. But in 1933, when Hitler and the National Socialist Party take power, a secret is revealed. He grew up in Surrey and remembers his paternal grandparents, who lived in Hampstead, North-WestA  London, as a€?wonderful, slightly weird people with strange accentsa€™. She’s upper-class but nearly feral, roaming Alderberen Hall searching for Bolshevik plots and training herself in the use of firearms.
In Nazi terms, the second baby is permitted to live while the rest of his family will be condemned to die. We follow Delphine from her expulsion from school to her arrival at Aldeberen Hall, where she discovers the key that begins opening the doors to a plot which, until the last possible moment, she charmingly believes involves some kind of Bolshevik invasion of England. Alderberen Hall is honeycombed with tunnels, false walls and secrets, and nothing is initially as it seems. Their parents, Victor and Eva, were scholars and secular Jews who regarded themselves as Germans. Delphine can be a touch overpowering – and the chapters of the novel not told from her point of view were welcome and refreshing. I felt that more such adult detours would have made the novel richer – especially since so many of the secondary characters were so interesting.
The second half of The Honours presents us with a lot of dark tunnels, and maybe a bit too much action for my tastes, but it also leads to a strange, moving and unexpected conclusion that seemed far more like a beginning.

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