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Born Of Osiris, one of my personal favorites, these guys have three full-length albums out as of right now and currently working on there fourth.
Check it out, if you get the chance, above are two songs from these guys, let me know if you dig them. Issues the band that has had a ton of issues, no joke, this band is what formed after, Woe, Is Me, kicked everyone out of the band. Above I posted there first music video for their song, Princeton Ave, Check it out and see if you can dig it. Oceans Red has actually put out their newest single, The Secret Window, which incorporates the bands heavy influences with electronic music and  some soft clean vocal work. I expect great things from Oceans Red, I have a feeling that they well be as good, if not better than their previous band. Vocalist, Aj Gregory and guitarist, Alex Taylor, on one hot day in the 2012 summer finally decided to unite hopes and look for people to jam.
They began simple like most bands doing a few covers to figure out how everyone in the band fit in band.
Overall, Onyx Eye is doing everything well, specially for a starter band, writing music every practice and working hard to make shows and music happen. One thing will be always true about this band, what the band lacks in technique, they make up in intensity. Anup Sastry, as all good drummers, has some tasty groove and it really show in his instrumental album, Ghost. A number with no end, an irrational number to be exact, meaning its decimal value goes on forever. This song is probably one of sickest songs I’ve heard, reason being it does NOT repeat. The song starts off with an acoustic intro eventually leading to the Pi pattern, feel free to follow along with your knowledge on the numbers in Pi, first few being 3-1-4 and the rest can be found through other resources. Quantum Flux, from my simple understanding is about taking a chance, trying something new to remind yourself what it feels to be alive because sometimes we get caught up in so many things, work, school. Now, the video could one of two things, it could be one of the most deeply thought music video of 2013 or it could be the biggest trolls of music videos of 2013. Me either, I don’t exactly understand why they used ketchup and mustard to show, maybe, a bigger contrast hidden within the song but, then again it could all just be a huge joke. Within The Ruins has recently released their newest single, Feeding Frenzy, from their upcoming album, Elite. Sadly, at first I didn’t dig the song too much, I was actually disappointed by hearing this, because I was still stuck on, how good their 2009 release, Creature, was. I’d describe it as a jazz influenced technical metal with a tone that only 8, 7 and sometimes 6 string guitars can handle. People started to dig this sound a lot, enough to start full bands based on playing these sorts of riffs, to the people listening to these bands, there was no choice, but for them to start considering djent a genre, since there was no other way of describing the music. Oceans Red have released their latest single, "Black Spot," in the form of a music video. Earlier this year we reported that vast oceans of water could be hiding under the earth’s mantle. One hundred and fifty years ago, in Journey to the Centre of the Earth, French science-fiction forerunner Jules Verne pictured a vast sea that lay deep under our planet’s surface. Writing in the journal Nature, scientists said they had found an elusive mineral pointing to the existence of a vast reservoir deep in Earth’s mantle, 400 to 600 kilometres beneath our feet.
The sea under the Earth’s surface as illustrated by Edouard Riou in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The evidence comes from a water-loving mineral called ringwoodite that came from the so-called transition zone sandwiched between the upper and lower layers of Earth’s mantle, they said. The find backs once-contested theories that the transition zone, or at least significant parts of it, is water-rich, the investigators said.
Pressure from the United Patriots Front appears to have killed off a mosque development in Narre Warren North. The City of Casey council now looks likely to withhold planning approval for the development in a special meeting set for Tuesday night. South Yorkshire Police today face questions over whether powerful 'secret society' the Freemasons held sway over the force at the time of Hillsborough. Families of victims say that officers who were Masons were promoted into powerful positions despite being ill-equipped, including match commander David Duckenfield.
Government officials said their city was ‘too multicultural’ to celebrate St George’s Day, England’s version of the 4th of July.

The council said that displaying the English flag may have been seen as “racist” towards immigrants. The monarch, who lived around 4,000 years ago, is likely to have been one of the earliest chieftains to take power in the continent. London marathon runners were robbed of dozens of bottled waters when thieves raided a refreshment area armed with trolleys during today's race. Nearby residents - including parents with children - were captured on camera piling up crates of free water handed out by volunteers during the 26-mile event. Since 2012, photographers Angelina Venturella and Chiara Salomoni have traveled around the world, turning regular people into these mystical ocean creatures and photographing them for an educational coffee-table book.
While a number of celebrities, such as Vanessa Hudgens and Disney star Bella Thorne, have been transformed for the project, Salomoni says they also look for people who are ocean activists, like Ocean Ramsey, a professional diver and shark conservationist whom Salomoni shot alongside wild sharks earlier this year in Hawaii.
Salomoni, who specializes in underwater fashion photography, told HuffPost the pair find their mer-people through word-of-mouth referrals and then fly to wherever they live to photograph them. Below, dive deep into a preview of Project Mermaids, and live vicariously through the legendary creatures' glittery, mystical scales. When I first heard one of their track titled Bow Down, I was not hooked right away, I didn’t like it. From my understanding everyone in Woe, Is Me had a problem with everyone else in the band, eventually either the drummer kicked everyone out of the band or everyone left, of that I’m not sure.
Oceans Red has been working hard,vocalist, Serj Kravchenko, guitarist, Igor (Jimmy Rose) Yastrebov, bassit, Sergei Hohlo and doing double time, Dusty Boles on both guitar and drums. There is plenty to say about this group of friends, but there is two things that matter, they are from Pittsburgh and they love metal, nothing else needs to be said. As soon as the figured that the musical chemistry was good they went straight into the writing process, putting many hours in writing they came out with their first single, Gallery of Lies. If everything goes well, Onyx Eye will be putting out their first Ep which will feature around six songs with a reissue of Gallery of Lies in it.
Starting out at his house making Youtube videos, mostly drum covers, he has come a long way since then. Lucky, the pattern it created is easily understandable or at least to the guys of After The Burial. They basically took the digits in the number Pi, up to 71 decimal points, and made them a pattern for guitar.
The song introduces many of the great aspects of progressive metal and puts them to well use with both clean and unclean vocals are used throughout the song. Within The Ruins has really grown over the years, and it is easily seen by this brand new song. Now this theory has more support as scientists have discovered a rare diamond which hints at a great "wet zone" far down within the Earth that might hold as much water as all the world’s oceans put together. That particular zone in the Earth, the transition zone, might have as much water as all the world’s oceans put together. Fifty percent of the profits will benefit Save Our Beach, a small nonprofit organization that has been cleaning up California's beaches and riverbeds for the past 16 years. So far, they've shot mermaids in pools, oceans, beaches, trees and waterfalls in places including California, Hawaii, Cancun, London and Paris -- and they still have six more months of shooting before their book debuts. They've also teamed up with Eric Ducharme, a dedicated merman and mertailor who creates elaborate mermaid tails -- which can cost thousands of dollars -- to help with the transformations. Their fourth album is soon to be done recording, they just finished up doing keyboards a few days, all that is left is vocals, and mixing and mastering. AJ Rebollo writes the riffage in the song, all those Djenty sounding riffs, that is all him, playing in #A tuning. After Make Me Famous broke up they were left with great debt to their record label, pretty much screwing everyone in the band financially. Everything in the song flows perfectly with some nasty riffs and some neat grooves here and there. Formed from the pure essence of loving metal with the goal to put out heavy music and to some day tour.
With a high amount of luck they found the next three members guitarist, Ryan Brozovich, bassist, Austin Rosenbaum and last but not least drummer, Maxwell Bradshaw. This song explains some of Gregory’s past relationship and all his struggles throughout it, not too shabby. Eventually he got bored of doing drum covers and moved on to making his own little songs, which had a high emphasis on groove, naming each song with a number, he got up to the twenties with his titles. This album focuses on rhythm and odd patterns rather then leads, the perfect combination for groove.

This band known to have create some of the most mind boggling breakdown patterns and guitar patterns up to date, took time and made a song named Pi.
Besides that it is just a huge breakdown but probably the hardest to follow and even harder to play on both drums and guitar. I can not explain how stoked I was when I heard they were releasing a new album in about a month. Well the video take place in a space ship that is shaped like a mustard bottle, with few people, who I assume are crew members, walking down an aisle to meet with, who I assume is the crew leader.
They have focused on the composition as whole, not just on a heavy breakdowns nor just mind boggling leads. Back when Meshuggah started their muscial journey , I don’t exactly know what they called the style of music. Calling these bands that use djent riffs, progressive metal doesn’t give the best description of their music.
As far the instrumental side of the song, nothing too crazy is going on, for the songs riffs repeat a lot throughout the song with of course the drums backing up the same riffs with the same beats. Also, featuring some Sastry’s drumming which is completely out of this world, there is plenty of ideas that can be learned by other drummers, including myself. I found Northlane about a year ago when I started searching for new best thing in the metal area. This song has everything from great lyrical work to some of the most amazing leads I’ve heard in awhile. After maybe a day or two, I had a need to listen to WTR’s newest song, the song grew on me.
The term DJENT was developed in the more recent years, I’d like to say maybe in the past seven years, when a guitarist named Misha Mansoor went in to forums asking about pick ups. Personally i consider djent a genre because it farther describes the types of riffs they are playing. None the less, its definitely done well, but there goal wasn’t to make a technical song it was to make a heavy one and let me tell you it is heavy featuring some brutal lows and piercing highs with of course many heavy riffs throughout, and most importantly some the best breakdowns the Pittsburgh local scene will hear to date. And now he is the drummer for a band known as Intervals, which is doing quite well for how new they are. Of course this album is part of the Djent music movement, its easily heard due to the low tuning and high amount of heavy palm-muting.
Northlane’s has this beauty within all of there song, from both the instrumental side and the lyrical side.
If you were to call a djent band, progressive metal, many people that don’t know about djent riffs or djent tone will confuse the style you are talking about with actual progressive bands such as, Dream Theater, they are pure progressive metal.
Starting off in his basement, making video to now playing with a touring band Intervals, he has made it far in a short amount of time. They sort of make me search for a happiness in my life every time I listen to them but I’m not saying they are playing upbeat tunes and singing happy lyrics. It’s a bit upsetting seeing Texas In July as one of the band supporting Structures on a tour, specially since TIJ have been around since 2007, when Structures has been a recent upcoming band.
Most of their songs are about the beauty of life both the good and bad, and the infinite possibilities this life offers us. They express this very well with their musicianship.
At that moment, it all made sense, Feeding Frenzy was nothing like the Creature, it’s an entire step up from Creature. It should be a great set regardless, with Intervals starting the night out with some great instrumental Metal. The video then leans to show the guy in the red shirt having his pay back for getting beat up to eventually taking over the mustard bottle space ship. Another big thing that sticks is the keyboard usually in Metal, keyboard are used to add atmosphere and usually just synths, if anything being added. The red shirt guy calls his own space ship, which happens to be space ship shaped like a ketchup bottle, to take the mustard space ship. Following them would be Texas In July to set the mood right for Structures with their melodic leads and over the top drumming.
What Buras does is something completely different, many of his writing come from what he wants to hear in the songs, he is huge fan of many sorts of music. You then see the mustard crew members eating the same meal only with a lot ketchup instead of mustard, while they are being injected with some sort of the red substances, this eventually leads for them to go insane and kill each other.

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