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It’s always a great idea to get routine maintenance services performed on your vehicle as recommended by its owner’s manual, such as an oil change. It’s often the first instinct to take their car to a “quick lube” establishment when the time comes for an oil change. I’ve personally seen and experienced the damage a “quick lube” establishment can do to a car. Having an oil change at a legitimate car dealership is the best way to ensure your vehicle is being cared for by a skilled automotive technician who puts the customer first. Your car is too important for you to cut corners, and today’s automotive dealerships have everything in place for you so you don’t have to! In addition to our full-service oil change, we can replace your air filter and windshield wipers or add a variety of engine cleaners to keep your car in top running condition. Regular motor oil and filter changes can minimize engine wear and prolong the life of your engine. For optimum protection, the oil and filter should be changed every 3 to 6 months or 3000 miles, whichever comes first, or according to the recommended service schedule in your owners manual. CAUTION: DO NOT crawl under the vehicle unless it is adequately supported on car stands, or supported with a pair of safety stands, never just a jack alone.
Oil will usually squirt out several inches if the drain plug is located on the side rather than the bottom of the oil pan, so be sure to position your catch pan accordingly.
Protect your fingers with a rag if the oil is hot, then quickly twist the plug the rest of the way out.
TIP: If you accidentally drop the drain plug into the catch pan, you can fish it out with a magnetic grabber. NOTE: If the drain plug leaks and the threads are damaged, self-tapping repair plugs are available in most auto parts stores. NOTE: If a spin-on filter was overtightened the last time the oil was changed, it may be difficult to loosen.
CAUTION: The one thing you should never do is skip changing the filter because it is too hard to remove. TIP: You can't do this with a sideways mounted oil filter, but if the filter is mounted vertically, you can add some fresh oil to the filter before it goes on.
If you accidentally overfill your engine with too much oil, remove the excess by opening the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan to let out some oil. SHOULD YOU SKIP ALL OF THIS AND JUST TAKE YOUR CAR OR TRUCK TO A QUICK LUBE SHOP, REPAIR SHOP OR DEALERSHIP FOR AN OIL CHANGE? If you are not trying to save money by changing your oil yourself, having the oil changed at a service facility is a heck of a lot easier and faster, and it eliminates the problem of getting rid of the old oil. I have no qualms about having my oil changed at an independent repair shop or a new car dealership, but I do have some reservations about quick lube shops. Quick Lube shops make their money on volume, which means they have to do a LOT of oil changes every day to turn a profit. One of the problems with quick lube shops is that they hire minimum wage employees to change your oil.

If the person who changes your oil does not take their job seriously, or is careless about how they tighten the drain plug on your oil pan or your oil filter, they can cause real problems for you and their employer. Dishonest shop managers and oil distributors can increase their profits by using cheaper grades of oil instead of quality name-brand oils. Your engine needs clean oil to prevent wear and tear on engine components, which can decrease engine performance and significantly reduce the life of your engine. This is perhaps the single-most important thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. They know how to perform an oil change (and maybe another service or two), but they have no clue about your car as a whole. Oh, and finally, the brand of oil they use could be inferior to most of today’s major brands.
These days, dealership prices are very competitive, and many dealers can have an oil change performed fairly quickly – especially if you call ahead for an appointment. Position your catch pan under the engine so it will catch the oil as it drains out of the engine. When the oil has finished draining, replace the drain plug and tighten it (turn it clockwise). Locate the oil filter and loosen it by turning it counterclockwise with your filter wrench. Place a few drops of fresh oil on your finger and wipe it around the rubber seal on the new oil filter.
Mark down the date, mileage, brand and viscosity of oil you used to change the oil so you'll know when to change the oil again.
My Jiffy Lube is a group of Jiffy Lube Franchisees where we deliver world class customer service to our oil change and preventative .Visit the Jiffy Lube oil change car repair FAQ for help when it comes to preventive maintenance. The controlled detonations inside a vehicle’s engine heat the metal parts up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s this lack of knowledge that can cause other issues, such as filling your engine with too much (or too little) oil … or the wrong kind of oil. Visit your local Jiffy Lube service center for more .Denver oil changes and other automotive by Jiffy Lube.
You need clean oil to remove excess engine heat and to prevent carbon and varnish buildup in the engine.Regular oil changes keep the engine healthy. After driving down the street a short distance, my car began to smoke furiously from underneath the hood. Visit your nearest Denver area Jiffy Lube for a quality oil change and other automotive services. The sheer number of options may seem bewildering, but using the most appropriate oil for your vehicle is the best way to get peak performance and a long engine life. When they lifted the hood, there was the engine oil cap sitting unattached on the engine block … and my entire engine and other parts of the car were covered with oil. Visit your nearest Utah Jiffy Lube for a quality oil change and other automotive services..

That’s right; because I was just another customer being quickly shuffled through the process, the “technicians” made an inexcusable, fundamental error. Thick, sluggish oil in cold weather is as bad for your engine as thin, watery oil is in hot weather.
I ultimately made them pay for a professional engine cleaning, which they did only because I threatened to let the Better Business Bureau know of my dissatisfaction. Both increase friction, which can result in costly engine repairs.Using the right oil will save you from some costly repairs. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.The Society of Automotive Engineers – SAE – grades the viscosity of engine oils. The lower the number preceding the W, the less resistant the oil is to thickening during winter. Image courtesy of api.orgThe letter following the S for gasoline engines designates the suitability of the oil for various types of engines. API currently uses three performance-level designations following the C – CJ-4, CI-4, CH-4.Some oils are dual-purpose that meet the requirements of gasoline and diesel engines.
CI-4 Plus indicates CI-4 oils have a higher performance level.Avoid using cheap oils for your vehicle that are not API graded.
Low-quality oils reduce engine efficiency and do not provide the engine protection you need for a long-life engine.
It’s prudent to also avoid using various engine additives, which might do more harm than good. Types of Engine Oils: Why Are There So Many?Always stick to the manufacturer recommendations when choosing engine oil. The key metric that should guide your oil selection is the oil’s viscosity grade, such as 10W30, and its quality. The wrong grade of oil can wreak havoc on the life of your engine.In order to know which engine oil is best for your car, check the oil filler cap.
If you’re unsure about the recommended frequency of oil changes, consult with a professional auto mechanic or your dealership.What type of oil do you use? Superchargers: What’s the Difference?4 The 5 Most Interesting Car Museums in America5 Latest Comments How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?
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