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The Internet has changed the way we get our news, watch television, read books and shop. These companies recognize that they’re sitting on gold mines, which is why their advertising budgets are so high. It turns out that the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for online dating a€” the dating website Zoosk has seen, over the last three years, a 26% jump in signups in the two weeks after Christmas.
If you are one of those whose New Year's resolution is to find a special someone, or if you are already online and looking to connect with one (or more) of these newcomers, you will want to have a solid profile. While the above advice applies to men and women alike, there are a few profile and message choices that have very different outcomes between the sexes. LNPServices is an exclusive name in Research & Development sector and attained 25 years of extensive experience in delivering Business-Oriented, High-Tech solutions to various industries Worldwide. LNPServices experienced Business Consultants and Technologists are conducting research day and night for exploring new Business Opportunities and Innovative Ground Breaking Technologies in Offline and Online Market.
Over the last 2 years our Think-Tank was observing every single aspect of Online Dating Industry; its needs, risks, growth, potential, dependencies, opportunities, competition, market, people expectations and benefits.
Ground-Breaking Dating Modules (Exclusive to the dating industry)Modules for memberships within the portal which will start in the United States and then expand to Canada.
Can view Video from Gold and Platinum members, however, cannot interact until upgrading membership to Gold or Platinum package. Gold Pass: Gold status will have discounts for various restaurants as well as fun dating packages from various companies that participate inside of our exclusive portal. Platinum members will have Platinum only discounts to various 3-5 Stars hotels in their respective locations based on their membership signup and communication locations. Our third round of funding will have us take a close look at an IPO as well as our expansion into the UK and or China or both.
Subscription Based Affordable Dating Solution, that is not available anywhere in the world. Our concept is clear, ground-breaking, revolutionary platforms for both the advertiser as well as the dater.
There are some trade secrets that we will expand upon with the right investor looking to passionately be part of a billion-dollar industry with the next billion dollar player. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.

According to the report, 11% of all Americans have used online dating services or mobile apps to meet potential partners, an increase from only 3% of those surveyed for a similar study in 2005. Even so, the study’s results show that the view of the online dating scene as a haven for loners is no longer that common. is run by metaflake company that was founded by Henning Wiechers. The websites are a collection of facts and useful online dating tips, as well as reviews of existing dating websites and matchmaking services in different niches. It is our hope that the readers of our blog will make good use of the information presented by and partner websites. Unknown to many, these sites typically generate more revenue than online pornography, despite the discovery of occasional scandals. Zoosk users who show their entire body in their main profile photo, instead of just using a head shot, receive over three times as many messages as the average user, and see a 33% improvement in their chances of getting responses to their messages. Users who talk about exercise receive 21% more messages, users who mention music and musical skills get 15% more messages, artistically inclined users get 6% more messages, and members who include the words "book", "read", or "write" receive 21% more messages. Profiles with the words "creative", "ambitious", "laugh", or "healthy" get 33% more messages, and profiles that include "confident", "outgoing", or "positive" receive 23% more messages. Messages that include "lmfao", "lmao", "haha", or "lol" have improved chances of getting a reply, but "jaja" and "rofl" make a reply 13% less likely. Users who bring their animal companions along in their main profile picture get 53% fewer incoming messages, and 12% fewer responses to their messages. If you drop a "teh", "ur", "cuz", "dont", "b4", "im", or "u" in a message, you will be 13% less likely to get a reply. Women who use a selfie as their main profile pictureA get a small boost of 4% more incoming messages, but men with selfies receive 8% fewer messages. Men with profile pictures taken outside get a boost of 19% more messages, but women with outdoor shots see a 40% drop. Men who are open about past relationships in their profiles, using the wordsA "divorce", "separate", or "my ex", receive 52% more messages.
Initial messages from women that include the word "baby" are more than twice as likely to receive a reply than the average message, and messages that include the word "beautiful" are 50% more likely to get a response.
50-four per cent of online daters say they felt someone else had seriously misrepresented themselves on their online profile.

Among their digital resources there are websites that address the questions and trials of online dating and will certainly be of interest to people who are into dating online or into building a dating business of their own.
Henning and the team also hold interviews with the industry experts such as CEOs and founders of popular websites.
These projections are based on the continued integration of the digital world into everyday life. It’s estimated that some 20 million Internet users will visit an online dating site at least once a month. Friends are almost as toxic a€” profile pictures with more than one person lower the rate of incoming messages by 42%.
If you are a straight man, be especially wary of these shortcuts a€” for men, the response rate drops by 27%. Men, however, are advised to tone it down a€” messages with "baby" are 10% less likely to get a response, and messages with "beautiful" are 13% less likely.
20-nine per cent of those surveyed know someone who is married or in a long-term relationship with someone they met online, compared to only 15% in 2005. 20-eight per cent of online daters, including a shocking 42% of female users, say they had been contacted in a way that made them feel harassed or uncomfortable. In the interview you will also find references to some of the sites built recently with PG Dating Pro. The company does regular research and collects statistical data that may turn to be a valuable resource for those who want to start a dating business online.
Not only are they profitable, in 2008, online dating sites were credited with helping set-up over 120,000 marriages.
Similarly, men who talk about their children see a small bump of 7% more messages, but women whose profiles discuss kids get 4% fewer messages.
Similarly, messages from women that suggest an in-person date, including the words "dinner", "lunch", or "drinks", see a 73% jump in replies, but messages from men with these words are 35% less likely to receive a reply. Every device, every platform will be able to view, stream and interact in our portal via HD Video.

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