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This infographic is a collection of statistics and information about the current online dating industry: who takes part, how many, and what they do.
Unlike some other Online Schools infographics, there are lots of fun and different statistics that really cover the important angles. And if you’re wondering about the ten bears at the bottom of the infographic, they are a reference to the relatively well-known internet meme of the pedobear, used to indicate an instance and figure of underage exploitation. First off, I am doubtful that online dating is bigger than online porn, as the infographic suggests.
While online adult revenue estimates are often inflated, the article references a Forrester Research survey from 2008.

The site Match has compiled an online dating infographic which gives some interesting figures and statistics for singles and how they use technology.
The comprehensive chart is broken down into a few different sections and clearly lays out what singles should do and try to avoid online. If you are single and an active user of modern technology it might be in your best interest to give this online dating infographic a quick read over. If you knew nothing about the online dating industry before looking at this infographic, you would be fairly caught up by the end.
You may be able to find certain habits and rituals that are calculated in factual information and then use them to your advantage.

In most cases, the visual elements aren’t really necessary to convey the information, but the designer did a good job of using them to add a but of life and fun to the article.

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