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Solve puzzles and find all hidden objects in the room have to use in order to move to the next floor.
This is a free game in it, you will plunge into a fascinating journey through the mysterious places. Horrible house 3D - help a young hero who got into a horrible house full of ghosts, zombies, and other monsters.
Mystery land hidden object has 3 type of different but quality levels, image base, silhouette base, text base.

On the way you have to solve puzzles, gather the necessary ingredients for a magical ritual, fight monsters. In this Android game you'll be in a mysterious building with a lot of different rooms, from living rooms to industrial facilities. This call and combine them inventory, inventory will be required and will collect various items.
This game is suitable for all ages and it is easy to take your free time, for example, on the road or waiting in line to buy.

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