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Coch and French (1948) started the management perspective when they published an article called Overcoming Resistance to Change.  While their study was great for its time, Coch was the personnel director (HR) for the Harwood manufacturing plant where the study was conducted.  French was the former personnel director! While their conclusions are not inaccurate, they are incomplete … they only account for a piece of the resistance to change puzzle. In 1950, Zander, who was a close colleague of Kurt Lewin and leaned heavily on his work, offered six primary reasons for resistance to surface. If the nature of the change is not made clear to the people who are going to be influenced by the change. If the people influenced by the change have pressure put on them to make it instead of having a say in the nature or the direction of the change.
If the change ignores the already established institutions in the group (cited in Dent & Goldberg, 1999, p.

In the end, both sides have validity to their arguments.  They just need to realize that their perspective is just another perspective, not some natural law of humanity. The generally accepted practice to dealing with change in an organization is to put together an initiative to “manage change.”  Organizational leaders may consult with and hire a “Change Practitioner” to develop a change management strategy.
The challenge with so many of these change initiatives is that the focus is on the wrong thing.  Rather than trying to teach people to manage change, navigate a change model, and reduce their resistance, leadership should be focused on building a resilient organization! Building a resilient workforce, using the principles of Transformative Resilience™ will provide your organization with the tools needed to move forward in today’s changing landscape.  You will not only increase your organizations readiness for change and productivity, but you will increase innovation and creativity as well. Subscribe To My NewsletterJoin my mailing list to receive weekly updates as well as tips and suggestions for building your courage, resilience, and authenticity. There is a great deal of information here about considerations when putting together an international matrix team that apply to everyone.

If your organization is trying to implement a matrix inside India it will require these steps and identification of the what is success in this type of environment for employees. This book talks about the 5 business values shared by the BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China that are the opposite of the US expectations.
So often change feels punitive…… we must be doing something wrong or the system & processes we’ve been using have suddenly fallen out of favor…As a learning opportunity, change becomes springboard to go forward, to build, grow and thrive in the change process.
Expectations trickle down to failed business relationships in delays, poor product, communication errors and the list goes on.

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