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The first and most significant finding of this survey is that the goals of an organizational change program are often poorly defined, and that this poor definition seems to be highly correlated with the success of the organizational change effort. Another finding is that the involvement of all staff as early as possible in the program lifecycle is a significant success factor. Change management is a strategy put in place to protect both parties if any changes are made to the requirements of the contract and project. In construction, there are many variables to consider, and it is very possible that changes will be made to the likes of drawings, materials and site conditions, to name a few. The main aim of any of these documents is to mitigate a reasonable amount of risk from the contractor in terms of time and cost – therefore it is even more important to have a good professional relationship with both the client and supplier.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. That’s what I found out as I was scanning the latest articles on organizational change management. What’s more, the most successful programs have goals that represent a clear stretch in performance compared to the current state of performance. Although the CEO and the top team need to have a clear exposure of their engagement; they cannot do the job alone.
Indeed, as the survey shows, successful companies used more than three times several different tactics for engaging the organization than their unsuccessful counterparts. For this reason, we would like to clear up some jargon before delving into further details.

This underscores the importance of engaging a broad network of ambassadors during the program and avoiding project cocooning.
Now, looking at the results of the latest McKinsey survey (*), I feel less insecure and I can leave the power-talk behind.
Freeing up the time of process owners, key users, team leaders and domain leaders is a tough job which involves a lot of discussions during the program; but it is an investment with high returns. A change management strategy is made up of tools which fall into two divisions; upline and downline.

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