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Welcome to the OSHO International Meditation Resort.If this is your first visit you probably would like to take a look around. El Resort de Meditacion fue creado por Osho con el fin de que las personas puedan tener una experiencia directa y personal con una nueva forma de vivir, con una actitud mas atenta, relajada y divertida. Desarrollada en principio como lugar de retiro para los marajas y la adinerada colonia britanica,Pune es en la actualidad una ciudad moderna y prospera que alberga numerosas universidades y industrias de alta tecnologia. El resort de meditacion se extiende sobre una superficie de mas de dieciseis hectareas,en una zona poblada de arboles conocida como Koregaon Park. Todos los programas del centro se basan en la vision de Osho de un ser humano cualitativamente nuevo,capaz de participar con creatividad en la vida cotidiana y relajarse con el silencio y la meditacion. La mayoria de los programas se desarrollan en instalaciones modernas,con aire acondicionado, y entre ellos se cuentan sesiones individuales, cursos y talleres, que abarcan desde las artes creativas hasta los tratamientos holisticos, pasando por la transformacion y terapia personales, las ciencias esotericas, el enfoque zen de los deportes y otras actividades recreativas. Situado a unos sesenta kilometros al sudeste de Bombay, el centro ofrece diversos programas a los miles de personas que acuden a el todos los anos procedentes de mas de cien paises. Ofrece alojamiento de lujo para un numero limitado de huespedes, y en las cercanias existen numerosos hoteles y apartamentos privados para estancias de desde varios dias hasta varios meses.
It's use leads toward the opposite and looks quite harmful to those who practice in this manner. I inhaled, gazed into my blindfold, and prepared to plunge.This encounter was only a preview of dynamic meditation.
I wonder if chaotic breathing and letting go of control in general can make it easier to recognize connection, to be more harmonious. While meditators breathe, scream, jump, freeze in place, and then dance freely, they’re told to disassociate themselves from their bodies and instead observe physical and spiritual sensations.I came to Osho on a mandatory pre-reporting trip retreat with five classmates, instructed to taste religious experience before meeting sources in Mumbai. The reality of being a part of love and being loved moves me to quiet meditation, prayer, yoga, walking which inspires me to invite, reach out and help others in my community.
As I've been on my Catholic journey, I've discovered a tremendous openness to my faith that is not often acknowledged.
I grew up casually Catholic, flirted briefly with fundamentalism and atheism, and then rediscovered the sacrament of Confession. My journey into Zen, and discovering that Jesuits priests were trained masters, opened me further into the question, "Who is God?" "Who is Jesus?" What does it mean to "be still and know that I am God?" I interpret that line from scripture to mean that I should be hesitant in imposing my limited human ideas about the universe and God. After a few more years of study, practice, and daily conversation with divinity, I call myself “committed.” Compared to my college peers, I might be devout.
That I should be empty and open to the moment by moment revelation of God who knows no boundaries or limits.

For now, I’m off the spiritual market.But rejecting social norms, especially organized religion, grounds Osho’s teaching.
I think that to fall back into a comfort zone of what is familiar in one's faith journey is falling into a darkness born of delusions. The guru opened the Pune compound in 1974 for followers of his philosophy, a mix of Zen, New Age, and countercultural ideas. Thousands of annual resort guests try dynamic meditation in their welcome session.“Witness,” instructors repeat throughout. PeacereplyThis is a very interesting Permalink Submitted by Kristin on Sun, 2014-05-04 11:58This is a very interesting choice for getting to "taste religious experience." Did you study this religion before going or just "dive in" with no context? I am an alum of a large union of religious schools (seminaries, theological schools, etc) and this is the first I've learned of Osho meditation. As promised, my body managed inhalation, but it came in heavy spasms that whipped me forward from my diaphragm. I don't know anything about this meditation beyond what is presented in the above post, yet even with my limited knowledge I would argue there are many other means to gaining exposure to religious experience.
Of course, religious experience is different for each person and for some Osho meditation is it. Each time I felt my lungs ease into a pattern, I blew faster, faster, then slow again.After two minutes my head felt fuzzy and light, like the oxygen had overridden my fuse box and switched off every circuit in a puff of smoke.
Yet I might suggest to your professor a more traditional form of meditation, worship, prayer, liturgy, retreat, etc. Osho looks like a bungee jump into religious experience rather than a curious wandering explorative search, and my style is much more the latter.replyHey Kristin -- yes, I knew Permalink Submitted by Rosalie on Tue, 2014-05-06 00:43Hey Kristin -- yes, I knew what I was getting myself into!
Scream, shout, cry, jump, kick, shake, dance, sing, laugh.” Expelling academic frustration — that sounded great.
I had read about this kind of meditation and was looking forward to trying it, actually, and was floored when I reacted the way I did.
Immediately mine ceased.Chest-deep, lung-crushing, primal screams flattened me like grizzly hands on a balloon. A few of my colleagues really enjoyed it, though, so I hope readers won't discount it -- it just really wasn't for me!
If you are insecurely attached or have significant trauma in your life, this is a sure fire way to put you in a fight, flee or freeze scenario - it's potentially retraumatizing on the limbic level.
Alone and surrounded in darkness, I felt like prey.There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, Matthew’s gospel narrated.

My hands bent to my sternum; I tried to sing five-tone scales to combat chaos, but I couldn’t find a major key.
Instead I ducked ungracefully to my knees, holding my whole body to itself lest I lose a piece to the cacophony.And then — this feels crazy in hindsight, but it’s accurate — I felt a pit of anguish opening near my heart, like a portal to a dark planet had rooted in my chest.
It ended with the clang of a gong, and I trembled to my feet.My cross necklace clung to my sweaty collarbone. I raised my hands above my head for stage three.The next morning I tried dynamic meditation again. Goosebumps rose again as I flip-flopped toward the black glass pyramid where Osho-goers meditate in early-morning semidarkness. I’d hoped the welcome session’s distress was an aberration, but the strange new space-portal in my heart unfurled as I climbed the stairs.
It sucked at my chest again.The marble-floored meditation room stretched wide before me, and I lingered in front of the door in case the room tried to swallow me too. Chaotic breathing began.I started to exhale with the gusto I had the day before, but my chest constricted.
I breathed slowly and deeply, stretching oxygen to my belly button, and again, when I tried to accelerate, my heart swelled and my chest tightened. I stood outside my body, and I watched it resist me.Frustrated, my eyes flew open (no blindfold today) and a circle of convulsing bodies collapsed toward me. The trouble is, they’re also greedy, impatient, pleasure-seeking and, in my case, overwhelmingly fearful. Children might create with abandon, but they’re also afraid of the dark.In hindsight, I don’t think breathing or screaming scared me. Most of my confidence comes from day-to-day competence, and no one is competent in chaotic breathing. Shaking bodies and mangled shouts gave those affinities life.Usually I consign those feelings to divinity. I guess this is what people mean when they say religion is a crutch: I rely on prayer to deal daily with doubt. I tried looking inward, and I fled.Osho would condemn my ignorance, I imagine, if I told him I prefer external truth to internal.

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