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Be aware of the critic that you are to yourself – Most of the time, we tend to judge ourselves very harshly, and we criticise ourselves on a lot of things. Start thinking positive thoughts about yourself – When you start being aware of your thoughts and the things that you are saying about yourself, you will get good at catching yourself the second you start thinking something bad. Stop comparing yourself to others – The race should really be between yourself, you should be trying to outrun yourself instead of the next person. Love yourself and respect yourself – Like I mentioned before, be kind to yourself and respect the person that you are and the gifts that you have been blessed with. Nobody can make you feel bad in this world, unless they have your permission – be picky about the people you spend your time with and the people that you listen to. Keep a positive journal – Write things that are great about you, and things that you love about you. Overcoming low self esteem will take some practice on your side, because you are so used to shooting yourself down, so you will need to develop new habits where you are kind to yourself and remind yourself just how amazing you are. Either way I felt pretty stupid ALOT of the time around other people and secretly judged myself non-stop. I wished I could sound more like the confident, out going person I KNEW I could be, ALL THE TIME. This is DESPITE having a job (human rights campaigner) that involved alot of public speaking. I began blogging with Empower Network a year ago and within a few short months found I could speak more clearly, confidently and WITHOUT the speech problem.
In Miami, Florida at an Empower Network event, my video was shown to 600+ people during a packed workshop led by Team Have it ALL! There were cheers all around the room and I’d never experienced anything like that in my life before. Many people came up to me afterwards, some even in tears,  to say they were inspired to go out, make videos and share their voice. No matter WHAT you look or sound like YOU have something inside you that will inspire others and CHANGE THE WORLD.
The trick is to start sharing it and make it easier for the Universe to connect you with those people! Imagine living in a world where low self esteem and self-judgement were a thing of the past?
The beauty of the Empower Network system is that it’s set up to pay you for being YOU. Quit my weekly grind to begin travelling and inspiring others to know they can live free AND make a difference! I've watched this video a bunch of times and get so inspired every time to share my authentic self.
Low self-esteem can have harmful effects on your mental health, your decisions about your appearance and ultimately your future.
It is completely normal to feel negative about yourself from time to time but if this feeling is long lasting then you may have low self-esteem.
Challenge bad thoughts you have about yourself: Replace them with more positive thoughts which celebrate things you’re good at. Help someone out: This can be a friend, family member or even a classmate who is struggling with their work or having a tough time. Try new things: Your brain is wired to do new stuff, this can be anything to keep your mind off things and express your feelings like picking up a guitar, getting creative and starting painting of your cat or if you’re dead wild try cooking something you’ve never eaten before, yes this can get a bit messy. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good: Try and spend your time with the people who show that they care about appreciate you.
Albert Ellis, founder of REBT, talks about why self-esteem is a flawed concept, and the approach of self-acceptance should be used in its place (Ellis is also a master of changing self limiting beliefs).

Self-acceptance has nothing to do with comparison of others, like self-esteem does, to judge where you are at. Well, you could listen to your tricky mind…OR you could just notice you are not self-accepting in the current moment. Just by noticing, that you are beating on yourself, wanting to be different than you are, you are perpetuating your lack of self acceptance. When accepting yourself, you take responsibility, but you don’t go into endless mind loops over what you did, and if you do go into mind loops, then you catch them, and reset in the present.
Because I practice all the time, and bring myself back to the present, to where I am, with mindfulness. Doing meditation, body practices like centering, Tai Chi, Yoga are all things I highly recommend for practicing self-acceptance and also an important component to get out of your head; to stop thinking so much. Low self esteem can make you feel down a lot, to the point where you are unable to appreciate the life you have, to the point where you do not see the value in yourself. You need to become aware of this, so that when you start doing it, to nip it from the second you start doing it. When you fall short or when you make a mistake, instead of just jumping to the conclusion that you are a loser, stop yourself dead in your tracks.
You are a unique individual and you have something to offer the world that only you are capable of offering.
You may not be the smartest person in the world or the one with the most amazing looks, but there is something in you that no one has. If someone is saying something to you and it is not adding anything positive to the person that you are, just ignore it.
Whenever you are feeling down, it is this journal that you should go to and remind yourself just how great you are.
We focus on Mzansi's stories, even though at times we do cover stories beyond south Africa. I believe a huge part of this was the frequency with which I was making videos (daily) AND the fact that I was supported by so many people. I truly believe in my heart that ALL of us can step out and speak out - the more of us who do the more magic we'll collectively create! You are inspiring thousands of people from all around the world your courage to share Sandy!!! Self-esteem is made up of the thoughts you have about yourself and plays a role in almost everything you do. It’s not easy to like every part of the way you look, but getting stuck on negatives can really bring down your self-esteem.
Then set yourself realistic goals for each day and keep track of your progress by writing down all your accomplishments.
You could give them some advice or just be there to listen to a problem (even offer them that neck massage you owe them). By looking at a situation through a more realistic lens will reveal that you actually can do what you want. Distance yourself from friends who bring you down by spending less time with them, you’re better than that! It is easy to not believe and overlook the nice things people say to you when you have low self-esteem. This can be an inspirational quote from someone you look up to, even your favourite One Direction lyric or photo of you and your mates pulling a silly face. One another list 3 achievements from your past that you are proud of and on the final side list 3 things that you CAN do in the future.
Focusing on other’s opinions along with your own perceived weaknesses or faults may cause you to give into low self-esteem.

When you have low self-esteem, you have to always be trying to reach a state of high self-esteem. It’s sure a tricky line to wander, but self-awareness and mindfulness, as always, are the fundamentals for true self-acceptance. I even go so far to say “thanks mind for beating up on me, and not allowing me to self-accept. It’s about living, here and now, with all of our fears, hopes, dreams, sadness, anger, joy, love, despair. So, instead of walking with your head facing down, shoulders slumped, you can walk tall and know that you are someone, that you mean something to someone out there and that you are worth it. Realise that you are a human being, and sometimes you will get it wrong but that does not mean that you are loser.
Refuse to believe whatever lie you are telling yourself, and remind yourself that you are capable and you are more than able. Do not compare yourself with other people, instead focus on being the very best that you can be.
Appreciate who you are and what you can offer this world, and work on making it better and bigger. You will never be able to control the things people say about you or what they throw your way, however, you can choose what to do with it. Neither teacher nor therapist can help me with this.  I need a Savior who can save me from my sins.
He sees me clothed with Christ, perfect, compassionate, loving, worthy, true, and faithful to the end. Having healthy self-esteem is really important as it helps you make positive choices in your everyday life, gives you the courage to be your own person, have good relationships and helps you deal with difficult situations.
In fact, we have found that 47% of people want to change their appearance, 48% want teeth whitening, 17% breast implants, 6% liposuction and 5% botox. There are simple interventions aimed at helping you increase your self-esteem and below our experts share their top tips. Remember this list when you start feeling low, this will help bring yourself back to reality.
Having a cheesy dance in your bedroom, or going for a jog around the block are great ways to boost your self-esteem. This can be as simple as finishing of a piece of work or tidying your room (we know how challenging this can be).
Doing this everytime you have a negative thought can eventually become your natural way of thinking. Put your triangle somewhere you can be reminded by it, for example at the front of your diary or up in your room.
This means it’s vital that we openly talk about low self-esteem as it’s nothing to be ashamed of or hidden away. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, it’s important that you know you aren’t alone and that it’s actually really common. Bullying is often found to be a cause; 87% of those who have been bullied felt it had a negative effect on their self-esteem.

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