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This game is quite short, but like the sequel it has a good variety of puzzles at various levels of difficulty. Il video che ho visto sul sito, e molto interessante.La grafica sembra fatta davvero bene, sarebbe da provare.
Hidden for centuries behind six magical portals is a secret so powerful, it must never fall into wrong hands. Safe Shopping Guarantee: We guarantee that every transaction you make through WildTangent will be safe.
Description - Plunge into Pahelika: Secret Legends, a Arcade & Akcji game launched by Ironcode Software.
Control issues negatively affect this otherwise potentially interesting casual adventure game.
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In order to protect the book from misuse it was later hidden in a sacred temple guarded by six magical portals.

Quindi, il libro e stato nascosto per proteggerlo: noi, come discendenti dell'antico possessore del libro, dobbiamo ritrovarlo, ma dobbiamo dimostrare, attraverso diverse prove di intelligenza, abilita e coraggio, di essere degni di averlo!
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As a descendent of the original wielder of the book, it is up to you to prove yourself worthy of the magical artefacta‚ā¨¬¶Explore ancient locations, unravel old mysteries, cast spells, avoid pitfalls, and solve puzzles in this great adventure! The story is a little corny but it doesn't matter too mcuh as the game is really about the puzzles. Pahelika - Secret Legends is an adventure puzzle game, featuring unique obstacles that require some thinking to solve.
Worst of all, its control system hasn't been finely tuned for the device, meaning it's often quite awkward. Helpful hints and intuitive design ensure that puzzles tricky but not impossible, and an immersive story keeps you engaged. Pahelika - Secret Legends is a highly entertaining and enjoyable adventure game for everyone!

Treading familiar ground, its story focuses on a young adventurer who stumbles across a magical device that opens up portals to new worlds, eventually leading to a mystical book named Pahelika.
Creating potions is an early task and one that's aided by a slightly damaged piece of paper, but it's rarely particularly taxing. The latter makes a refreshing change to the usual puzzle format, although again it's not exactly taxing stuff. The jigsaw puzzles, however, might seem interesting but highlight a significant problem for this version of the game: it's exceptionally difficult to line up the pieces on the bottom of the screen in order to place them correctly.
It's something I suspect would be eased on a bigger screen, but it doesn't endear itself well to the iPhone.

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