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If you are interested in coaching and personal development then here’s how personality profiling fits in.
If you are coaching others then an understanding of their personality will explain a lot about their behaviour.
The PeopleMaps system was developed as far back as 2001, to meet the needs of an Internet age.
It was arguably the first professional system that was devised specifically for the Internet.
Although PeopleMaps provides training and encourages coaches to participate in the Licensed Practitioner Program, everything is written in plain English and therefore can be clearly understood.
The PeopleMaps Map and the more in-depth meanings are revealed during the training programs however you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.
So instead of having to buy an off the shelf design, coaches can simply pick the topics that are of interest to them and use these to design the report they actually want. Contrary to popular belief, a well designed quick questionnaire can deliver better results than a long winded questionnaire.
The PeopleMaps Questionnaire can not only be embedded in your website but it only takes around 7 minutes to complete.
When you upgrade to the Coaches Pack you automatically qualify for the discount rate and effectively get reports at wholesale prices. Design reports to meet your budget and upgrade to take full advantage of the savings offered.
New Directions provides training interventions and workshops to help people develop skills and knowledge in key aspects of the commercial world.
New Directions is a small consultancy with but with a number of associates that have a wide range of knowledge and experience from both the private and public sectors.

Created by Mike Doherty, an Oxford Graduate with over 20 years experience in Training and Recruitment in large organisations, New Directions was set up in 2004. Here you will learn why it is so useful to follow a personal development plan template (PDP). These experiences have an impact on your view of reality and also on the value that you place on your own life.  When your beliefs carry you through that transition, then giving up smoking becomes much more likely! Your outcomes -the things you do or achieve in life- result from the actions you've taken. In this third loop of the personal development plan template, your beliefs about you role in life has changed.
This type of personal development plan template is often used to help people take a good look at a plan that they've taken action on, analyze its results, and revise the plan to make things better.
You also have to put your personal development plan template into effect -otherwise, it's just an intellectual exercise- but you always have the option and capability to translate your insights into new actions, new plans, as needed. Even more importantly, remember that the engine-room of the personal development plan template process is stage one -and the new awareness it brings. I was going to update you on my progress and experience at Enfuse Youth next week, but I wanted to share with you some very interesting statistics and information, as well as the government’s stand on youth development in general.
Can you believe that there has been an increase of a 119,000 people, not in employment, education or training alone this year? I am proud, however, that I work for an organization which realises this significant link, and acts accordingly for the greater benefit of the youth. So if you are involved with Coaching and Personal Development, then you need to be aware of the preferred behaviours you are dealing with. These can either be delivered individually or to groups with follow-up coaching in the workplace if appropriate.

Having spent a career helping individuals recognise and achieve their potential through coaching and development training in corporations , Mike has been running his own Management Training Consultancy - specialising in individual Interview Guidance and Executive Coaching, for over 10 years. The cookies that we use are for visitor statistics and web admin only, we do not store your personal information and cookies will not affect your use of our site. If you need to step away from it -take a walk or bake a cake- do it and then go back to it. But the most shocking fact is that 48% of young people, not in work, have claimed that unemployment causes a variety of psychological problems and feelings of isolation.
Abolishing the Future Jobs Fund, slashing funding to youth centres and children’s services. But the key decision makers need to understand this, as it is their policies, which will have a direct impact on the society we live in today and tomorrow. Due to this, young people are more than likely, according to Richard, to inflict self harm and suffer panic attacks, especially if they have been out of employment for more than a year.
On one level this is a really good initiative; pupils across schools and higher education institutions will be able to engage with high quality private organisations, such as Enfuse Youth, who specialise in this area. Being an average first year Economics student, I can confidently say that an increase in competition to provide services to the schools, would mean an increase in the quality of the services provided by these organisations. However, one thing the government have failed to consider, is that career development complements personal development: they are both, in my opinion, in an equilibrium. By putting greater emphasis, and employing more resources on one aspect, whilst neglecting the other would simply show no, or very little improvement.

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