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The Personal Development Industry is booming and experiencing incredible growth even with the down turn of the economy.
People looking to better their life and need access to tools and the information to do this. For example, self-help books have gone from people asking, “what is a self-help book” to today with book sales of more $600 million in yearly..! People spend thousands thoughts of dollars each year also attending seminars, purchasing audio or self-help videos. Today people are learning the secrets that only the wealthy knew a decade ago and using these tools to make their lives better! Imagine having this information available right to your phone in a mobile application where you can have real-time access to 24 x 7. Imagine having this kind of life changing materials for just 33 cents a day or just $9.95 a month and accessible right through your cell phone on a mobile application or through any PC.
Compare this to just two visits at Starbucks, a beer with the boy or cost of a sandwich with a drink. Once you join our team you will soon realize this is information that most people will want to share and, if you do, ilivingapp will pay you if you would like to become an affiliate. The long-term plan of ilivingapp is to change the lives of millions of people just like your-self!
Also want to point out that application is Global and available in many countries outside the United States.
Let me close by saying very few things happen by accident and changing your life comes down to mindset.
This entry was posted in Blog, Business Opportunity, Make Money Online, Mobile App, Network Marketing, Personal Development, Work From Home. As you get older, it is all too easy to get in a rut - with fixed viewpoints, stuck emotions, ways of being that others can see clearly but you just think are 'right'. You need to stop worrying and start living, not just to be happy but for health reasons too.
Beware of 'mustabation', the belief that you must have a new relationship, a better job and a bigger house before you can be happy. Write down every negative thought you have over the course of a week, whether it's "My family don't appreciate me" or "I look dreadful." Negativity is a habit and we often don't realize we're doing ourselves down.
There's a world of difference between expecting failure or rejection - so as not to be disappointed when it occurs - and recognizing it as a possibility. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a task, break it down into small segments that you know you can do and start on the first one. If you have a problem, the thing to do is to communicate: find out the information you need to get the full picture, so that the solution becomes apparent. Making something come to life that you have envisioned - whether a painting, a wonderful meal, a dress, an invention, a business plan - is infinitely satisfying. Joy is often about living in the moment, being absorbed in what you're doing, not brooding on the past or guessing your future. Make a list of things you used to enjoy in your last year at school - aim for 10 or 15 activities. Write down five things that are really important to you: they might include a nice house, loving supportive partner, the chance to travel, a good job, etc. Your action plan should be broken down into manageable chunks - the steps you know you can make that, one by one, will take you to where you want to go.
Unpredicted obstacles may occur so it is important to stay flexible and to think laterally. Lack of exposure to sunlight is responsible for the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which could trigger a dispirited mood and a lethargic condition. You'll be more likely to overcome any feeling of depression if you are too busy to notice it.
Exercising regularly is a vital depression buster because it allows your body to produce more endorphins than usual. These are all things you can do for yourself, to fill your life with enjoyment, pride, affection and enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, to get to know yourself better - what are your strengths and areas that need working on - take a look at the Questionnaire, Know Your Own Mind. A natural trait of humans is to be constantly developing, growing and moving toward a balanced and mature way of being.
Personal development is the conscious evolution of human nature, and yet throughout history it has been sorely lacking! Even though the culture may have evolved with technological advancement and administrative complexity, human nature has not moved forward as it might. Trans4mind aims to support your personal growth by providing resources that both educate and inspire, leading on to our training and coaching services. The human being needs to awaken to the soul that inhabits each body and is our true self and source of inner knowing.
For those that do move forward, the next epoch - will be a celebration of human cooperation and shared love. Generalized Anxiety Treatment ~ Use hypnosis as a generalized anxiety disorder treatment and you can feel calm today.
Improving Concentration and Focus ~ Learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind to improve your performance.
Exercise Motivation ~ Give you powerful keys to getting back on track with your exercise - and staying there.
Overcoming Shyness ~ Provides an invisible security blanket allowing you to develop social ease and overcome shyness.
Quick Confidence Booster ~ An audio hypnosis session that's specifically designed to get you (quickly!) back on track. Stop Negative Thoughts ~ Learn powerful hypnotic techniques to stop negative thoughts before they start.
Overcoming Procrastination ~ Let hypnosis help you get on with what you need to do, when you need to do it. The iAwake Profound Meditation Program is a way of enhancing your meditation practice, making meditation not only easier and more enjoyable, but also more efficient and effective.
Here is a link to a free 20-minute track from iAwake Technologies - a sample of the type of tools that will deepen your meditation immediately and help you quickly become a successful meditator.
When you subscribe to our free service, each Monday you'll receive several transformational quotes on a new topic - with commentary by Peter Shepherd - plus an exceptional accompanying article, to inspire you throughout the week.
And as a bonus when you've confirmed your subscription, freely download your choice of 250 eBooks in the Transformational eBook Collection - including Peter Shepherd's book, 'Daring to Be Yourself'!
We all have dreams and ambitions, however, all too often we’re so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we never actually take the time to sit down and plan how we can achieve our goals. At Elrah Consulting we know that goal setting is a powerful tool in helping us to plan our journey through life.
Begin filling in the personal development plan template by writing down your current situation in these 5 areas and then list the improvements or changes you’d like to make. Of course, we must remember that whilst completing a personal development plan on paper is a fairly simple task, it’s all too easy to then place it to one side and forget to actually take any real action! Once you begin to achieve your goals, don’t forget to take the time to sit back and enjoy your success! Continuous Self Development is where individuals commit themselves to improving their knowledge and understanding throughout their careers. By it’s nature personal development is a continuous process as outlined in the model below. Conscious incompetence – this is when you know that you want to learn how to do something but you are incompetent at doing it. Conscious competence – this is when you can achieve this particular task but you are very conscious about everything you do.
There are many areas in which a person can move from from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence, and it is important that employers identify where they can help employees to make such shifts. As Henry Maslow outlined in his famous Hierarchy of Needs, when everything else is provided for, people are ultimately motivated by self actualisation i.e.
An employer therefore must do everything possible to help employees reach this full potential. There are a number of areas where an organisation can benefit from having employees who continually develop themselves.  They include cost savings, time savings, new work habits, and an improved working climate, which would be evidenced by low, or reduced, turnover, staff commitment and satisfaction. JetBlue Airways is an example of this.  They “invest heavily in its crew-members by focusing on the development of leaders with the expectation that they will in turn treat their crew-members right and lead the company to prosperity”. A good example of this can be found in the opening section of a case study about Aerzen Machines Ltd.
A lack of investment in “retaining key employees, motivating all team members and instigating a planned transfer of skills to a new generation of employees”, had put the business in a perilous position.
The case study outlines how Aerzen were able to turn around their problems by investing more in the development of their employees. From these examples you can see the real benefits of encouraging your employees to develop themselves.  You can also see from the early days of Aerzen, what can happen if you do not encourage employee development. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator.
My passion is all things Social Media, and for the last 2 years I have been working as a Social Media Evangelist for Oracle, where I have worked for the last 8 years.
Great point Ivan and you are right of course, at the end of the day its up to the individual.
I agree Ivan, that it is very much up to the individaul, my point was it was encouraged by multi-nationals here and not by Irish owned businesses – some businesses even blocked you taking holidays to cover sitting exams for some of the reasons Niall stated above, despite you paying for the training yourself.

A great post Sian, I removed Tweetdeck some time ago as something had gone wrong with it on my laptop and tried Hootsuite for a while as others find it good but re-installed Tweetdeck some weeks ago and love love love it. A great Resource _Sian ;)nI used to use tweetdeck and agree it is great to follow conversations and specific people. Hi Lewis, I agree with you that social media ROI is bandied about, without any real discovery as to what it means. Digital and social media has changed our culture, the way individuals and groups communicate, and the information they input prior to making decisions. Nice blog…Self development represents a broad organization for the learn of human impetus and personality. Zoe Kuhnert is a business writer that is driven by company dynamics, CEO insights and creative outputs.
So I was trying to find common ground by telling him Personal Development is a bit like Self-Help, but more proactive from my perspective.
Those skills include my mind, my body, my spirit as well as my level of success in all areas of life, however I may define that.
By progression I mean that there are essential steps to take when starting out with Personal Development. I think the most essential things in Personal Development deal with how you look at the world and how you see yourself in the world, which then determines how you act in the world.
The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. Though the individual does not understand or know how to do something, he or she does recognize the deficit, as well as the value of a new skill in addressing the deficit. We learn to get more energy (see How to Increase Your Energy) and how to use it intelligently. Hi Myrko, I had been on this personal development journey for a while myself and was curious about how OTHER people see personal development and their definition. I was surprise to see that almost every blog that I read have their own definition of personal development and their unique approaches and starting point. I think of the most important factor in personal development is willingness to move pass that comfort zone. For me, I am slowly moving out of my comfort zone with personal development and just go with the flow front now on. If I may ask, was the question that your friend asked made your started personal development or was there something more before that encouraged you? Thank you Myrko for this article, very nicely written, it reminded me a lot why I got started. No body believes this but if I want to absolutally gurantee that something will not happen is to set a goal or hope for something to happen. I think I could plan for something I could act on it if I could get my mind like Zorba the Greeks is below Where he could have an ambitiong and acttually not care if it came to pass. This is true happiness: to have no ambition and to work like a horse as if you had every ambition. Something like 15+ years ago I began to travel into the road of self help, personal development, positive thinking and spiritual development.
Well, as everything was so challenging, I remember myself one of those days saying: No more !!.
I wanted to share my story, because, I think that personal development saved my life in many ways. Robin, yours is a nice definition, which is focussed on presence and on self-awareness, I enjoyed that. While I love the flow idea, I think it should try to integrate both worlds, instead of confusing personal development with hard effort that is simply done wrong.
Hi, I'm the infopreneur behind this site and creator of several training programs, among others Info Product Masterclass and Personal Breakthrough Academy. Ia€™ve researched, extracted and redesigned 10 of the most inspiring personal development quotes that we found to be the most inspirational. Army Helicopter Drops ‘Bomb-Like Ammunition’ Over Miami (VIDEO) Why Would Indiana Give Corporations Religious Freedom? I agree 100% with he way the economy s more and more people are hoping online each day trying to find a better way! Under each negative thought you've written, see if you can spot an alternative way of looking at it, that isn't so negative. It's sensible to look at a situation from all angles and to have a back-up plan to fall back on if need be.
Be sure to put aside a little time every day for yourself - relax with a book, in the bath or sitting in the garden with the sun on your face. If you have lots of incomplete jobs, list them in order of priority and tackle the most important job first.
You have the advantages of using your conscious mind to overcome any and all psychological insecurities. Taking steps to push out the boundaries of your experience will ensure that you continue to enjoy life. Be specific - before you can plan how to achieve a goal it needs to be stated in a way that is realistic, measurable and time-targeted. We get sad when we fail in our exams, when we're rejected by the person we love, or when someone very close to us passes away. Sugar and caffeine may give you a brief moment of energy; but they are stimulants and later bring about anxiety, tension, and health problems. Endorphins are sometimes called "the happy chemicals" because of their stress-reducing and happiness-inducing properties. Doesn't it feel so good when someone pats you on the back and gives you words of encouragement during your most challenging times?
There will probably still be issues causing anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt or frustration that remain. We may not even like ourselves much, far short of recognizing the power and loving nature of our inner, spiritual selves.
Our present personality is determined by both who and what we have been and by the person we strive to become. Although it is in our nature to learn and grow, we are held back by our culture, which is predominantly focused on survival needs, each of us in competition with others, and our spiritual inner nature is repressed. These will empower you through the gaining of further self-knowledge - and encourage the implementation of your insights in practical ways that can transform your life. Awaken through a process of self-discovery, leading to one's own, self-directed spirituality. It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward.
The subsequent lack of direction can then unfortunately leave us feeling a little lost in life. This is why we have created a free personal development plan template, which we hope you will find helpful in bringing your thoughts together. Ensure you identify the benefits that implementing such change would bring to your life, the steps you think you need to take and the date you’d like to achieve your goals by. It’s therefore important to continually review your plan to evaluate progress and help keep it fresh in your mind.
How is Personal Development encouraged?  If you are self-employed, do you take the time to ensure your own development?  Let us know via the comments. So many businesses pay false homage to the notion that a businesses greatest asset is its people.
In saying that, I’ve heard senior mangers in companies claim that training is not worth it because it only really ends up benefiting the opposition.
For me, I have tou00a0translate it into real terms: new clients, increaseu00a0in sales, increase in marketing or customer serviceu00a0efficiency etc etc. I believe thatA in the process of personal growthA there are specific milestones to reach, and that without tackling these, personal growth is not really possible or at least not complete. Or if you have already started to consciously follow personal development, how can you get to the next level?
We get more self-awareness and improve our mental focus (see How to Develop a Laser-Sharp Mental Focus). But with those mentioned tackled, I think we start to lay a strong the foundation for Personal Development. I help entrepreneurs to create and sell highly profitable information products and scale up their business online. Little by little, as I was recovering, I became conscious about what happened to me and my condition, as a survivor. Yes of course, there is bad advice in personal development, and there is bad advice in spiritual development. Personal development, for me, is to become rooted in now and therefore to enjoy the energy and clarity of mind that this brings. A good quote can be so strong in ita€™s message, that just for a moment- you stop in awe to fully take in the wisdom they express so efficiently. Be sure you share them with your friends and family to spread a little inspiration into their lives too. 7 Reasons You Should Stop Watching Television Bankrupt Horse UC Students Vote To Divest a€¦ From America CA could suspend high-school exit exam A Lucierfian A-go-go!
But if you start to shut out new experiences, or if you take less interest in new things, so your capacity for enjoying life diminishes. Physical exercise is known to stimulate endorphins that lift depression and anxiety - so walk, swim, run or whatever you like doing best.

Find the joy in your life and you'll be more attractive and nicer to be around, people will be nicer to you too - and you'll smile some more!
See if you've exaggerated the situation or overly generalized, or if you are being unnecessarily intolerant, or thinking in 'should' and 'ought-to' terms.
People who do this will often see failure as another step on the road to eventual success; but by expecting and envisioning success, there's less likely to be a failure. This way you have a sense of achievement at each step - and you'll soon find yourself getting a whole lot more accomplished. Family commitments, financial problems and fear of the unknown can all hold you back - but going for your goals can give your life the boost it needs. Depression, however, has consequences that could ruin your self-esteem, health, and well-being. Spending time and engaging in worthwhile activities with them could give you a very satisfying feeling. The love and care expressed by others can tremendously boost your immune system and fend off illnesses. The mind is complex and heavily conditioned into patterns of behavior and fixed thinking that require a course of practical training to resolve.
If we are fortunate we find our niche and as much as possible solve the problems of survival, then we stick with those solutions. We may have lost touch with the intuitive and creative faculties that we knew as children and now try to work things out analytically, hampered by the false information indoctrinated into us.
The goal of personal development is to learn and apply that which enables us to attain emotional wellbeing, understanding and effectiveness, and mindful awareness, and to share this knowledge with others.
We need to become mindfully conscious instead of ruled by the dictates of instincts, past habits and fixed beliefs. Indeed, if correctly applied and continuously reviewed, it should help bring a real sense of satisfaction and achievement to your life! It’s actually quite disturbing sometimes to see how employees are viewed and of course the reverse is usually the case where the role is badly paid and supported. I think that the skills & behaviours you develop by joining a chess club, running a marathon, starting a book club, or doing charity work all help in being a better professional. ROI is very important, I suppose I am suggesting that the ways to measure it in terms of social media are still in there infancy and subject to lots of doubt and scrutiny. During my now over 10 years work on that topic, I identified several of those milestones mentioned above. The individual must recognise their own incompetence, and the value of the new skill, before moving on to the next stage.A The length of time an individual spends in this stage depends on the strength of the stimulus to learn. It may be broken down into steps, and there is heavy conscious involvement in executing the new skill. The individual may be able to teach it to others, depending upon how and when it was learned.
We take responsibility for ourselves and stop pointing to others for results that we are responsible for. I also created several online training programs, among others Info Product Masterclass and Personal Breakthrough Academy.
I have a fairly good overview of the online marketing space as well, maybe I can suggest some people to follow as well.
In the end I believe everyone has to be with himself and see what works for him, and not expect something to be the magic bullet. When you are totally present you cannot be negative, so it’s all about bringing consciousness away from the incessantly thinking mind.
You stay in your comfort zone, and as you get older, your comfort zone gets smaller and smaller. In 1973, Dr Ronald Grossarth-Maticek undertook an experiment on more than 3000 elderly Germans.
Joy is infectious but so is misery; therefore don't have anything whatever to do with people who dampen your spirits, invalidate your achievements or tell you what to think.
People with a few close friends are more likely to be happy than those with many mere acquaintances. And at night time, go to bed early enough that you get enough sleep to feel your best the next day. You will feel happier when you're participating in an activity, whether it's just playing with a child or helping organize a worthwhile event. If you are suffering from insecurity issues, you should be doing LOTS of personal development every day, and also meditation every day, and that will eventually solve all your issues. Each day turn the water from hot to cold while you're under the shower, and gradually lengthen the time you stay there each day until it's a minute or more. If you are always cooped up in your room (with the curtains closed), it would be difficult not to feel a bit down. If you're a little short on cash, you could engage in simple activities like taking a leisurely stroll in the park, playing sports, reading books, or engaging in anything that you have a passion for and love to pursue. Many people drink alcohol to "forget their problems," but the problems remain and only seem more oppressive, not less.
But our upbringing hasn't taught us most of what we need to know in order to make the most of our potential, to have truly fulfilling careers and relationships.
Going forward, the quality of our lives on this planet - even our survival - now depends on each of us taking responsibility for our personal growth. It pains me to say it but I think most business fail when it comes to many of things that you talk about here and small business in particular can be some of the worst offenders. It may sound nonsensical, but it is probably irrelevant what you do, as long as you learn something. It seems to me that among all the enthusiasm for SM, even many professionals are still not sure in themselves about the absolute benefits. So yes while I agree that deciding what you want is a key, I also think that business in particular also need to be able to describe what they want and that’s where most areu00a0currently falling down in my opinion.
It is a new phone, a way to communicate and there is no ROI in that, when it becomes a must.
That may also mean you have to look at areas of your life where it really can be painful to accept the status quo. After weeks of working real hard, 12 to 16 hours a day, I found myself a teacher, who is helping me right now. But in any case, usually you can learn something which is valuable for your next and better try.
This is harmful because you not only stop doing things that scare you, but you also stop doing things that give you pleasure.
Those who dwell on the worst case scenario, on the other hand, and give themselves worry and stress, tend to be devastated when it actually happens, even though they've been predicting it. After a week, turn on the cold water for just 10 seconds - it should seem easy: Your comfort zone has expanded.
This is the reason why many people suffer from depression much more often in winter than in the other seasons. Find a goal, a meaningful purpose in life - something that really gets you going, and sets your heart on fire. Instead of fear about our survival and competitive angst, we will then be motivated by compassionate understanding and creative love. You should review your goals as often as necessary – this could be, for example, every morning and every night before you go to bed.
Conversely, if your goal was difficult to achieve to the point where you had regular thoughts of giving up, you could perhaps afford to be a little less hard on yourself next time by setting slightly easier targets. It’s the intangibles that are going to be most important as we move forward, I believe. Some industries can get away with avoiding social media, which I can understand, but if your audience adopt the tools, you must be there in order to communicate, and that is a basic step with no ROI whatsoever. If you connect to the truth you have laid the most important basis to really grow.A You have to know where you stand. For instance the idea from above of telling yourself the truth, acceptance, is just the same: to make the unconscious reality, that we may haveA ignoredA before, conscious. In 1994 he followed up and found that those with the highest scores were 30 times more likely to be alive and well than those with low scores. No matter how difficult or discouraging life can be, remain firm and have an unshakable belief that you are capable of doing anything you set your heart on.
To find such friends you simply have to be friendly yourself, then friendships naturally follow. We are response-able, which enables us to dream again, set a life-vision and set some exciting new goals for our life (see The Fastest Way to Set Motivating Goals).
Giving up would make, that I wasted hundreds of hours and as I have a goal, I will not give up. If you can't afford to get some sunshine, you can always lighten up your room with brighter lights. With this kind of positive attitude, you will attain a cheerful disposition to beat the blues. It is like confusing the probably inexistent ROI of merely having a phone & training your staff on adequate phone etiquette with the ROI of a cold-calling campaign which is a measurable endeavour run on a platform called telephone.

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