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You may not know it but a personal development plan can help you find success not only in your MLM business but also your life.
This is because they use it as tools to reach the peak. For example, if they want to earn a seven figure income from the industry, they attend seminars, talk to MLM experts, and actually start working on reaching their goals. Now if you want to follow the footsteps of these successful MLM leaders, you have to do the same and start creating a personal development plan that suits your needs. Not only does it help you grow personally, it will also aid you in growing your leadership skills, thus making you an effective leader to your downline organization.
Here are some of the things that you can do to help you get started on your personal development plan.
This may come in the form of physical book or eBook that you can read, and even CDs that you can listen to. What’s important is you are feeding your mind with positive thoughts and inspirational ideas to motivate you through the day. I’m sure your MLM company throws not only business opportunity meetings but also leadership seminars and personal development training. Since the company’s successful MLM leaders will be there, listening to their success stories will further motivate you into achieving MLM success.
What’s more, you can also gain a few tips from them and get to interact with like-minded people within the industry. These are just some of the MLM personal development tips that I have used to help me achieve success in my MLM business. If you’ve been in the network marketing industry for a while now, you should know that personal development and MLM go hand in hand.
Because if you do, your prospects and your downlines won’t take anything you say seriously.
You know you’ve achieved personal development when you’ve started sharing something of great value to others and you’re already inspiring them to do the same. In my previous TweakYourBiz post I discussed the importance of encouraging continuous self development among employees. Kotter (The New Rules: How to Succeed in Today’s Post Corporate World, Free Press, New York, 1995), argues that the ability to continue learning is a highly important factor in career success. However, even more important is developing the ability to learn from experience, by reflecting on the lessons of what has happened and drawing conclusions from them as to how best to move forward. Before looking at this from an individual perspective, from an organisational one, encouraging the use of this type of plan is important as it identifies opportunities to align job duties with an employee’s personal goals.
In my experience it is important to involve your manager during the creation of the Personal Development Plan. When I reflect upon my career development to date I can see the real value of having a my own plan, which is updated on a regular basis. In the past, my career development consisted on simply attending one or two training courses each year, with little thought going into how, what was learned on the courses could be applied to my job. The result was that I frequently never got to put into practice what I learned, and consequently over time I lost the knowledge that I had gained.
However, since I’ve stared creating and using a Personal Development Plan, I now put more thought into my development choices. Do you use a Personal Development Plan, or do you have another approach to planning your personal and career progression?

The views expressed on this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, Oracle.
My passion is all things Social Media, and for the last 2 years I have been working as a Social Media Evangelist for Oracle, where I have worked for the last 8 years.
Hi Frank, great point about how critical it is to be able to put into practice what you’ve learned so as it remains steadfast in your knowledge bank. Totally agree, companies and people in my country(Singapore) mainly focus on professional development and maybe internal-social development. I wasu00a0 discussing this very topic yesterday with a colleague and it is good to see it being highlighted. I was discussing this very topic yesterday with a colleague and it is good to see it being highlighted. This provided valuable resources and tools that must be used to drive real business results.
Thank you so much Elaine, we have seen so many disasters out there as I am sure you have too, and it really should be an exciting adventure. Best of luck on your many ventures Lorna and sad to miss your Garrendenny blog from an interiors point fo view as its always been great for my ( Furniture & Interiors Trade Fair ) community.
Zoe Kuhnert is a business writer that is driven by company dynamics, CEO insights and creative outputs. And it’s vital to not only the success of your network marketing business, but also your downline organization. Keep in mind that a network marketer who has gone through personal growth makes a good leader.
People value their time and arriving on the dot shows that you respect it and appreciate their effort.
But since your time and energy are limited, make sure that you are focusing on what’s important.
And if there are other things you can’t ignore, set a schedule in order to attend to them all.
That way you are pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone and therefore, achieving a sense of personal development.
Understand that they are nothing but obstacles that you need to endure to reach MLM success. I saved the best for last as Personal Development is the core for building a successful business. Get a Competitive Edge: Enter your best Name & E-Mail for access to LIVE, weekly online lead-generation coaching!
I am not diminishing all the negative, poisonous and destructiveprogramming, disguised as acculturation and socializing, that is injected into us. You need to develop yourself into the type of person that your potential customers want to be in business with. Do this before you start prospecting and you can feel your productivity level and energy level growing as you work on your MLM business. These events are the perfect opportunities for you to hone your personal development skills. There’s no way you can succeed in this booming industry without subjecting yourself to self-improvement and self-growth. This will make you become motivated to aim higher and accomplish the things that need to be done.
Attend seminars, webinars, team building, group discussions so you’re up to date of the current marketing strategies and techniques to improve your business.

Whatever you do in your network marketing business, ALWAYS put your downlines’ and prospects’ best interests at heart. What I propose is that, companies and individuals should invest in emotional intellegence and physical (Body-Health) development too, so that we can really grow completely. The onus should be on the employer to provide mentoring and suitable training for the intern and also be fully responsible for their welfare. Instead of going after the most popular and most profitable niche, go after what you really want. What I meant to say is that you have to set goals that are hard to achieve but still realistic and, well, achievable. Just because you hit a couple of failures and rejections doesn’t mean that you have to give up altogether. So instead of letting them get to you, use them as a motivation to move forward and continue with your MLM journey. After all, I keeprunning across people who have been in MLM for 20, 25, 30 years, and they are STILL working onthemselves and their success!A more satisfying answer, a much more satisfying answer, lies in of all places a book onpsychotherapy by Brad Blanton entitled Radical Honesty. All that cultural,religious, socializing and political brainwashing is REAL and it WORKS.Thats why it is done. Now if you want to learn more valuable tips to help you in your own MLM business, let’s talk over here! Instead of thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Ask yourself, “What can I do to help others?” Do that and you’re very well on your way to success.
Stricter rules and conditions (with no loopholes) need to be put in place so as to prevent this type of exploitation which sadly seems to be very prevelant.
I might go into more depth on each header ,whilst trying to keep it readable:) as there is so much to know. Without Passion about the industry you are involved in, you are wasting time and you will never come up with content. When you subscribe to other leaders blogs you will get access to their content and it can give you great ideas you can wright down.
Besides, since I know it very well and first-hand myself, I am not withoutempathy and compassion for those honestly struggling.We ARE led to live dreadful and unfulfilling lives by practically every institution we are exposedand surrendered to by the authorities of our culture and society. A lot of network marketers are in the same boat with content creation, and in this blog post you will learn how and where to get content.
Now don’t copy word for word, be YOU, but this can give you ideas for your content creation.
Through their years of working in the industry, surely, they have gained enough wisdom, knowledge and experience that they can share to you. When we do put thestruggle front and center, we put ourselves in the position of not having to see that there is one ofus who wants to change and one who resists change, yet the two are obviously one and thesame. Bad press travels very quickly!nIu2019m sure there are many interns out there who have had a very positive experience and many employers who have valued the knowledge and expertise of their interns.nnA great first post Gianni! Essentially we can only personallydevelop when we give up trying to personally develop!In Network Marketing the inability to meet with the success participants state they desire achievingis around 98%.

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