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We all have the skill to one degree or another to create plans, overcome obstacles and follow through on tasks we have to achieve to reach our goals. However, the difference in levels of success is determined by the difference in the level at which we play. The following 6 skills will outline the importance of developing different areas in order to gain the maximum results in your personal achievement goals.
Your plan lays out the focused effort and actions that you will need to take in order to achieve your goals.
It is important to develop and improve your ability to overcome the problems, challenges and unforeseeable setbacks that are a natural part of life. Your ability to delegate also goes a long way in increasing the speed at which you reach your personal achievement goals. All personal achievements are the result of many little success along the path to your success. Great tips and advice Helen, thanks for sharing and as you say persevere but never give up. One of the primary factors of a happy, fulfilled life is a strong foundation of personal achievement–consisting of all of the skills you list Helen.
I know I often get stuck and forget the ask for help step or get stuck and just want to quit and then I remind myself that it takes ALL these steps you’ve listed over and over and over again. Lawyers, accountants, finance professionals and their support staff cannot rely solely on legal and technical know-how to bring them success in their profession. Please use the links below to browse our comprehensive selection of open access leadership and management courses.
In-house training provides a more personal, tailored approach to meeting your training needs. Taking your career to the next level is not just about amassing technical expertise and experience. We have a growing range programmes tailored to your profession and career level, which will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to bring these qualities to the senior role you have just achieved, or aspire to. Our flagship programme aimed at individuals recently appointed to, or aspiring to, senior positions such as financial controller or director is applicable to both the private and public sector.
Aimed at individuals who are currently, or aim to be, team leaders, managers and supervisors, this three-day course is a great introduction to the skills and techniques which will help you to become and effective and successful leader. Individuals working in the highly competitive world of banking and finance need to stand out from the crowd to get ahead.
A modular programme for legal professionals covering business development skills, personal effectiveness and the economic environment in which legal service providers operate.
The skills of a Senior Lawyer must evolve to keep pace with changes in professional and client demands and expectations.
We can tailor any of our public courses to meet your needs as well as providing completely bespoke training solutions. In this course, delegates learn to set goals using a variety of techniques such as mind mapping, capturing desires, setting mission statements, identifying roles and so on.
Many delegates learn how to present from others and are not systematically thought on the art of presenting. The soft skills course on Emotional Intelligence (EI) teaches the delegates a set of core skills to become better at managing themselves and others.
This course teaches the delegates on all aspects of time management, productivity and planning to get the most from everything they do.
In this course, delegates learn about a series of advanced techniques on two fundamental areas; attitude adjustment and environmental engineering. This soft skills course helps the participants  to understand how to express themselves assertively in order to get what they want.
This highly visual course on body language contains a large number of illustrations that describe various important body language cues.
This introductory course to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) covers the fundamental principles and techniques used by NLP practitioners and helps the delegates to quickly understand what NLP is all about. This soft skills course contains a variety of useful and practical techniques and tools that delegates can use to master the art of decision making. This training course covers the full life cycle of writing texts such as reports, technical texts, business documents, emails, and similar content.
The anger management course is not only for those who suffer from excessive habitual anger, although they will certainly benefit from the information provided. This soft skills training course helps delegates to increase their presence and learn how to project a high-impact personality.

This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence focusing on personal skills and competencies such as self-awareness, self-motivation and self-management. In this course, participants learn how to master learning skills using a systematic approach. In this course, participants will learn how to quickly memorise and recall useful everyday data.
The course contains comprehensive trainer guidelines that illustrate what a trainer needs to cover at each stage of the course and what to expect. Skills Converged has training experience on design & delivery in a wide variety of subjects such as soft skills, productivity, personal development, management and IT. Unless you develop a vision of the goals and objectives you have and define them clearly, your chance of achievement will be dramatically reduced. Effective management, strong leadership and exceptional client care are the cornerstones that underpin the competitive differentials of many successful organisations. Competitive pressures already mean that a firm grip of management issues is essential in building strong organisations and rewarding careers. Courses can be chosen from our public open access programme or from our in-house only courses. Interpersonal and communication skills are expected from the board and other senior executives. If you are seeking a promotion, developing these skills will ensure that you stand out from the competition. This course will benefit those who are preparing for or aspiring to team leadership roles or roles that involve the exercise of influence. Technical excellence, fee earning and robust financial management are as important as ever but Senior Lawyers need to develop more comprehensive and wide ranging skills to allow them to improve their performance, realise their potential and capitalise on development and promotion opportunities.
In addition, they will learn powerful techniques on how to achieve these goals, perform self-coaching and avoid procrastination. The result is the common death-by-power-point which we see in many business or sales presentations. Emotional skills can easily come to distinguish individuals from the rest and lead them to a much more rewarding and successful life. Using the latest methodologies and technological trends, the course covers many proven systems and processes that can be employed for personal or professional life. The first helps them use mental short cuts that save time and get them closer to their goals. In particular they will learn the differences between aggressive and assertive behaviour, correct body language, what to say to get results, how to request, how to criticise and how to boost their confidence. The gestures are organised into a number of logical sessions covering different aspects of communication.
It contains many exercises, thought experiments and group practicals that enables the delegates master the skills during the course. It covers topics such as choosing options, analysing implications of taking these options and deciding in groups. It includes many aspects of report writing such as preparing materials, structuring, presentation, using clear English, persuasion techniques and so on.
This course aims to help people improve their communication skills, handle difficult situations, practice assertiveness, manage their frustration or temper and control their emotions more easily. Personal impact is not a single skill; it is a set of skills that must be mastered together in line with improving attitude. Delegates go through case studies and example conversations and become aware of many behavioural traits which help them understand themselves and others better. It is structured based on tertiary prevention and addresses areas such as self-esteem, motivation, fears and justifications, goal setting, engineering the environment for productivity, self-tracking, anticipatory techniques, productivity short-cuts and techniques to minimise distractions.
The course provides guidance on attitudes and mentality as well as learning tools, planning, evaluation, managing the environment and distractions, and taking advantage of personal learning styles.
The course covers effective memorisation and recall methods including those used by memory champions.
From university students to businessmen, academics and professionals, people from all industries and domains can benefit from this course. Assessment and end-of the course exercises are also provided to test the delegates on their performance and progress both before learning the methods and after.
They will define their goals, mission statement and branding strategies so they can craft their personal image. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.

Some of our most rewarding personal achievements come from investing time and resources and persisting through adversity. There are so many sources of support available out there, so don’t try to reinvent the wheel. They will keep you motivated and focused as you continue forward towards your bigger goals.
I would add in knowing your purpose (different to me than goals) and who you are (personality, values, etc.). You may suddenly find yourself managing a team and dealing with the nuances and personalities of different colleagues, while at the same time being responsible for ensuring team performance and results.
One of our team will be delighted to help you by discussing options and answering any questions you may have. You will learn to understand how others see and experience you which in turn will maximise your credibility as a leader. The focus of Associate to Partner is designed to create or expand such skills by building the attributes and values which enable individuals both to flourish independently and to create positive, collaborative and cooperative relationships in the workplace and progress your career. They will also learn to immerse themselves in the quest to push forward and maximise their chances of success. This training course contains many guidelines with lots of examples of good and bad slide designs.
This training course covers all the fundamental competencies within EI and by employing extensive and elaborate exercises, prepares the participants to face real life issues armed with new emotional and practical skills. The second enables them to automate their life and use technological tools to facilitate the process of managing tasks efficiently without having to worry about the system. The training materials contain a large number of practical exercises designed to increase the retention of the skills delegates learn in this course. The training materials contain a series of practical exercises to help delegates master body language.
The course focuses on power, politics, intimidation, handling difficult people, meeting in groups, presentations, public speaking and similar topics. The workbook contains all the NLP exercises in detail, so delegates can practice them after the course as they wish. It is packed with examples of good and bad text to facilitate both processes of training and learning.
This course contains many exercises addressing these skills individually and in isolation and later in combination with each other in more demanding environments. The training course is highly interactive and is designed to encourage conversations among delegates to further understand alternative points of view and learn the full implications of certain negative behaviours and thought patterns that hinder growth.
Interactive exercises help delegates to learn from each other and self-analysis exercises help delegates to focus on their specific areas of weakness. Useful exercises are also provided so delegates can practice the skills during the course for more effective learning.
The course also explores self-marketing strategies and how to deliver the designed brand to maximise exposure. Developing your team and nurturing talent is yet another challenge which requires not only management but true leadership skills. This course is also ideal for those who want to lead a team and need to know how to share their goals and vision with team members and correctly formulate their goals. Delegates will learn how to correctly use their digital calendar system, how to delegate, how to plan, how to review and how to quickly get rid of tasks to reduce their impact on their mental productivity. Many elaborate illustrations are provided that clearly show the body language and help the delegates to practice these gestures. This course is followed by intermediate and advanced courses for those who are interested to learn more.
In addition, delegates are also introduced to fundamental decision making principles and associated philosophical implications of these principles which further prepares them to use the tools discussed in the course correctly. All guidelines are followed by exercises to help delegates learn the skills during the course.
As usual, the training materials come complete with comprehensive trainer notes, training workbooks, exercises, course guidelines and other related resources.
The training materials contain many exercises for delegates to learn the art of public speaking.

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