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Gordon Franks’ programmes were created because we understand young people need more than academic qualifications to succeed. Employers today recruit for attitude as much as aptitude and value personal, social and life skills as highly as exam results and experience. Whilst we understand schools have to focus on grades and academic success, we can help you support students in their personal development and employability skills.
We are also happy to discuss alternative or additional content for workshops and training days with you. Confidentiality and care for the individuality of each person are the key components of every learning experience at LifeWorks. Each LifeWorks trainer is a highly experienced and qualified counsellor or psychologist who brings their depth of knowledge, skills and experience to each session or course they facilitate. Arrange for an appointment for an individual assessment with one of our trainers to discover what our custom designed, tailor made sessions, classes, courses, workshops, seminars, retreats and purpose built learning experiences can bring you. Some clients have chosen to blend the 2 workshops together with both management & staff attending 1 combined workshop. Conflict is not only inevitable in a team environment but a natural & positive element of success for high performing teams.
Personalities, attitudes, experiences & belief systems of individuals create the culture of an organisation.

Building & maintaining positive workplace relationships is vital to creating growth in any organization as well as to your own career success. Sign up and receive our training calendar, early bird specials and news direct to your inbox.
Eileen Burns has been providing self development programmes for over 10 years, she has had a strong interest in self help and stress management from a young age. She teaches and provides 1 to 1 online programmes and sessions in assertiveness, building confidence, goal setting, healthy thinking, managing anxiety and stress, time management. Learn simple key skills on how to work and build on your self esteem includes worksheets you can continue to work with after the session. How to build on your life experience and set new goals and challenges feeling stronger within yourself.
The World of Health began in 2000, in April 2012 it began legally trading as Stress-Coach to help represent our specialist service which has grew over the last 12 years. We can offer tailored support for students with learning difficulties, please contact us for more information.
LifeWorks offers personal development and self awareness training for individuals, small groups and large groups. This has also proved to be an incredibly powerful & proactive approach with some staggering results.

This highly interactive approach ensures maximum learning is transferred back to the work environment. Research suggests high employee motivation is strongly linked to organisational excellence & profitability. Use more effective body language, communication skills and tone so you wont give in and you can assert your own need. It can lead to stress related illnesses, poor performance, absenteeism among workers & increased staff turnover. It is not the conflict itself that is the issue but the way in which we manage that conflict creates barriers.
Research indicates first impressions are made within the first 3 minutes & 67% of first impressions do matter. This interactive & engaging workshop highlights that there is a great deal more to professionalism than an expensive suit. Success in modern business is determined by a combination of confidence, competence, attitude, demeanour & communication.

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