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Jill is trained as a counsellor and has had a private practice in Vancouver working with individuals, couples and groups. Having participated in numerous personal growth modalities, the MASTERY remains the place where Jill has experienced and witnessed unparalleled awakenings and growth and where she loves to assist others in finding and celebrating their unique voice. Activate your inner aliveness with transformational classes, workshops, personal coaching, consultations, and retreats.
Here you'll find topics that focus on personal growth, achievement, spirituality, and fulfillment.

Universal Mind Science is a free-thought non-denominational fellowship where there are no strangers.
The past definition is one in which one person, called a leader, enlists the aid and support of other people to accomplish a task. She has also been an educator for massage therapists, teaching personal and professional development. Metaphysics teaches us to be open minded by combining religion and science and gives us the insight to the question "Why do we exist"?

We gain knowledge and enlightenment through positive teachings derived from the philosophies of all the greatest spiritual teachers.
We are a non-denominational organization that follows the universal laws of life that stresses the freedom of personal responsibility.

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