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Life and business partners Green and Edmond are co-principals of A2Z Personal Growth Enterprises, a media company focused on the creation and delivery of personal development products, communications, content and events. Green is an author, speaker, trainer and former broadcast journalist specializing in personal growth, resiliency development and individuality advocacy. She is also known for her popular Grown Is Sexy™ and PooNannie Principles™ content and products, which focus on teaching healthy relationship choices founded on love of self, respect of others, and taking personal responsibility for securing both. Edmond, best known as an award-winning journalist, editor and media executive with Black Enterprise and host of the nationally syndicated radio feature Money Matters for American Urban Radio Networks, is a widely recognized expert on personal finance, entrepreneurship, mentorship, leadership development and the practical application of faith in daily living. A highly sought-after public speaker, Edmond is also known for his A Grown Man Knows™ content on the values and behaviors of responsible, life-affirming manhood. Spend the day with a licensed therapist and learn about Jungian Dream Concepts.   Get an idea of how to work with our dreams and have a relationship with your unconscious.
Our world is not limited to what we sense and think we know.  Relationship with the many aspects of ourselves moves us into a fuller understanding of Self and life. All are welcome to journey out to Star Island for memorable experiences during one of our summer conferences rich with community activities, educational talks, and engaging workshops. We will update this page with information about the conferences as it is provided by conference chairs. Star Island, a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 1915, is a public charity governed by a board of directors elected from our membership. Our mission since 1915 is to hold and maintain Star Island and such other property as the Corporation may hold or acquire, as a center for religious, education, and kindred purposes consistent with the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.
Our vision is to create on Star Island an environment that frees all who come to renew spiritually, explore matters of consequence, and gain knowledge about the world as it might ideally be. Who it’s best for: Spiritual seekers, and anyone interested in their personal growth, including those who have never tried anything like this before as well as those who have done some psychotherapeutic work, either one to one or in an ongoing group.
This course is psycho-spiritual rock and roll; it is an intersection of overlapping ideas and traditional thinking about the soul. The founders of the process once lived with the late Osho Sri Rajneesh in Pune, India, and Osho appears throughout, on video one night and on audiotape at times. As much of the content of this course is confidential, and with good reason, it is not possible to reveal the specifics of this intensive retreat.
The best part of this course for me was a deeply connecting walking meditation one morning, which took the form of hours of spiritual contemplation, with some of the course facilitators walking with us, hand in hand. People watch: Path of Love therapists are generally very well trained in a wide range of psychological approaches. What’s lowly: I am a meat eater and struggled with the veggie food and the silence during such a tough week. Queen of Retreats is the leading independent travel website that helps you sift through the healthy holiday hype, set up by Times journalist and retreat expert Caroline Sylger Jones.

All the material you find on this site has been meticulously researched and written by a hand-picked team of professional journalists with a passion for retreating. This section of the website is currently undergoing major redevelopment as a result of enhancements to the Leadership & Management Compass. Green and Edmond also host a Grown Zone Live discussion series in New York City, and have garnered the attention of other media, including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which featured the Grown Zone “Love and Money” series during Financial Literacy Month in April 2013.
She is best known for helping others to understanding individual temperaments as a key factor of healthy, productive life management, in order to empower them to make their Next Decision Better™. Well known for his sense of personal style, Edmond is also co-designer of a signature line of bow ties, the Alfred Edmond Jr.
Each conference is independently organized by a group of volunteers, but all take place on Star Island.
The result is a hybrid of West-meets-East thinking to help you heal and integrate old wounds. Much of it is conducted in silence (outside of the group structures) and the week is vegetarian with no alcohol permitted. We would say, arrive open-minded and be prepared to expose yourself, your deepest longings as well as your dark side. With its Alice in Wonderland-esque topiaried gardens and lawns (60 acres in all), huge 400 year old trees and panoramic views across a wide green valley, there is a magical aspect to this old house. Most participants share in rooms of two or four, but you can have single rooms  for an extra cost. It was an overwhelmingly spiritual meditation; the atmosphere in the room was full of love, and many of us were brought to our knees. Many have expertise in trauma resolution and on our retreat they were all extremely capable.
Breakfast was serve-yourself buffet-style and included porridge, toast, cereals, fruit, coffee and tea was with some gluten-free bread and muesli. I found it hard not to chat to my room mate and I longed for a lamb chop throughout the seven days. Bring indoor soft shoes such as slippers or flip flops, and lots and lots of comfy clothes you might go to the gym in. The weekend retreat will provide in-depth teaching and interactive guidance, in a relaxed and intimate setting, to those seeking a framework to recognize, prepare for, attract and maintain healthy relationships, romantic and otherwise. Located in the Lakeshore South neighborhood, the Welcome Inn Manor is about a 1 mile walking distance to Lakeshore Drive and a few blocks to several El train stops.
The week is meticulously planned, each day being a preparation for the next, so the process unfolds seamlessly into a rigorous journey of self-examination. All participants are interviewed by one of the course facilitators and there is more than one questionnaire to fill out before you are admitted.

Every day starts with a dynamic meditation at 7am, followed by breakfast and then a morning of group work which involves emotional sharing and being witnessed. There is no hiding on the Path of Love – if you are hoping for a fluffy, easy time, then this course is not for you. Huge firs wobble and dance in the wind; massive emerald hedges are cut in to blocks of what look like green sponge cake. Because it was so psychologically challenging, I ate more than I needed, perhaps as a form of comfort eating. I shared my room and this worked fine, though it was a little odd, as the retreat is silence, sharing with a woman I was supposed to not speak to, or, at least, not till quite late in the process. I was also happy to hear Western mystics John O Donohue, Carolyn Myss and Leonard Jacobson talk throughout the retreat. Lunch, then more group work which is often movement based, in the afternoon, followed by evening meditations and talks. If, on the other hand, you are ready and willing to dive in deep and dig into difficult personal material, then we cannot recommend it highly enough. There is an ornamental lake on which swans glide about and keyhole doorways cut into walls of hedge which lead to sudden drops (so we discovered).
The decor is white and light and there was a huge window overlooking the valley to wake up to. It’s easy, in a time when Western religion has almost died, to forget our own tradition of spiritual wisdom. I burnt down my house, metaphorically speaking, destroyed things and people who had hurt and troubled me in the past. It’s a profound and moving process aimed at melting your heart and helping you to face your demons. The course is an inner adventure for those that love to explore their own personal edge and dive into the mysteries of our inner being. At lunchtime and in breaks, you can walk about in this ornate green landscape and marvel at its outlandish design, which is at one with the surrounding national parklands and valley. Earplugs are essential, as well as an alarm clock (mobile phones are handed in on arrival) and also an eye mask. Dinnertime was the big meal of the day and was usually warm, wholesome, veggie food: pasta, risotto, curries. The house is surrounded by hills and dotted with farmhouses and the views are bucolic and gentle on the eye.
You won’t go hungry, though non-vegetarians might find themselves eating lots of cheese to make up for the lack of protein.

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