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Mi buen amigo Steve se topo con este novedoso proyecto musical que nacio en 2004 de la mano del productor norteamericano Marck Johnson. Playing for Change se dedica a encontrar musicos alrededor del globo con el objeto de inspirar, conectar y traer paz al mundo a traves de la musica. Construimos un estudio movil, equipado con los mismos instrumentos usados en los mejores estudios y viajamos a donde sea que la musica nos lleve.
Hola ,,,,soy fanatico de ustedes,,,me fascina su musica,,,actualmente ,,,es mi grupo faborito ,,,en mi casa tenemos todos sus videos,,,,,,solo quiero saber que dia estaran en Guatemala? Vous utilisez un navigateur depasse depuis pres de 8 ans!Pour une meilleure experience web, prenez le temps de mettre votre navigateur a jour. This past weekend I attended the West Coast Cup for Social Change put on by Street Soccer USA in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza. This one of a kind non-profit organization also puts on the annual Homeless National Cup in New York's Times Square, and even more impressive, they send one men's and one women's team to represent the U.S. This year was the first annual West Coast Cup put on by Street Soccer USA and included participation of homeless soccer teams from Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among other adult teams from corporations that sponsored the event. The organizers from SSUSA recruit players by going into the local shelters here in San Francisco and loudly asking the crowded room of disheveled people who have just come in from the streets, "Who wants to play soccer?!" Many of these humbled folks are hesitant or confused, not really believing that playing soccer has any significance to them.
One of these current participants is Ablaza Grant who will be a featured character in the Teddy Bear Films' documentary.

Grant has been living in a shelter since moving to San Francisco from New Orleans earlier this year, and that's how he found out about the Street Soccer program. I was present at the closing ceremony for the West Coast Cup on Sunday when SSUSA's National Director, Rob Cann, announced the candidates for this year's men's and women's U.S. Me envio el link de la pagina y estas palabras “Seria calidad que pudieras poner esto en la pagina de El Circo del Rock, es un muy buen proyecto…”.
La calidad con la que hemos podido filmar y documentar el proyecto fue gradualmente mejorando desde una variaedad de formatos -cada uno con lo mejor que podiamos hacer- hasta, finalmente, hacerlo completamente en HD.
I was involved in a behind the scenes look at the Cup as part of a documentary crew from Teddy Bear Films and filmmaker Micha X. I got to know Ablaza (who usually goes by Grant) fairly well during my time working on the film. He decided to join because although he had never played soccer before, he had always been an athlete in high school and missed the adrenalin rush. They are using sports as a way to help homeless men and women across the country secure jobs and housing, find education opportunities and attend rehab programs to get clean and sober.
Some of the World Cup team players are individuals who earlier this year were living on park benches, not knowing where their next meal would come from.
Peled, who are making a film about the journey that these men and women take from living on the streets to becoming international champions.

His story is similar to many young homeless men; he couldn't finish college because of the high cost, he did some jail time, he lost several jobs, the bills started adding up and soon enough he couldn't afford rent. Now, months later, Grant is employed in a restaurant, on his way to moving out of the shelter and into transitional housing and will very likely be representing the United States in the Homeless World Cup in Poland this August. Later this summer they will board an international flight to represent the United States in a soccer tournament that includes 64 countries.
Most of these individuals have endured immense suffering in their past, some of them barely making it out alive.
Grant may have been obligated to play the tough guy and keep a straight face, but as an athlete and as a truly dedicated person, I know how much pride he must have felt in that moment. Playing soccer is the only thing that has made a difference in the perpetuation of their hopelessness. Street Soccer USA hopes they can give that sense of pride to a million more homeless people all over the country for many years to come.
And this is the beginning of the program that currently has a 75 percent success rate of integrating its homeless participants back into society.

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