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Harvard Business Review published a fascinating piece on March 15 on recent research conducted by Emily Heaphy and Marcial Losada into the effectiveness of leadership of 60 divisions of a large computer company. Getting the right mix of positive and negative feedback is all about setting the scene, ensuring clarity of purpose and allowing a constructive culture to build around your business. Today's workout -Its #PennRelays day - a full team from Mass Velocity will be battling in the masters 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m wish me luck!
Elon Musk’s Empire Gets Unusual Help - the question remains can Mr Musk control his 5% limit if the shares tank? Scientists Discover That Bacteria Have a Collective Memory Plastic Waste in the Ocean Will Outnumber Fish by 2050 When I Dream of a Planet in Recovery… Environmental Research Reveals Seattle Salmon are on Drugs — Thanks, Humans! Full Moon in Scorpio – Revealing Reality and Changing Our Core Beliefs New Moon in Aries – Giving Life to Our New Inner Reality Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Changing Our Minds to Change the World New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Removing the Boundaries to Our Sacredness The Full Moon Virgo – You Are The Universe!
Another simple way of terminating negative thoughts is by saying, “Erase, erase.”  Wave your hand in the air, side to side, as if you are actually erasing the thought from a schoolroom chalkboard.
Jayme Barrett, best-selling author of "Feng Shui Your Life," shares intention-filled articles, photos, videos and tips to create positive energy in your life, relationships, home, career and spirit. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are for products and services that I own or that I receive "affiliate" commission on. Many of the default settings in Google AdWords and Bing Ads are created in a way that works against a novice Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertiser.
In fact, over the years I’ve seen so much wasted ad budget on completely irrelevant and unrelated terms that this is one of our first stops in an AdWords or Bing Ads account audit. So, what do we do to strike balance between reach of audience and relevance to our audience? So far we’ve looked at blocking certain keywords to save money by avoiding unprofitable clicks, but negative keywords are also good at blocking impressions. Some industries are lucky and have a certain singularity to the names of their services, solutions and products. It gets even wilder when your industry has keywords which are homographs for other popularly searched terms. I hope it’s become clear that if you don’t use negative keywords, the best case scenario is that you’re inflating your impression count and in the worst case, you’re using your ad budget on clicks that will never convert.
Nathan Pabich is the Director of Paid Search at Digital Third Coast, a search engine marketing company based in Chicago. Sign up for our monthly newsletter where we share tips on search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, local search optimizing, and other tactics to improve your online presence.

The one question they were trying to answer amongst many: in leadership what is the most effective ratio of positive to negative feedback comments? What practical steps can you action as the leader of your business to ensure a more positive environment?
There are so many decisive gestures done by silent heroes in business that go unrecognized. The idea is to interrupt your current state by a change of action garage door broken boca raton phrase. Jayme's blog, "Infuse Your Spirit" aims to help people create happier, healthier, more inspired lives! Some artist understand that nothing is a given and have a grateful heart as they conduct business. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I personally believe will add value to my readers. The best thing about broad match is that it is wide open and collects a lot of keyword variations – in fact, many keyword variations that you simply won’t discover or think of otherwise. For example, if I sell SEO services, and I bid on the term “Chicago SEO” with Google’s “broad match” match type, then my keyword could show up in search results for a user’s query such as “free SEO in Chicago, Illinois”. By blocking keywords with high impressions  and few clicks, you can see your Click Through Rate (CTR) rise, which should positively affect your quality score and in turn, lower your overall advertising costs.
I had once seen a company bid on a term for a retirement home that got picked up by Google’s broad match for the terms “old wine” and “old cheese”. By doing a bit more research, understanding the context of search and adding the appropriate negative keywords to your ad campaigns, you can bring your PPC advertising to the next level, save money and have more relevant ads that will showcase your offerings better and to an interested market. Your mind wanders towards panicky thoughts of being pulled over by the police, getting a ticket, arriving late to work, losing your job, getting evicted from your house, living on the street, and on and on it goes.
They write, “From an early age, children there were trained to be mindful of their thinking. Others think they are entitled to more than they have actually earned so at times even positive news may be viewed as negative. Physics tells us that Positive energy creates forward motion and Negative energy slows things down.
I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Google defines broad match as a keyword match type that “include(s) misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations”.

Google claims that 20% of the daily searches on Google have never been conducted previously, so you can see how it would be hard to stay on top of the myriad ways people search.
The problem is that Digital Third Coast doesn’t typically offer free SEO, though that other part of the keyword “SEO in Chicago, Illinois” is 100% related to what we do. In this case, I can’t just add “free” as a negative keyword because suddenly I block out all the queries such as “Puma Shoes Free Shipping” or a nice fashion brand like “Free People summer dresses”. Do you want your ads triggered when a news story comes out about the latest corporate law suit?  Or maybe I’m doing a search for physical therapy (I recently did this), and had I clicked on these poorly targeted ads (see right), I would have cost those advertisers several dollars for each click (~$5 for a top spot) and may not have found what I needed. They may have gotten the “old” part right, but there is simply no way that the company’s intention was served well based on these clicks.
So just do it, and share your insights with your PPC manager or in-house advertiser and make sure to exercise quality control that will bring you results by negation. If a person became aware of a foreboding thought like, ‘Oh no, what if there is a lion hiding behind that tree waiting to eat me?’ They learned first to recognize and then release the thought by saying to themselves, ‘This is a story that doesn’t need to happen!’” That’s the technique.
To support your positive thoughts, you can post encouraging notes around your home which creates good mental feng shui. The problem with this match type is that what Google defines as “related searches” and “other relevant variations” are simply not as related or relevant as many advertisers would hope. In this case, the next step is clear – we should add the negative keyword “free” to our ongoing and ever-growing list of negative keywords.
There are some other strong examples of keyword confusion from Brad Geddes at Certified Knowledge. For example, I would really like my ad to display in search engine results when someone searches for “Search Engine Optimization Consultants”, however it would be to my detriment to gain impressions on ads triggered by fellow SEO consultants searching for “Search Engine Optimization Tools”. If you don’t consider other meanings or uses of your keywords, the results will not a positive experience for the advertiser or the for the searcher. If you start down a pessimistic road of thinking and the “what ifs” arise, stop, and say out loud, “That’s a story that doesn’t need to happen!” If your friends begin a similar conversation, recite the phrase to them, and encourage them to repeat it.
In this case, the audience will be pretty savvy, and it’s unlikely I’ll see many clicks on my ads promoting our SEO Professional services when the searcher is looking for tools to do their job better. My ad becomes irrelevant to the audience based on context and there is no way I will sell this searcher on my services.

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