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Get your Mind and Subconscious Mind working on Creating the Life You Want while you go about enjoying your day! The combination of music and rhythmic affirmations activate your brain and subconscious mind to create a new learning experience through a blend of music and words. The music is set at a specific beat to put you in a relaxed, clear headed state allowing your subconscious mind to absorb the statements that will lead to new beliefs and new actions. The secret to Power Affirmations lies in the genius of Karim Hajee, an acclaimed expert in Personal Development and Evan Gray, a well renowned music composer. Each CD is painstakingly crafted using state-of-the-art digital recording equipment to produce a soothing 3-D sound that allows music, voices, and nature sounds to project spatially in your mind. At the beginning of each session Karim guides you to a relaxed state and gets your mind focused on achieving what you want to achieve.
This prepares the mind to focus on your goal in a powerful way, you then let go and relax as the music and statements take over. New high-performance mental technology is behind the music and drives these programs to get results.
The statements are specifically designed to help you overcome setbacks, overcome unresolved issues, heal and forgive yourself of past mistakes, allowing you to embrace success, and compel you to take the right action to get the results you want. The statements are combined with the music by Evan Gray and take you on a learning journey. Power Affirmations can help you make peaceful changes so that you are happy and satisfied without a major time commitment.
I bought your new Power Affirmation for Manifesting Wealth and Abundance, this is a wonderful cd – one of my favorites. Karim Hajee skillfully crafted these programs, choosing each word and every phrase carefully, working hours and hours with the composer so that the music perfectly fits the moment – to ensure you receive the results easily and as effortlessly as possible. We also have the Creating Confidence Power Affirmations - Quiet Version and the Creating Confidence Regular Version. And if you want to start and complete those projects, achieve your goals or get things done but just can't get started - we have the Stop Procrastinating Regular version and the Stop Procrastinating Quiet Version.
Special - Get the Complete Set - All 6 CDs - Regular and Quiet Versions BEST VALUE- SAVE $40.00!
In This Exclusive MP3 Audio & E-Book Course You'll Also Discover… The hidden secrets to attract anything you want.
THE BEST 7 AFFIRMATIONS TECHNIQUES (Pdf-Guide) Where You Can Quickly Find And Choose The Most Powerful Affirmations Techniques For You. Download The Secret Power Of Positive Affirmations Audio MP3 & Ebook and the Amazing Bonus. However I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement "The Secret Power Of Positive Affirmations", and you’ll send us a testimonial about how much more you’ve accomplished after finding this course and doing implementing this information into your life. So if you’re ready to create more abundance, health, wealth and love in your life, take action now. This concept is known as the Law of Attraction…what energy we send out, we attract back. In this light we realise that WE create our own future life experiences based on what we are thinking right now. So, if you reading this are one who thinks that somehow everything seems to happen wrong to you, NEWS FLASH, it does…why? Manifesting abundance is about manifesting positive things in your life, be it manifesting love, manifesting wealth, manifesting health, manifesting job…you can manifest ANYTHING you wish for, and it is easier than you may think!
If you feel you are stuck in a cycle of negativity that, as explained above, may be blocking your way to manifesting abundance in your life, fear not, for there are ways to break the cycle.

These are simple facts you tell yourself on a daily basis to help change your life for the better.
When you first start doing these 3 steps to manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmations, you may find that you cannot look into your own eyes without feeling anger or any other negative emotion.
Similarly you may find it hard to look yourself in the eyes and talk about positive things about you. Additionally, when saying affirmations, talk with gratitude, love and appreciation for everything. Repeat these 3 steps to manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmations daily, and you will not only start seeing everything turn out the way you want it to, but you will also see a drastic change in the way you perceive your daily experiences, feeling optimistic, enjoying life and surfing any waves that come your way with appreciation and happiness, feeling totally blessed. Please Donate…Any Amount Helps!Your donation will help me keep sharing my experiences with hopes of spreading love & light to all.
You can experience remarkable change in as little as 20 minutes with our new Power Affirmation CD… created by Karim Hajee the developer of the Creating Power System, Creating Wealth, and the Power Of Believing.
This combination of new beliefs and new actions is what leads to results and the changes that you want.
The music is set at a specific beat that creates a particular state of deep relaxation, increased creativity, focus, improved concentration, accelerated learning, improved mental and emotional health, and greater self-awareness. The beginning generates a relaxation and awareness state that is followed by the learning, healing, and growing phase and the process is completed with the action and implementation phase. Most Power Affirmation sessions are less than an hour and can be broken up into 20-minute sessions.
As I mentioned before, Power Affirmations now come with high performance mental technology. The average time I spend with it is about 20-25 minutes, but the quality and results from this CD is amazing. I discovered I had a mental pattern that didn't allow me to believe in myself or have confidence. I play it every night before going to bed and when I wake up I find myself focused and taking action to improve my finances. I've been working with the Stop Procrastinating program and within the first few months I found that I was getting more and more done. But I have it now and I can really see a difference in the way I think and act around people. Power Affirmations will help you achieve the success you want faster and works well with any of my programs. The Manifesting Wealth and Abundance Regular version – allows you to hear the statements and music as you play the CD.
This helpful e-book will show you how to easily reprogram your subconscious mind and put success on auto-pilot in your life. This easy to implement program will show you how to easily reprogram your subconscious mind and put success on auto-pilot in your life.
The reason why I’m almost giving this crucial information away, is because I want to put this life changing information into as many hands as possible.
Find a miracle in everything around you, and search for that bit of positivity even when things get tough. Do not worry if this happens, let the feelings surface, uncover any hidden negative issues, deal with them and become at peace with them until you find yourself looking at yourself with pride, knowing what has been in the past has made you the strong person you are today. Mention all the things you want in a way that portrays yourself already owning them, as if you already have all you want and need. It gets me in a relaxed and comfortable state and really helps me unwind at the end of a busy day.

Within 2 weeks of working with this program I found I changed the way I see myself and felt capable of getting things done. The music and statements are in synch’ and this powerful combination creates a complete experience that leads to changes on a large scale. When listened to with stereo headphones, the audio technology creates the electrical brain wave patterns to make the Power Affirmations even more powerful.
My bosses even noticed I was more efficient and my colleagues noticed a great difference in me. I used to be a shy person and was always afraid of being in a crowd because I thought I didn't have anything to offer.
It shows you the simple but crucial steps to double your manifesting power, and create more abundance, health, wealth and love in your life. If you are not blown away by these methods and feel more self confidence, happiness and abundance in your life. I find that since working with your program I am more focused on making money and building wealth. My friends noticed a real difference as I started getting comments some of them said I seemed like a new person.
At night you can play the new Power Affirmation Program to make effort-free changes while sleeping. So after working with your program I've been able to change my thinking and I now believe in myself.
Well I now realize that kind of thinking led to my lack of confidence which led to a bad job and bad relationships. The statements are in the background and you will receive a copy of all the statements on the cd. When we send out negative vibes through negative thinking and negative acting, we are unknowingly telling the Universe that we enjoy being in this state of negativity, and so the Universe provides us with more negativity. At first I didn't pay any attention to them but then I realized I had been playing your program everyday. These programs are really having an impact on me and I just wanted to say thank you, I feel much better about myself now and I know I'm on the right track. I've been working with your Confidence program now for 2 months and I feel like a new person. On the other hand, when we send out positive vibes, we are telling the Universe that this is what we love and expect of life, thus the Universe sends us even more positivity.
Prior to working with your program I never had the nerve to talk to another woman let alone ask one out.
I actually go out more and am no longer afraid to be in crowded situations, I actually think I like it now. That feeling is exactly what will set you in motion for more positivity and abundance in all areas of your life. Today I am much more confident and I really believe that I can achieve great things, but as you say one step at a time. I listen to your regular version while driving to work and back and I just ordered your quiet version so I can listen to it at night, I can't wait to get them.

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