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This is a practical and comprehensive guidebook for affirmation and visualization that contains a wealth of practical information, tips, instructions and exercises for improving your life.
Information provided in this website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Mantra, affirmation and visualization are three potent practices to enhance spiritual development – bringing a greater sense of peace and wellbeing, and also making us better channels for spiritual energy when we pray or give spiritual healing. Mantra is the chanting of sacred Sanskrit sounds, Sanskrit being an ancient Indian language. A mantra should only be given by someone who has mastered the mantra in question, or to use more metaphysical language, by someone within whom the mantra “lives”.
Repeating an affirmation is a way of feeding the subconscious a positive suggestion to enhance wellbeing. While the purpose of affirmation is self-improvement, it should be noted that an affirmation should always be a suggestion, and never a lie. This doesn’t mean that everything in our lives is perfect in the way that the materialist would think of as being perfect.
Visualization is key to many spiritual practices – and is absolutely essential in spiritual development.

Mantras have meanings, but, for the beginner at least, it is the correct pronunciation of the sound which matters, not an understanding of what the sound means. If you had a broken leg and repeated to yourself “my leg is not broken” – this is a lie, the result of which could be a kickback from your subconscious making the condition even worse. It affirms the spiritual truth that, however much it may seem to the contrary, in essence we are all God – and that the essence of everything around us is God – and that the whole of creation is governed by the all-pervasive and perfectly just law of karma. You will know the scientific and esoteric secret of working of your mind and how to train your mind to unleash your hidden power.
It is not necessary to know the meaning of a mantra at all in order for it to work for you, because the sound itself has spiritual power. Mantras are extremely powerful and very holy, hence it is important to treat them with the utmost reverence. It has a profound affect on those who practice it; it can bring great joy and peace, elevated inspiration and even deep compassion. But – we can, through positive visualization, make a positive impact on that bad situation. It also increases personal magnetism, and it is an excellent way of enhancing psychic abilities and the intuition.

In prayer we should always visualize the people or situations we are trying to heal or uplift, as being filled with white light, and as being better than they currently are. Karma-clearing affirmations are listed for changing the negative thinking patterns of mind and planting seeds of success.
This is a valid way to be given a mantra, but only if the book or lecture is by someone within whom that mantra lives. Thoughts are things; every time we think a thought it has an effect on our environment – for better, worse or indifferent. The book discusses how you can use your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions to manifest success in every situation of life. Inside book there is an wealth of information.

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