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Mind Power"The Potential Of The Human Mind Is Subject To, And Limited Only By, Our Individual Beliefs or Un-belief As To Whether We Can Accomplish A Thing Or Not. Throughout the ages, the sages, mystics, and enlightened ones have known a very important truth which often escapes the average person: Our beliefs cause our circumstances.
So, when you find yourself thinking on money-related issues, ask yourself this question: What do I believe about this? How to Attract Money Using Mind Power presents timeless metaphysical secrets in plain language so readers can learn to attract much more money into their lives by properly directing the awesome force of their minds.
You'll be able to create customized audios that can help with focus, creativity, relaxation, healing, personal growth and inspiration. Before I leave James Goi Jr, know one thing, it was the word DESPERATION which grabbed my attention, it worked, I am somewhere else now, I thank you for that, and I bless you for that also. 1) I lost my flower delivery job when my car broke down and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed right away… So I had to move out of the rented room I’d been renting in someone’s house.
2) I was offered (didn’t ask and didn’t even know they were looking) a three-month house-sitting arrangement in a beautiful three-bedroom house on a quite cul-de-sac (I barely even knew the people who opened this opportunity up to me). 3) An apartment manager decided to rent me an apartment, even though my ability to pay the rent was in serious question. 5) A woman I did not know sold me a mobile home with zero money down, very small payments and some breathing room regarding when the payments needed to be paid by each month.
I have so many examples from my life of how the universe can provide that, well, it’s not even funny.
Hypnosis is a state of mind in which the subject (the person being hypnotized or hypnotee) is fully relaxed mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally; so he is ready to accept new suggestions as well as to reprogram the mind.
Conscious mind is that part of the mind which collects information from the environment through the perception of our five senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch).
Subconscious mind is responsible for all the autonomic processes in our body like blood pumping, maintaining the blood pressure, heart beat rate, respiration, digestion, elimination and all other involuntary functions in the body. Our subconscious mind also acts as a gateway to the Universal Creative Mind which is responsible for all the intuition, intelligence, wisdom and ultimate source of energy. One more psychological principle that is being widely used and accepted in hypnosis is whatever you hold in your mind at any given time, your body moves towards that direction. The electrical activity of the brain can be recorded with the help of Electroencephalography (EEG). Beta: Operating Range (12-30 Hz), they are normally present in active, open eyes, busy, working, alert, active thinking and concentration states. Alpha: Operating Range (8-12 Hz), they are usually present in relaxed state, closed eyes, under meditation, deep breathing, day dreaming and hypnosis. Gamma: Operating Range (26-100 Hz), These waves are generally present during certain cognitive or motor functions which occurs due to the bundling together of the different neurons to form a network.
I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.
Brain has some amazing powers and we are generally unaware of them; And yet there are some simple exercises to boost the power of our amazing brain and benefit from our powerful subconscious mind. 3- Boost your memory by trying to recall different things, such as phone numbers and names. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. In my last article What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals, we learnt about How the Mind Works along with the distinction between your conscious and unconscious minds and also discussed the importance of getting all parts of your brain to pursue your goals in harmony. Now we will move on to three basis techniques which have worked wonders for me along with tens of thousands of other Entrepreneurs Worldwide. The most prized moral that I have learnt from my training occurred when I was undertaking foundation building in the compulsory Blueprint for Success.
I must admit that at first I didn’t understand why this was so important as I already knew what I wanted and if a program can provide it then sign me up and let’s get down to it.
I rapidly began seeing things in a new light and I realised that I had my priorities all wrong.
The good news is that the new I, the Unleashed Entrepreneur you see before you today overcame these obstacles and now I would like to share with you a small but important part of my success mindset training where you will learn how using your mind to achieve your goals can change your life forever. My training involved the reading of many books on Success, Entrepreneurs and Mindset training and I have realized that they all have one common denominator. Well by now you are overflowing with expectation and perhaps a bit bothered as to why I am all wordy about your emotional state when I could be teaching, so let us proceed. The Process can be broken down into 3 phases and once you follow them you will be well on your way to using your mind to achieve your goals. You must take conscious action to high spot this goal so that you unconscious mind will be able to recognise it above all the other thoughts that you have fighting for advertising space in your head.
In order for you to overcome this and be successful you need to change these negative habits and learn positive habits. Your Goals should be rated on a scale of 1-10 in both the areas of Difficulty and Desirability. Your answer to that question would tell me if you are poised to attract an increased supply of new money into your life, or if you are destined, for the time, to live in pretty much the same financial conditions you’ve been living in or even worse financial conditions than you’ve been living in.
It points out that not only does belief draw the subconscious forces into play, but that it affects “…everything about you—including people and objects at great distances.” Let that sink in. When it comes to attracting money, you want your beliefs about money to be in line with the financial circumstances you want to create. In my book I have you getting out pen and paper, examining your beliefs, determining which aide you in attracting money and which don’t.

And ask this question any time you read, see, or hear information or opinions about money or the economy.
Money, though important, is only one of many forms of “riches” you will gain from understanding and governing your subconscious mind. If you would like to have the print book shipped within 24-48 hours directly from the publisher, Click Here.
As with these articles, each video covers the subject matter from one of the 20 chapters of my book. Of everything written about circumstances in one’s present life, for attracting money and anything else, I think the “power of belief” and “different levels of belief” are so important! I write what I write (article) and then you guys write what you write (comments) and then I write some more (replies to your comments).
Someone I did not really know all that well, knowing of my plight, offered to let me stay with them, rent free, in the tiny rented room that person was renting in someone else’s house. In hypnosis, the critical and analytical faculty of the conscious mind freezes, and a direct rapport is established to the subconscious mind. This universal creative mind has got many names in different cultures and times like god power, super soul, holy spirit, mind power, string theory, the universe, TOE, GUTS etc. Your body can be directed to move in a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional direction with the help of hypnosis and law of attraction.
As mentioned earlier in this part of self-hypnosis, subconscious mind never sleeps so during the deep sleeping stage, subconscious mind is the most active and conscious mind is the least active. A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance. I could have sworn I've visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it's new to me. Peaceful sleep, healthy diet and a relax environment are so critical to have a healthy brain.
Some researches showed that people who use both hands in their regular activities, have 10% more neural connections between the two sides of their brain.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Of you haven’t seen this as yet please take the time to read it as the lessons and terms used going forward are assumed knowledge. Before we get into this amazing method of using your mind to achieve your goals I would like to justify my experience in the field of Success Mindset Training. I can safely say with authority that I am not the person I was before I joined and the changes that have been inculcated in me have made me an improved all-inclusive individual. Each associate must complete this goal-setting and success mindset training before beginning branding and marketing. However, as my mentors explained to me, this foundation aspect of the business is vital for any associate or any entrepreneur in any business for that matter. My goals were not well defined and I was very unsure and even afraid of taking action due to the failures of previous ventures. There are however, some basic pre-requisites which you must possess in order to do this which include the ability to Read, Write, Edit, Separate and Group Items and Identify when something feels right or wrong.
The objective when creating this goal is to make the statement understood by all parts of your unconscious mind.
The objective of this phase is to get your unconscious mind to focus on the goal while you are consciously getting on with your daily activities.
In other words, you area basically operating on auto-pilot for most of your day because through repetition, your unconscious has created a daily flight path of your regular activities.
For more information on how you too can achieve your goals and live the lifestyle you deserve, click on the banner below for your Complimentary Video Bootcamp Series. The power of your subconscious mind is the power of the universe at large, as your subconscious mind is intimately entwined with, and is in fact one with, the universe at large.
A little more money or a lot more money, whatever it is you desire, you want to bring yourself to believe that it is possible for you to have it, and that you will have it, and that you do have it–different levels of belief, all paths leading to the road to financial increase. It’s a big first step towards ultimately molding your beliefs in ways which will ensure you get the money you’re after. If you prefer to purchase either the print book or the ebook (Kindle edition) from Amazon, Click Here. So try to understand this vital link: conscious mind--subconscious mind--universal creative mind (God). The electrical signals (Brainwaves) are associated with different states of brain consciousness and functioning.
The alpha waves act as a bridge between the Beta waves (conscious stage) and the Theta waves (subconscious stage or unconscious stage). You can start to practice some easy activities, such as brushing your teeth or combing your hair with your non-dominant hand and gradually do more complex tasks, and become ambidexter!
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. My mindset was not reflective of success but rather of disappointment and this mental self-destruction was holding me back. However, some of these same auto-pilot settings are not conducive to a goal that you may be trying to achieve and no matter how hard you try, once they are in conflict you cannot get very far. Another way of saying this is to imagine the experience as perfect as you can leaving out or changing all the negative or conflicting occurrences until it is completely goal-approved. If you however consider that goal to be very difficult or almost impossible to achieve or attain using conventional wisdom it would also rank a 10.

With wide-ranging corporate work experience in Finance, Audit, Tax, Marketing and PR, Wesley chose to quit the 9-5 and has made a shift towards to the Freedom, Flexibility and Income of a Digital Lifestyle via Online Marketing Training and Elite Six Figure Mentoring. Belief  is the subject of the second chapter of my book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power.
By the way you believe, you can cause people, and even objects, to behave in ways which will materially help bring about the situations you believe will come about.
You want to identify your good and bad money beliefs so that you’ll begin to understand in which ways you’ll need to work with those beliefs. Once you know what you believe about a given money-related concept or topic, you will be in a good position to determine if the belief will help you to attract money, or will cause you to repel money. If you feel you need more information, there is tons of it available online for free, such as the articles on this site as just one example. Most of the time, we consider the conscious mind to be the powerful, but beneath that is the most powerful part called the subconscious mind. The faculty of the subconscious mind is non-critical, non-analytical, non-judgmental and not bounded by the time factor. The central point here is that the power you have at your disposal is infinite since you are one with this universal creative mind. During hypnosis, we increase the content of the alpha and theta stages which results in more active subconscious mind where conscious mind takes the backseat. In this amazing poster you can find some very effective tips to boost the power of your brain. My friends I kid you not, I have applied it and am now capable of making anything a reality. These ranking are very important to creating your targets and writing and re-writing your Metastory which is what we will learn next in the concluding article, Achieving Your Goals Through Thought. And you’ll be in a good position to decide in which ways you need to change and modify and re-create your beliefs on that subject or issue.
It really takes work (OK, maybe “fun” sometimes but work no less!) for most of us to keep believing. They have all helped to form this unshakable faith I have that things will always be OK if WE are OK.
The powers of the conscious mind are limited by the past conditioning, past experiences and the logic of the science. Powers of the subconscious mind are not limited by the logic and the past experiences hence its powers are infinite and boundless. And we are going to use this universal connection of mind, body, spirit and god in our hypnosis technique. In this way, it is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind by using Hetero-suggestions or Auto-suggestions.
In this final article of this series we will see how we put all of the concepts we have learnt thus far together to become an ultimate mind control being, capable of focusing on and achieving any goal or dream that we desire.
I wouldn’t guess more information is mandatory at this point, though, as much as is your need to focus your mind and diligently, sincerely, whole-heartedly apply some of the things you already know to do. When you begin to see things magically happen and appear in the outer world according to things you’ve done in your inner world—within your mind—you’ll be hooked. I find I need to renew my “belief” and really appreciate what you have written here and the steps from your book.
And it’s not all just about positive thinking and affirmations and visualization or whatever. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you can create what you want by—to a large extent—thinking and feeling in certain ways.
If you don’t KNOW that the universe or whatever higher power you care to name has the solution to your problems, then those solutions may never be known to you. I once (many years ago, and for a number of years) was going through some very tough times. I knew enough about mind power and metaphysics to know that I could cause miracles to happen if I would just keep my mind straight, stay positive, and flow with the process; If I would do my part, I knew the universe would do the rest and that I would be OK.
Well, as far as shelter, it was like hopping from one rock to the next in a rapid moving stream.
It’s about knowing that before we ever become aware of a problem or challenge, the perfect solution or outcome has already been provided.
But, I kept my focus, I kept my faith, and the doors continued to open one right after the other.
If we don’t know, then we may experience Divine Order, Divine Intervention, sometimes, and sometimes not—luck of the draw. You are obviously a sincere student of truth, or at least one would think so based on your studies. And, at intervals, we are given tests to not only determine how well we’ve learned our lessens, but to teach us valuable new lessens in the process.
It’s worked for me for decades, never failing me even once, and it has worked for thousands of others.

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