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Probably the most popular American illustrator of the latter 20th century, influential in comics books and films. The Cover to the Profiles-in-History Frazetta Art Catalog of the Dave Winiwicz Collection at auction December 2015. Frazetta painting from Vampirella #5 goes for $286,800.00 at auction with Heritage, August 1, 2013.
Rodriguez also said he plans to develop a museum, with cooperation of the Frazetta family, to be located in Austin, Texas, to exhibit Frazetta paintings for public viewing. If so, this would be the first outing of the Frazetta paintings since they went into storage after Frazetta's death, and since the 'Frazetta Museum' closed. Heritage Auctions typically features huge image reproductions of collectibles they are selling. Not surprising to fans who have been following the ongoing Frazetta family debacle, Frank Frazetta, Jr., has filed a lawsuit to force an accounting of the doings of the Frazetta family trust.
The entire article carries various stories about Frazetta, along with some reminisces by fans.
The Pocono Record has an announcement about a special Frank Frazetta fan appreciation event hosted by Bill, Holly and Heidi Frazetta in East Stroudsburg set for Saturday, July 17.
When alive, Frank Frazetta boasted that he had turned down offers of $250,000 for this artwork, and that it ran as a cover for EC Comics in 1955 only because it was rejected by its intended publisher, Famous Funnies.
UPDATE MAY 2011: The Frazetta record for highest price paid for a single piece of comic book art was beat by the sell of a Frank Miller splash page for $448K.
Returning home from a “Mother’s Day” meal, Frazetta complained of pain and was rushed to a hospital where he later expired. April 26, 2010: The Pocono Record, and other news outlets have been reporting the end of the Frazetta Museum family fight after agreements were reached by Frazetta Sr and his kids through a federal mediator and their attorneys. April 1, 2010: A vigil to demonstrate in favor of preserving the East Stroudsburg, PA ''Frazetta Museum' was held on March 26.
Frazetta looks 'lucid'in the online video, which is the main point I think they're trying to get across, to counter the claims that Frazetta Sr is lost in dementia and being held against his will. From the beginning, no one has covered this as well as the Pennsylvania newspaper Pocono Record, they've had multiple stories and video on the matter rightoff from the original 'burglary' attempt at the Museum in December of 2009.
March 16, 2010: The situation over Frazetta Srs artwork gets crazier as lawsuits hit the courts.
Update Feb 25, 2010: Looks like Frank Frazetta JR is going to court on burglary charges for either stealing (or rescuing, depending upon which story you follow) Frazetta SR's paintings from the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, PA. Update December 16, 2009: Frazetta Jr is now out on reduced bail, and with his attorney carrying a notarized letter from Frank Frazetta Sr authorizing Frazetta Jr to move the paintings to a secure storage facility, the legal aspects of the 'burglary' seems to be dissolving into a simple family feud over ownership of the painting collection valued at some $20 million USD. One disturbing aspect of this is the online video at Pocono in which Lori Frazetta, Jr's wife, says to the effect that Frazetta Sr is not being properly cared for (he is currently in Florida). Dec 15: The Pocono Record has concise overview of the situation about the attempted burglary here, along with a mini-bio of Frazetta Sr.

December 10, 2009: The Lehigh Valley News reports that Alfonso Frank Frazetta, son of Frank Frazetta, attempted to steal the paintings of the Frazetta Museum in Pennsylvania by breaking down a door with a backhoe, and then he and another man were caught by Pocono County police while loading a truck with the paintings.
Police said once inside, Frazetta stole about 90 paintings and was loading them into a truck when he was caught by police. I didn’t know that Google had become a substitute for the Magic 8 ball (The Mattel Magic 8 ball, a toy used for seeking advice, was invented in 1946 by the son of a clairvoyant. Questions surrounding finances, birth control, the end of life, relationships, and hair growth seem to be of utmost concern for so many inquiring minds. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be joining my fellow “Sisters in Crime” on the Women of Mystery blog. Nearing the first anniversary of the death of their only son, I wrote a letter to a former coworker and his wife. In the late 1970s, I chose “Ethnic Studies” as one of my electives at Huntington High School, specifically for the long-term project: a family tree.
Gert remarked, “I know one of these days they’ll come to light (like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Tut-Ank-Amen’s Tomb, Veronica’s Veil and Howard Hughes’ will), but at the moment I think it would take the combined efforts of the FBI, Scotland Yard and Interpol to give me the faintest clue.
She could have written, “I’m not sure where they are, but when I find them, I’ll let you know,” but I’m so glad she didn’t.
BTW, Colum McCann will be reading from, discussing, and signing this book in Huntington, NY, at the Book Revue, on Saturday, December 12, 7 pm, at 313 New York Avenue (Colum’s tour originally lists December 11, but it has been changed to December 12th, as per Book Revue). Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read.
Click here for a list of Banned Books That Shaped America, such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain (1884), The Call of the Wild, by Jack London (1903), and The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D.
Next month is Fire Prevention Month, which was started to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. In another article, Michael Schaub writes that after an expert examined the manuscript in a safe deposit box used by Harper Lee, he determined that no third novel will be forthcoming.To read further on this issue, visit an article by Laura Stevens and Jennifer Maloney in The Wall Street Journal. A Door AjarThe Women of Mystery share the trek, travail and tangles of writing and publishing, along with the magic of language and story. His pictures are usually most lauded (or disparaged) for their violence or elements of pop-culture sexual imagery, usually represented by the hyper-musculature on female and male figure alike.
Also mentioned is a film to be based on Frazetta's Death Dealer paintings - whether that means the 5-novel series written by James Silke, or rather just an effort to adapt an oil painting into a movie, wasn't clear. He also claims they have not provided an accurate accounting of the business dealings involving his father's art and have not involved him in their decisions as agreed. Frazetta took it to EC Comics, and was able to work out a special deal to keep the original artwork, perhaps the only time EC Comics publisher Bill Gaines made such a deal during the halcyon days when EC was only a comic book publisher.
Recent web sites online seem to advance the interests of the parties involved: theghostofellie (named after Frank Frazetta Srs wife Ellie Frazetta) takes the side of Alfonso Frazetta Jr. She also said she revoked a power-of-attorney held by the artist's other three children, Bill Frazetta of East Stroudsburg and sisters Holly Taylor and Heidi Gravin, both of Florida.

Frazetta Jr goes up before a Pennsylvania judge at a hearing on Wednesday, December 16, presumably to find out if the county will proceed with charges or if they'll be dropped.
Just before placing it in the oven, I wondered: Should I use a baking sheet to support the wobbly pan, or is this pan designed to use alone?
My heartfelt gratitude to the talented writers for inviting me along; I’m thrilled to be here.
Upon learning that my mom knew little of her Irish roots, she suggested that I write to her Aunt Mary. Aunt Gert wrote back to say that she had packed the photos away, “in a rare fit of domestic activity,” and wasn’t sure where they were.
On their website, they list style books and guides, and online resources to help with punctuation and grammar. Doctorow (Edgar Lawrence Doctorow ~ his parents named him after Edgar Allan Poe ~ lived from January 6, 1931, until his death at age 84 on July 21, 2015). Leslie Thompkins on the Gotham TV show, and was also the voice of Cheetah for the animated Brave and the Bold series in 2011. Along with Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, the Netflix series are planned to culminate in a Defenders production. Easily the preeminent fantasy book illustrator of the 60s and 70s, Frazetta is also famous for highly-regarded 1950’s comic book work and for a long string of covers for the Warren Magazines. 9 with stealing 90 of his father's paintings housed in the family museum near Marshalls Creek.
I lost my 37 year old brother in 2001, and I know how it feels when anniversaries approach, especially that first one.
Our obsession has taken us to Ireland, Pennsylvania, and New York City; to libraries, cemeteries, and genealogy research centers — and to think it all started with a letter. This is on top of Frazetta Jr's Burglary charges from last December which is slowly moving through the PA court system. I intended to Google: “Should I use a baking sheet under a silicone pan?” but as soon as I typed, ”Should I,” a drop-down of popular suggestions appeared. The man who lost his talented clarinetist son in a tragic car accident called me to say how touched they were. The literary masterpiece by Harper Lee was published in 1960 and won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1961.

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