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A strange technology was discovered 30 years ago by an Australian called David John Oates, it has been used to treat all number of issues both physical and mental, praised by Doctors, Psychologists and Professors around the world, it saw David invited to work with researchers from the Whitehouse, CIA and Naval Intelligence. Based on his findings that the human voice like many aspects of the human body is bi-functional, for example the eye first see’s things upside down, reversing the image in the retina to provide the image we see and interpret, so too speech can be heard both forwards and in reverse.
The reversed element of our speech reflects not what is spoken outwardly but instead communicates our deepest thoughts, our true thoughts, directly from the unconscious mind. During his research David has discovered that any segment of a conversation when recorded and played backwards will reveal perfectly audible forward spoken words and phrases in amongst the gobbledegook you would typically hear. The words and phrases revealed do based on his research and work with tens of thousands of clients over the last 30 years represent our inner most feelings. By speaking to his clients and comparing the forward and the backward speech plus their feelings about the topic discussed David has discovered that the backward speech does in fact reflect those deep inner thoughts and feelings!
By discussing issues in certain areas of their life David’s clients are able to identify the exact negative programming and destructive patterns, either learned or ancestral (karmic) that are stopping them achieving the outcome they desire. Then through a specific and very unique 7-step process David is able to then identify the solution to that problem, block or negative belief and completely remove it. Genius Awakening was created to lead people to a better understanding of self and others in order to navigate our world at a higher and more awakened level of being.

I came face to face with this fact last week, while working in a rustic barn with twenty-or-so colleagues in the Berkshire mountains. So I painted all week with my conscious mind fully and acutely engaged, and my unconscious mind more or less pushed to the background. I hesitated for a while:  my bed was warm and cozy, I was tired, I felt frustrated and upset, the last thing I wanted to do was paint. I’m convinced, at least in my case, that the unconscious mind is where all really satisfying art comes from. In this Unconscious Mind video you’ll learn the definition and meaning of the unconscious mind as well as the power of your unconscious mind compared to your conscious mind. The thinking mind is your conscious mind and the tape player mind is your subconscious mind. Lipton goes on to note that although our conscious intentions may be that we gain all these positive things with our positive intentions our subconscious programming may be thwarting all those positive things. Also in this video you’ll find Russian scientist Konstantin Korakov who believes that our minds can change the matter around us.
The unconscious brain does a lot more than we think, from its role in sophisticated actions to solving mathematics it affects us greatly.

What power comes from the unconscious brain?It plays a role in more sophisticated actions, whether it’s deciding on attraction to the opposite sex, completing mathematical sums or forming political views. Bluetooth Speaker, Roombas, Kindles: Monday's Best DealsIndiana Primary: Results Could Severely Wound Ted Cruz And Bernie SandersWhen Should You Make Your Spouse Get Life Insurance? Together we will explore the depths of consciousness in order to evolve beyond our current paradigms into a world of love, joy and peace. Don’t judge them but just watch what you are thinking and ‘try’ and think just a little better, or a lot better if you can.
With the price not having to be right anymore, what’s stopping us from entering an age ov cooperative equality? When the opportunity arises, think better thoughts – there really is no limit to how much better you can think. Right away, working on the first painting, I put down a brush stroke and, without thinking, reached out and flicked the mark with the side of my thumb to feather its outer edge (something I do all the time when working with acrylics).

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