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3D Studio MAX by AUTODESK, 3ds max is highly customizable 3D modeling, rendering, and animation solution for design, games, film & television. Terragen by PlanetSide is a landscape generator with controllable parameters that allow extremely varied terrain shapes and photorealistic rendering. In meditation, breathing is meant to clear the mind, to bring a person to a place of clarity, letting go of everything but the present moment.
Contrary to many beliefs, meditation has nothing to do with specific religion or a particular doctrine. When you pray, you try to express your thoughts and emotions to a Supreme Being–in words and in gratitude.
While both practices are distinct, they share an undeniable sacred bond in bringing us deeper in our experience with the Divine.
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Three quotes on self-awareness from the masters: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. The practice of the Jesus Prayer is not the same as a far Eastern yoga, Hindu or Sufi practice.
A Gerondas from the Holy Mountain Athos enumerated the following points about the difference of the Jesus prayer from Yoga.
The difference from a€?New Agea€? practices or Eastern yoga meditation has been described by using the analogy of a framed masterpiece.
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We cannot fall into the sin of pride through the unceasing prayer of Jesus because in the prayer we continually seek mercy for our weaknesses.
The struggle in the practice of the Jesus Prayer is connected with the cleansing of our body and soul from the negative effect of passions. We do not try and attain absolute nothingness, but seek to turn our heart so it brings the grace of God into our soul, so it can be spread throughout our body. You pray for yourself and for those whom you want to receive the bounty of God’s grace and healing.

Christians have grounding meditations, and there are actually hundreds of meditative reflections in the Torah. Sincere prayers come from very deep within your heart when you are faced with situations that are beyond any human control or efforts.
They are taught without any specific aim of repentance, nor to do the will of God, or to seek union with Christ.
In the practice of the Jesus Prayer with an attitude of repentance and humility we seek an encounter with the living Christian God, Jesus.
We may gain benefits of relaxation or reduced stress, but this is not the aim of our effort.

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