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Women who have practised yoga consistently during pregnancy have found there to be quicker muscle recovery after childbirth. The gentle stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditations techniques in this program promote feelings of deep calm and equanimity, alleviating stress and anxiety during this time of great change. Class 6- Gentle Restorative Practice: This program has been specially designed for late pregnancy in preparation for birth. Yoga is a wonderful way to connect to and support the extraordinary changes that transpire as you support a new life. Classes are gentle, breath focused and designed to prepare you physically and emotionally for your journey to motherhood. Lisa’s experience in Yoga began in 1995, immediately she was excited by the extent of what Yoga offered her personally and to others. Lisa values individuality and working with students to facilitate a better understanding of their unique and changing needs to enable good health and a fulfilling life. Brigette has studied, practiced and taught prenatal classes and loves working with clients to access the therapeutic benefits of yoga. It’s no secret that prenatal yoga can be one of the best forms of exercise for mamas-to-be. It’s no secret that prenatal yoga can be one of the best forms of exercise for mamas-to-be.
Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts. If you’re pregnant and looking for ways to relax or stay fit, you may be considering prenatal yoga. Much like other types of childbirth-preparation classes, prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Prenatal yoga can also help you meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare for the stress of being a new parent.
Be careful to avoid Bikram yoga, commonly called hot yoga, which involves doing vigorous poses in a room heated to 100 to 110 F (38 to 43 C).
To protect your health and your baby’s health during prenatal yoga, follow basic safety guidelines.
If you’re interested in taking a prenatal yoga class, look for a program taught by an instructor who has training in prenatal yoga.
You will also find that throughout the duration of your pregnancy, your prenatal yoga practice becomes your special ‘quiet’ time for you to connect with your baby. It is especially important that before commencing any yoga during your pregnancy please refer to the Pre-natal Introductory Audio for safety information. This routine focuses is on strengthening postures for birth-preparation, and relaxation with the breath.The main areas are forward bends, dynamic standing poses, and a few groin and hip opening postures.
It introduces you to the classical Ujjayi breath, and guides you through lateral stretches and some deeper hip opening postures that are great for you during pregnancy.

The practice also works on strengthening your legs & thighs, and releasing your outer hips. At the Yoga Institute we offer a pre-natal yoga program dedicated to supporting your wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond. Our teachers are highly trained and experienced in working with prenatal clients and have first hand personal experience in practicing yoga during pregnancy.
Her understanding and personal practice has since been strongly influenced by the teachings as translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.
Originally a Registered Nurse, working with neonates, Lisa has also completed a Masters of Psychology (Counselling).
Prenatal yoga can help pave the road for a more joyous pregnancy, a more confident labor & delivery and a better postpartum recovery.
Join expecting mom and certified yoga instructor, Jacqui Nash, every Friday, starting November 2, for a prenatal yoga class open to all levels.
Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. You’ll be encouraged to focus on breathing in and out slowly and deeply through the nose. You’ll be encouraged to gently move different areas of your body, such as your neck and arms, through their full range of motion. While standing, sitting or lying on the ground, you’ll gently move your body into different positions aimed at developing your strength, flexibility and balance.
At the end of each prenatal yoga class, you’ll relax your muscles and restore your resting heart rate and breathing rhythm. Bikram yoga may raise your body temperature too much, causing a condition known as hyperthermia. Before you begin a prenatal yoga program, make sure you have your health care provider’s OK. For most pregnant women, at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity is recommended on most, if not all, days of the week. When doing poses, bend from your hips — not your back — to maintain normal spine curvature. It will provide you with a solid foundation for a yoga practice during your pregnancy, with particular emphasis on being connected to your breath, and stretching both sides of your body.
She is committed to ongoing studies and has been personally guided by a number of brilliant teachers, including Saraswati Vasudevan (YogaVahni) Michael de Manincor (The Yoga Institute), Dr Ganesh Mohan (Svastha Yoga) and AG and Indra Mohan (Svastha Yoga). Taking the time to tune into these changes and work with them in a regular yoga practice is a great way to maintain optimal health and nurture both you and your baby.
We will begin the class discussing a weekly topic related to pregnancy where future mamas can share their own stories, concerns & ideas about the topic. But did you know that prenatal yoga may also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health?

You may also practice different breathing techniques and making deep sounds, such as humming or grunting. You may be encouraged to listen to your own breathing, pay close attention to sensations, thoughts and emotions, or repeat a mantra or word to bring about a state of self-awareness and inner calm.
If they’re not an option, talk to the instructor about your pregnancy before starting any other yoga class. In addition, ashtanga and other types of power yoga may be too strenuous for women who aren’t experienced yoga practitioners. You may not be able to do prenatal yoga if you are at increased risk of preterm labor or have certain medical conditions, such as heart disease or back problems. However, even shorter or less frequent workouts can help you stay in shape and prepare for labor.
Avoid lying on your belly or back, doing deep forward or backward bends, or doing twisting poses that put pressure on your abdomen. She completed an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training (The Yoga Institute), has specialist training in Pre and Post-natal yoga (KYM and IYTA). She is currently based at The Yoga Institute (Sydney) where she is available for Private consultations, Yoga mentoring and Yoga classes. After our discussion, we’ll explore breathing techniques and gentle prenatal poses for women new to yoga and we will even touch on some sequences for more experienced practitioners. After our discussion, we’ll explore very gentle prenatal poses for women new to yoga and we will even touch on some sequences for more experienced practitioners. Before you start prenatal yoga, understand the range of possible benefits, as well as what a typical class entails and important safety tips. Prenatal yoga breathing techniques may help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor.
You can modify twisting poses so that you only move your upper back, shoulders and rib cage. Currently completing Yoga Therapy training with Dr Ganesh Mohan (Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda).
Avoid inverted poses, which involve extending your legs above your heart or head, unless you’re an experienced yoga practitioner.
If you experience any pain or other red flags — such as vaginal bleeding, decreased fetal movement or contractions — during prenatal yoga, stop and contact your health care provider.
Come to connect with your baby, your body and other mamas-to-be; join us as we build a prenatal community.
As your pregnancy progresses, use props during postures to accommodate changes in your center of gravity.

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