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High standard of education and training is provided by an academic staff including 10 Doctors of Science in Psychology and 32 Candidates. The faculty runs the Institute of psychology, business and management which offers tertiary programs of retraining for psychologists. At present the curriculum does not include modules of international training, however the administration and the teaching staff of Psychology Faculty have been working on developing exchange agreements with European universities. In January 2008, Psychology Faculty of Southern Federal University and Education Department of University of Oulu (Finland) concluded an agreement on academic exchanges.
The teaching staff of the faculty has long standing relations (since 1992) with Psychology Department of Dortmund Technical University (Germany).
Furthermore, the working group of the program actively and continually searches for new cooperation opportunities with universities of other countries (France, UK, Canada), for example, the institute of physiology (Prague, Czechia), Athenian National University (Greece), Bar-Ilan and Tel Aviv universities (Israel), Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia), Michigan University (the USA).

Within the framework of the international exchange students undertake a pedagogical student teaching in general educational and higher educational establishments in Germany, take part in joint Russian-German psycho-physiologic seminars, in international conferences held by EFPTA (European Federation of Psychology Teachers Associations). The Faculty is proud of the fact that in September 2010 six study programmes (1 Bachelor degree programme and 5 Master degree programmes) were accredited by ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute) for a 5-year term. After extensive consultation, thorough updating, inclusion of new research and topics, and the addition of a fantastic new online learning platform, "Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour" is better than ever.
Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour - Nigel Holt, Andy Bremner, Ed Sutherland, Michael Vliek, Michael W. Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour is here with a new, fully updated and revised third edition. In Fall Semester 2008 three Master students had a short-term training (10 days) at Psychology Department of Dortmund Technical University (Germany).

But in the nearest future  it is intended to develop some modules of this program in English in order to promote exchange programs.
Entry into the faculty is traditionally competitive, with 3 to 5 prospective students applying for each opening.
The Faculty also operates the Centre of Tolerance for preventing violence and extremities in the Russian society. This book's scientific approach, which brings together international research, practical application and the levels of analysis framework, encourages critical thinking about psychology and its impact on our daily lives.

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