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A pyramid is a three dimensional polyhedron, where all the sides other than the base are triangular. The concept that a simple geometric shape could generate energy through meditation seems hard to believe.
Our Healing and Meditation Pyramids are powerful personal tools for achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, the mental, and the physical levels.
Each healing meditation pyramid comes with a master crystal which Thomas will personally source. The sovereign energy of the pyramid is unique and powerful as the energy within the healing meditation pyramid bounces from the equal sides of its walls and collects in the center.The copper capstone keeps the energy intact acting as a conduit which spreads the energy downwards. The base and sides of the healing meditation pyramid are crafted from high grade stainless steel. Being portable, it is able to be placed indoors and outdoors for relaxation and meditation.
The Healing & Meditation Pyramid, is tailor-made according to the energy of the individual or the energy of the workplace by Dr. Thomas also has eight Healing Masterships – Tera-Mai Reiki, Tera-Mai Seichem, Usui Tibetan Reiki, Japanese Reiki, (Gendai Reiki Ho), Usui Reiki, Karuna, Sekhem and Seichim. For more than three decades their passion for sharing their knowledge and gifts are helping people from all around the world.
To place an order for your personalized Healing and Meditation Pyramid, simply contact us by email or telephone. You will receive your personalized Healing and Meditation Pyramid approximately 14-21 days after you have placed your order. Please note: When you place your order for the Healing and Meditation Pyramid, you will be immediately notified if any extra courier costs may apply to your destination. An order can be cancelled within five (5) days only from the date the order is received with payment in full. The Atlantean Crystal Head Band advances the evolutionary speed at which we are able to open our Third eye and natural psychic abilities. Reiki "ray-key" is a natural healing method allowing life force energy to be absorbed into the body to promote self healing and accelerates the body's ability to heal itself.
Join Pyramid Healing Systems Tours and visit Egypt's Sacred sites with Spirit-Centered people.
Pyramids Home Ordering Pyramids Pyramid Plans Testimonials My Pyramids Pyramid Links How Pyramids Work How To Align A Pyramid Pyramids Photo Gallery Contact Me! Note: Because of how large this pyramid is, shipping to any other country is extremely expensive (more than $500).
If you live outside of the Continental United States, contact me to get a shipping cost for your area. If there is something else you are looking for that you do not see here, please Contact Me!
The DreamMaker combines the ancient power of the pyramids with modern floatation therapy giving an incredible tool for healing and exploration.
Our Real Float Mattress’s primary function is to create a 0-degree gravity condition. Sound Equipment The DreamMaker is Equipped with a full surround sound system and has a DVD screen for guided meditations and entertainment. Tempter and Air Flow The DramMaker is Tempter regulated to match the tempter of the body using an air conditioner that gives the perfect amount of air flow on the inside of the tank. If you are interested in having our team build you a DreamMaker Meditation Pyramid please contact Jerimiah Molfese to arrange all the specific details.

One can feel the currents flowing through the body, bringing enhanced life force and increased sensitivity to the spiritual worlds. This was especially true when we filled the pyramid tubes with Azeztulite, and also Rosophia and Pink Azeztulite. When you are starting to meditate under a pyramid, always keep in mind that you are have a shape which is 4 times higher and bigger than you.
Always wear loose clothes and clothes which are of light colors like white or dull like gray. There are Pyramid caps available which can be used during reading, learning, cooking, resting, etc. Pyramids transfer cosmic energy into human body and so all sorts of metal or leather materials should be removed from your surroundings as they can have a reverse effect. Keep the room neat and clean, you will not only enjoy the moment but also be content at heart. It is advised to keep pregnant ladies and kids below 3 years away from pyramid meditation, or they shouldn’t stay there for more than 20 minutes. Always pray that you are thankful to your parents, nature, God and cosmic energy of the Pyramid before you start off with meditation. Thomas Tassioulas, a 7th generation Clinical Metaphysician, has been working with pyramid energy and other energy tools for over 35 years. Thomas ensures that all healing meditation pyramids are personally hand crafted and metaphysically balanced, charged, and programmed.
The master crystal is then cleansed and programmed to complete the personalized healing meditation pyramid. Many sleep in the Healing & Meditation Pyramid to improve their sleeping patterns and for inner peace and healing.
They are both teachers and spiritual growth facilitators and have lectured at Public and Private Hospitals, Tertiary Institutions, and educating Medical Practitioners. Thomas Tassioulas will be sent to you when your personalized Healing and Meditation Pyramid has been dispatched. Your personalized Ikosohedron Harmonizer will balance and harmonize you and your environment, at home, or at your workplace. This is another powerful tool that allows you to look into the future dimension of yourself and has the capabilities to explore other places and spiritual experiences.
It is given by "laying on of hands" in several positions on the head, front and back of the body.
The Atlantean communicator is a link with the other people living on our planet or other beings in spirit that allow a message to be transmitted for your personal development. A priceless experience of Spiritual Self Development that will profoundly change the rest of your life! There is a message box when you order for giving me your height so I can calculate your ideal-sized pyramid. If you wish to pay for an item using a check, money order, or a cashier's check, click here for more information. By combining the therapeutic effects of REST , Restricted Environmental Stimuli Therapy with Pyramid Power, the floatation experience is enhanced . This allows the central nervous system to be freed from the force of gravity , creating a floatation experience without the discomfort and inconvenience of being wet.
Pure Copper is the ideal metal for conducting and amplifying these currents of healing and awakening. Azeztulite fills the body with Spiritual Light, transmuting old patterns of contraction, and awakening the cells to the Light of the Great Central Sun.

Recently pyramid meditation has become very famous because it helps us to stay in harmony with the people and environment around. There are a few important points which people should not neglect when they start practicing pyramid meditation. That will make you feel more positive and you will have the sense of spirituality alive, while you meditate. This is achieved by providing Thomas with your personal details such as your full name at birth, place of birth, and time of birth if known. Copper is not used for the base and side construction because the primary use of the healing meditation pyramid is for humans.
Katherine Tassioulas, Thomas and Katherine initiate people into higher vibrations worldwide, educate and teach spiritual enlightenment, and lead the most amazing spiritual tours to sacred and spiritually significant places worldwide.
Their work combines Energetic Healing techniques with principles to provide integrated and balanced healing, leaving profound experiences for those who study and travel with them.
Seichem is a natural healing method and powerful tool that works with Reiki and adds an extra dimension to healing.
Sanded extra-smooth and coated with either pure shellac for indoor pyramids or 100% tung oil for outdoor pyramids for an all-natural, protective finish.Only $295, plus shipping! Placing food or water in this focal point will energise it, ideally under 5% of the volume of the pyramid will give maximum benefits. It rises the feelings of calmness, well being and gives us a positive attitude to face life and situations with courage.
Copper is great for use as base and sides for pyramids when humans are not placed in them. Thomas Tassioulas is a 7th generation Clinical Metaphysician, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Reiki and Seichem Master Practitioner and Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Psycho-Physical Healer, Esoteric Astrologer, Registered Trainer and Assessor, with a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
They are leading authorities on the Metaphysical and Esoteric studies of Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and other civilizations. Thomas and Katherine are Metaphysicians and Psychophysical Healers from birth going back several generations. It is a dynamic healing tool that can be used by therapists, healers, and practitioners that are working with the healing of the human body. These healing energies can be channeled for self healing or for the healing of others or living things.
By creating structures within this realm it helps you to unlock the codes of scared geometry in our consciousness. Thomas is currently a director of the Australasian Institute of Health and Healing, Pyramid Healing Systems and National Institute of Hypnotherapy.
Other stones such as the Synergy 12 and Ascension Stones offer powerful blends for a wealth of transformational experiences.
By the use of this technique of meditation a lot of meditators, have expressed, their results to be very fruitful.
They have experienced memory recall, visions of the past incarnation, telepathic communications and an increase in awareness.

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