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This meetup is for bringing together individuals interested in learning Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and the Kunlun System.
About Zen: Zen is an inner spiritual practice free of all beliefs and without dependence upon rituals, doctrine or dogma.
Zen Training and Zazen allow us to go beyond the a€?little selfa€? (small mind) and connect with our True Nature, which is unbound and free in the NOW.
This group is for all levels and will meet weekly with classes and special seminars throughout the year.

Through the practice, we can transcend our habitual conditioning and see clearly - and begin to move in life with greater courage and centeredness from there. The true purpose underlying these meetups is to provide a place for spiritual awakening, empowerment, and learning to become your own healer.
The foundation of Zen is one's personal zazen practice and everyday mindful living, guided by a trained Zen teacher in a lineage handed down through to the present day.
The methods taught are no non-sense and stem from my understanding of Daoist and shamanistic practices that I have studied over the past 20 years.

I am also trying to establish a community down in this area where we can explore and talk about the process of our own awakening and provide support for those who are having difficulty in evolving.
Ultimately through this meetup group we will realize and come to the reality that we are all just trying to become a 'Human'.

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