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The Quantum SCIO scans the client’s body much like a Virus Scan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities, and food sensitivities. Quantum Biofeedback is applied through the use of a device called the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System) an incredibly accurate system based on the science of Quantum Physics. Quantum Biofeedback is a technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own body. The easiest way to understand what Quantum Biofeedback can do is to think in terms of stressors – all those things we’re born with or happen to us or that get into the body from the environment that may cause disease.
SCIO Detects : Allergens, Emotions, Meridians, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Minerals, Animal Diseases, Flower Essences, Muscles, Aroma Therapy Oils, Foods, Organ Sarcodes, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, Blood Chemistry, Geopathics, Physic Energies, Bones, Herbs, Candida, Homeopathic-Isodes, Spiritual Energies, Chakras, Homeopathic-Nosodes, Toxins, Dental Diseases, Venoms, Digestion, Hormones, Viruses, Ligaments, Vitamins, Drugs, Miasmas, Worms, EEG, ECG, Brain Wave. SCIO Therapies – Acupuncture, Chakra, Chiropractic, Color, Rife, Trivector, Spiritual Healing, Biofeedback, Craniosacral, Iridology, Brain Wave, Allergen De-sensitization, Fat Loss, TMJ, Eye, Hearing, Cholesterol, Sport, Beauty, Detoxification, Aging, Dental. Allergens – including aromatics oils, automobile emissions, caffeine, coffee, dander, latex, nicotine, pollen, pollution, smoke, specific foods, tobacco smoke, toxic chemical residues and individual-specific allergens cause stress by reducing bodily functions and mental energy, causing lethargy and combating the immune system, thereby causing stress. Bacteria and Viruses – bacterial and viral infections reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, slow down bodily functions, reduce the supply of nutrients and reduce bodily and mental energy, thereby causing stress.
Chemicals such as cleaning agents, fungicides, growth hormones, herbicides, insecticides, paints, and most man-made chemicals attack the immune system, impair breathing and oxygen intake, reduce the ability of the body to absorb nutrients and raise the acidity of bodily cells, thereby causing stress. Dehydration caused by lack of water intake, excessive sweating, diarrhea, excessive urination, drinking too much coffee or carbonated drinks and eating too much junk food all impair the ability of the body to absorb nutrients and oxygen on a cellular level, thereby causing stress. Emotional Issues whether unresolved, being resolved or resolved have all been shown to be major causes of stress.
Employment and doing work one does not love to do have been shown to be major causes of stress. Fast Foods including partially hydrogenated fats, trans fats, artificial coloring agents, artificial taste enhancers, artifical appetite suppressants, artifical aromatic agents, artificial sweetening agents and artifical preservatives are all toxic to the human organism, thereby causing stress.
Fungi and Fungal infections whether ingested, inhaled, externally or internally attacking the body are harmful to all life and the byproducts of fungal infections are toxic to living organisms, thereby causing stress and myriad psychological and medical conditions. Genetically Altered Foods are known to cause asthma, attention problems, balance problems, behavioral problems, concentration problems, digestive problems, libido issues, memory problems, metabolic problems, perceptual problems, sexual dysfunction and other disorders, thereby causing stress.
Heavy Metals including especially arsenic, mercury and lead are implicated in adrenal, bone, bone marrow, brain, circulatory system, ear, eye, gallbladder, heart, intestinal, kidney, liver, lung, lymphatic system, pancreas, pituitary, skin, spleen, throat, thyroid, thymus and other problems, thereby causing stress. Irradiation of foods has been shown to reduce the life force and greatly diminish the nutritional value of food; but by law all foodstuffs entering the USA and most of the civilized world must be irradiated for the public good, thereby causing stress. Lack of Sleep and sleep problems whether caused by emotional, psychological or medical issues is amajor cause of stress. Low Self-concept whether caused by bacterial, fungal or viral infections, poor nutirtion, toxic chemicals, hormonal imbalances or other means is known to cause stress. Medical Conditions, Diseases, or Disorders whether diagnosed or not, whether being treated or not, whether improving or not, are all known to cause stress. Microwave Radiation from cell phones, microwave ovens, portable radios and telephones, television sets and other sources are known stressors with varying affects upon people for reasons currently under investigation.
Nutritional Deficiencies whether caused by disease, disorders, poor nutrition or poor absorption of nutrients are known causes of stress. Pain of any kind, including physical injury, mental trauma, emotional trauma or psychological issues, is a major cause of stress.
Parasites including thousands of medically undetectable parasites known to infest the human body, sap the bodies nutrition and energy, thereby causing stress. Prescription Drugs and other synthetic and toxic chemicals are implicated in every physical and mental disease, disorder or condition know to science, thereby causing stress.
Psychological Conditions, Diseases or Disorders whether diagnosed or not, whether being treated or not, whether improving or not, are all known to cause stress.
The EPFX - Quantum Biofeedback System, the latest and most up-to-date technology, takes a multitude of different stress reduction programs, methods, and techniques, and merges them into a more simple - best overall - well rounded approach.

Quantum Biofeedback, working through sixteen different electrical factors of the body, calculates combinations of impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance, and resistance for Electro-Physiological Reactivity (The Xrroid Process). The techniques and methods of Quantum Biofeedback stress reduction include addressing areas those most typically affected by the stressors of "every-day living". The EPFX - Quantum Biofeedback System, the latest and most up-to-date technology, takes a multitude of different stress reduction programs, methods, and techniques, and merges them into a more simple - best overall - well rounded approach. Indirect effects, Since it is a noninvasive procedure, it is Preventive ideal for children and any person that wishes to improve its state of health. Electroacuputure Meridian: This well known system automatically balances the acupunturemeridians by adjusting them with harmonic frequency techniques.
Allergy Testing and Desensitization: This system is an interactive system where the client and therapist work together to achieve a much deeper desensitization to the allergy problem.
Rife Technique: This system magnetically stimulates the organs and harmonizes the polarity disturbances of the patient with RIFE frequencies.
There is an increasing tendency among people to look for answers that conventional medicine has failed to address. The accuracy and reliability of the quantum biofeedback bio-resonance system is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic and bio-response medicine (Electro-Dermal Screening, Voll Meters, Vega, Mora, etc). So this device provides the client and the health professional with an excellent tool to balance their energy, reduce stressors that are causing imbalances, and allowing the body to heal naturally. Ahmad Nasri, HD, is a certified Homeopathic Doctor and Biofeedback Therapist in Ontario, Canada. Quantum Biofeedback is a state of the art biofeedback system that based on over 30 solid years of research and was developed by a former NASA scientist. Simply by freeing up these energy blockages and boosting immune function, you unleash the body’s natural power to heal itself. Thirdly is because of the sheer amount of information than can be gleaned non-invasively in 4 minutes. A 6 year old boy with significant anger issues, stops having school problems and starts to make friends after a modest amount of therapy. The device can help with a wide variety of issues from menopause to joint pain to depression to immunity issues to weight loss to chronic fatigue and much more. The device affects change by sending “frequencies” or energy into your body which reduce the stressors that may be affecting your health. The Quantum Biofeedback works by measuring minute electromagnetic signals of our bodies down to the cellular level. You get feedback on over 9800 items after a 4 minute non-invasive test – anything from vitamins, minerals, hormones, toxicity, sensitivities, pathogens, and much more.
Persons who have a chronic problem that is not healing itself via other therapies or modalities. In general, persons who are interested in alternative health also like the holistic approach of the QXCI. Renew You offers a FREE 15 minute in-office or telephone consultation with Ron who has been working with the device for 10 years to see if he can resolve your concern or situation. 2) connect all of lines, such as USB Drive to PC, USB Key (open the software use), the metal stick line to Machine. It is an emerging technology that reads body at biological speeds providing results within minutes as opposed to days and weeks. The SCIO requires only five comfortable straps that wrap around your writs, ankles, and forehead.
It can reveal specific stressors which could be the underlying issues surrounding your body’s ability to heal. The body is indeed electric; therefore reactivity in the body can be measured electrically.

EPFX devices are being used worldwide by Doctors, Kinesiologists, Dentists, Veterinarians, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Homoeopaths, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, and many other professional practitioners. Relaxation helps, but how do we know where stress may be hiding in the adapted or exhausted states physically, mentally, and emotionally.
This is why integrative medicine is trying, through the use of homeopathy, to fill in this gap by recognizing humans as an integral part of nature who have their own individual uniqueness and complexity, which explains why they respond differently to same conventional therapies. It could be perfectly used as a compliment to other integrative therapeutic modalities like detoxification, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, and chelation therapy. He has been involved with hormonal testing and bio-identical replacement for years, having been trained at the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). In essence, it basically reduces stress and stressors in our bodies like toxins and pathogens which can therefore remove energy blockages and boost immune function. By taking health-care actions at this moment, you will be enabled to effectively prevent the various chronic diseases. A quick three-minute test is performed energetically and the results are fed into the computer software. It is then, that Quantum Biofeedback can be applied to help you correct and reduce the stressors energetically. Nothing in the information provided is intended to treat or cure disease or to replace conventional medical approaches.
In addition, many people from all walks of life own and use Quantum Biofeedback Systems, depending on their own personal or professional needs. With the help of Quantum Biofeedback, we can painlessly and non-invasively look at reactions to common stressors and begin to piece the picture together. He is an experienced professional and a renowned speaker in several national and international health conferences.
The database of the analysis system has been established with scientific method, strict health statistic treatment and demonstration of a large number of clinical cases, leading thus to a high analysis accuracy.
This provides the Practitioner with information about the state of the energy and stress(es) most prevalent in the body at that time. However, too much stress can trigger problems with mental and physical health, particularly over a prolonged period of time. The Biofeedback-therapy device is a System complex program with electrodes attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead which measure and feed frequency information between the Quantum device and you the electrical activity of our organism by means of the electrofisiologica information that it emits our body. Energy medicine works through subtle electrical and bio-quantum stimulation to help the body recover its ideal template and thus heal itself.
The use of the straps (instead of probes) to locate acupuncture points as in other devices minimizes the possibility of error on the behalf of the therapist. He has a vast knowledge in mainly Integrative cancer therapy, Chelation therapy, Women’s health, and Anti-aging. He is the author of several articles in different Canadian health magazines and is the Director of Nasri Functional Medicine Clinics in Barrie (705) 735-2354, and Woodbridge (905) 266-0959. Trivector resonant frequencies (a mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance) of more than 9000 substances are compared to the trivector resonant frequencies of the patient. Prescribing for Bio-identical Replacement Therapy at the Nasri Clinic is done through a consulting Medical Doctor.
Offering over 200 biofeedback therapies in 72 modalities, it is the largest healthcare software package in the world, combining both eastern and western techniques.

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