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Country music cutie Taylor Swift says she wants to stay away from the glitzy celebrity lifestyle and admits she is not a party girl. The 23-year-old, who is currently dating boyband One Direction member Harry Styles, doesn’t want to have her mistakes played out on camera. She says spending time with her close-knit group of friends helps keep her grounded, as does busying herself with writing new music.
We can only take notes on what we see in public and hope to piece the puzzle together on the next album to find out which songs are about which boys.   One can only hope these boys keep giving Taylor the inspiration she needs to keep pounding out catchy hits that keep us singing along.

Copyright © Country Music Tattle Tale - Country Music Artists, Reviews, Concerts and More! The trouble is, if I mess up there will be six months of headlines afterwards,” she said.
She may have fooled me and my friends in the beginning but–she is NOT fooling us any more. She said she wants to live a quiet life and keep her relationships on the down low but she, herself, is dissing them in songs and goes on talk shows, etc.

She needs to discover who she is because it is quite obvious that she has problems in her personal life.
We are younger than her but we are much more mature and are making solid plans for our future.

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