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I hope you’ve found this post to be helpful, and I wish you much peace and happiness! Kundalini meditation is derived from a Sanskrit word that literally means “curled up like a serpent” and is viewed by the ancient Indian yoga meditation as an unconscious force. Kundalini meditation is believed to draw its energy from the base of the spine, perceived as a coil of power that unravels deep within us. In the ancient kundalini meditation tradition, there are seven distinct energy source centers inside the body in the spine and the brain itself. Yoga meditation is the art of maintaining focus and state of union without distraction of thoughts. Yoga meditation is a form of Raja Yoga, a technique that involves an organized way of viewing, accepting, training and understanding the respective levels of our being. The process of yoga meditation involves practicing yoga postures regularly and performing them with increased awareness and concentration. Simple at it seems, these simple acts of being aware with yourself will gradually develop into an increased awareness of your internal state. Because we are motivated by various ideas, it is important that there are different There are different yoga meditation techniques that you can try in order to achieve the benefits of this known relaxation method.
What makes this yoga meditation technique popular is that it can be done anywhere, anytime.
The word meditation is derived from 2 primary Hebrew word: haga, which means ponder and Sihach, meaning contemplate or rehearse in one’s mind.
Literally means “time together”, contemplation techniques require peaceful areas in order to contemplate and connect with God. This entry was posted in Meditation Techniques and tagged christian meditation on April 18, 2011 by Admin. Healing meditation is a special kind of healing that connects the body in many various ways.
This method has been in practice for centuries and is commonly used to alleviate chronic pain – a type of illness wherein a patient suffers from pain for a long period of time. The most common sound used in this kind of healing meditation is AH, the sound of creation.
Regardless whether you formally meditate or not, here are some simple healing meditation exercises that you can try. Sign up for our Weekly Events Guide and never miss another Brahma kumaris Meditation Center event.
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This is aimed to provide physical fitness.  In kundalini meditation, find a position that is comfortable for you.
In this process, the mediator overcomes false perception, thus increasing his or her awareness of the union. The primary purpose of practicing yoga meditation is to integrate and coordinate the different aspects of ourselves in order to achieve the all-pervading center of our consciousness. In order to make your breathing controlled and even, you should be conscious with what you are doing. However, when you overcome the early frustration of silencing your mind, you will then realize how amazing they are.

And as you become more aware of your internal state, you become aware of the stillness and immense silence within. Probably the most popular type of yoga meditation, mantra is done by using various sounds in order to achieve higher level of consciousness.
Nada is considered the most popular and most unique among other yoga meditation techniques.
Because it is believed that once we are genuinely happy, our minds can then relax and focus on much more important things. In Joshua 1:8, God said to His people to meditate His words daily – day and night, for them to obey Him. Thus, the word meditate is the process of focusing specific thoughts and pondering its meaning in the context of God’s love. Also known as recollection, these are the primary means of preparing yourself for Christian meditation. Focus you mind on something that is outside of you like wind, sound of water, traffic, icon, painting, trees, sky, etc. This Christian Meditation is done by progressively relaxing and tensing a group of muscle in your body.
This combines the focusing techniques described above for the initial part then provide the mediator a deeper kind of experience from God. Imagination is important in Christian meditation in order to achieve the desired spiritual experience.
Also knows as the “art of spiritual presence”, it is a form of Christian meditation wherein the mediator can experience spiritual connection with God, the saints, your friends and others.
Commonly practiced by various Catholic circles, centering prayer is a specific contemplative technique that uses short words as prayers like “Jesus”, “Spirit”, “love” and “God” in order to put the mind away from distractions.
Known as the “spiritual reading”, lectio divina is done by reading the scriptures or any other spiritual writings. It is a personal journey that uses creative visualization to balance the body, soul and mind thus improving one’s general well-being. Even doctors and other health practitioners nowadays acknowledge the benefits of healing meditation and how it can help their patients. As the name suggest, this form of healing meditation is used to help reconstruct the cells in our body. Your vital organs like kidney, lungs, heart and liver are often attack with negative elements that can cause injury and illnesses. This method is commonly practiced by individuals who do not have anything specific to focus in to.
Doing this healing meditation not only reduces your stress levels but also increases your awareness skills. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Many experts say that even a single session of kundalini meditation can help one achieve the supreme personal empowerment. The straighter your back, the better as it helps the energy to flow more easily through your body.
Located at the base of your spine, it is the energy pathway between the mental, spiritual world and the organic Mother earth.
Located in your sexual organs, this chakra is activated only after the first chakra is complete which is usually completed during puberty. Located at the top of the head, this chakra is light years beyond the lower forms of chakras. In other words, incorporating attention, observation and awareness to your daily activities is the key of yoga meditation.
It involves a gazing type of yoga, commonly performed by lighting candles and placing it in front of the mediator where he or she can see it.
This technique is done by sitting in a relaxed position and practicing conscious breathing.  As soon as the mediator reached the higher level of consciousness, he or she can quietly sit down and focus on his or her body’s chakra. The happiness that a person experiences in his or her mind allows them to become more receptive and open-minded. We can then set our priorities straight without the negative talk and distractions with the aid of yoga meditation.
You may want to have it on the beach, a peaceful park, church, waterfall or any other tranquil environment. Take note of the air coming in and out of your nostrils while feeling on the rise and the fall of your chest and abdomen. This includes direct message and love of God and the feeling of touching another in the communion of saints. The calm repetition of a words or sounds allows a person to calm his or her mind in preparation for a deeper spiritual experience.
It is followed by prayer, visualization and contemplation to complete the Christian meditation. When these 3 elements work together, the result is awareness and balance thought – a state wherein healing can take place in multiple levels.

Healing meditation helps reduce anxiety that increases one’s ability to cope up with pain and sometimes cure it completely. It uses mantra or sound to create healing energy vibrations that would trigger the cells in the body to regenerate and rejuvenate.
Creating the sound ourselves rather than hearing it produces self awareness that penetrates deep in our spiritual selves. During meditation, not only you are taken to a deeper part of yourself but at the same time, you are creating energy to heal yourself.
Using your imagination, picture an open box and in that box, you are putting all the things that troubles you. This simple exercise can help you lower your stress levels, increase blood circulation in the brain and promoting focus while stimulating the connections of your body, mind and spirit. As a matter of fact, these are real energy processes inside our body regardless whether we’re aware of them or not. Meditating with this chakra during kundalini meditation will allow you to become more powerful, more solid and more grounded at physical levels of survival. The sexual chakra makes you more matured and ready to becoming parents of a new generation.
It lies between the solar plexus and the navel and is believed to create a mythical fire in the belly. The communication chakra is known to be the center of communication which allows us to talk and express our inner views and thoughts to the people around us. Commonly, it is referred to as the “third eye” – the true foundation of wisdom wherein your thinking mind comes in contact with your intuitive mind. As a matter of fact, the true nature of this seventh chakra is beyond our knowledge and comprehension as humans. He or she will then focus his or her attention to the sound of the body, thus increasing one’s awareness – an example of internal focusing mediation. Given these reasons, Christian meditation therefore should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you choose a place that’s really quiet, you may be able to hear your own heart beat as well. Moreover, sound meditation to healing is also considered as a pathway to personal development, as well as spiritual awakening. Through practice, you can have the ability to assess yourself and know when your body does not feel right.
As you perform this technique, you may remove the unnecessary energy in your body, function normally with a sense of clarity and move through spiritual realms easily. The lock represents the place where your dreams are hidden while the key is the tool to unlock your dreams. If the participant wishes, he or she may obtain support from the resident prefect in making this change. Meditating with it can enhance your sexual charge while providing spiritual vitality to your sexual interactions and feelings. If you will notice, being the 4th chakra, it is then between the first (earth) and the seventh (heaven) chakra. The sixth chakra also influences the pituitary gland, an endocrine gland situated at the base of the brain and thus dictates the entire functioning of the body and the mind at higher levels. That is why, it is advised that when you do practice kundalini meditation, do not push yourself into the seventh chakra of consciousness as this will only come to you when both your body and your mind is prepared for such infinite union and realization.
Now, as your breathing becomes deeper and slower, you may be able perceive the emotions, sensations and the thoughts that arising from your body and mind. After staring it for a few minutes, the mediator will then close his or her eyes and try to picture the image in the mind. Not only you are focusing on each of the organs but you also strengthen them as you focus your energy to them. Now, imagine the box gradually shrinking in size and as you do it, you have to put your obstacles into perspective. A valid RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) is REQUIRED to be obtained from us prior to returning an item.
In addition to that, this chakra plays a very important role in kundalini meditation particularly in balancing our emotional and physical conditions.
As you focus the energy to this energy center, you can balance the nervous system by alleviating various depressive patterns, overcoming distorted reality perception and paranoia. However, it is important that you spend a little time on this energy center while doing kundalini meditation. At lesser levels, on the other hand, headaches can be caused by imbalances in the intuitive chakra.

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