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Just like there isn’t a truly healthy way to lose weight and inches that only the most wealthy people have access to.
Now, someone like me may tell you the whole story about tax deduction articles, but I’ll never make it seem like anything is breaking news. Someone like me will tell you things in different ways and from different viewpoints, but I’ll never sit there and try to mislead with a headline (well, just this one time maybe). I was thinking the other day about high school literature, I still get shocked when I find people haven't read or studied certain classic novels or plays.
A close friend was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, so finding a cure for this cause is rather close to my heart at present. She had always struggled with her weight, but in January of 2006, Kai Hibbard was in real trouble: At just 26 years old, her 5-foot-6 frame carried 265 pounds. Since its premiere in 2004, “The Biggest Loser” — which pits obese contestants against one another in a race to lose the most weight — has been one of the most popular reality shows of all time. The show rakes in about $100 million annually in ad sales, with ancillary products such as cookbooks, DVDs, protein powder, clothing, video games and branded weight-loss camps bringing in tens more millions of dollars per year. Contestants are made to sign contracts giving away rights to their own story lines and forbidding them to speak badly about the show.
Another competitor, who spoke to The Post on the condition of anonymity, says that when she first checked in, a production assistant also took her cellphone and laptop for 24 hours.
After an initial winnowing process, 14 of 50 finalists are taken to “the ranch,” where they live, work out and suffer in seclusion.
The trainers, she says, took satisfaction in bringing their charges to physical and mental collapse.

Hibbard says the bulk of food on her season was provided by sponsors and had little to no nutritional value. At one point, Hibbard says, production did bloodwork on all the contestants, and the show’s doctor prescribed electrolyte drinks. Such extreme, daily workouts and calorie restriction result in steep weight losses — up to 30 pounds lost in one week. For Hibbard, the low point came when she and her fellow “losers” were brought to a racetrack, where they were housed in individual horse stalls.
In a statement to The Post, NBC said only: “Our contestants are closely monitored and medically supervised. Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change. How often do you even stop and think about the headline, or do you just naturally react by clicking based on the wording?
The only thing you need to worry about it how accurate and complete the information they give you is. Every man, woman and child on the planet is affected by the stunning information that Icke exposes. When she got to her hotel, she was greeted by a production assistant, who checked her in and took away her key card. The recommended daily intake for a person of average height and weight is 1,200 to 1,600 calories per day.
The first-ever “Biggest Loser,” Ryan Benson, went from 330 pounds to 208 — but after the show, he said he was so malnourished he was urinating blood.

And 2014’s Biggest Loser, Rachel Frederickson, became the first winner to generate concern that she had lost too much weight, dropping 155 pounds in months.
One doctor told a contestant she was exhibiting signs of Stockholm syndrome, and Hibbard herself fell prey to it. When a bell went off, they had to run neck-and-neck like animals, picking up sacks filled with their lost weight on the way.
He reveals in documented detail, how the same interconnecting bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands of years. Average weekly viewership is 7 million people, and about 200,000 people audition per season.
She appeared on the cover of People with the headline “Too Thin, Too Fast?” Frederickson (5-foot-4, 105 pounds) admitted to working out four times a day, and within one month of the finale had gained back 20 pounds. But they edited her to make her look lazy and bitchy and combative.”Hibbard says she and other contestants sustained major physical damage.
By the end of the show, I was running on 400 calories and eight- to nine-hour workouts per day. How they created all the major religions and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge that will set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons.
I was only sleeping three hours a night.” Hibbard says that to this day, her period is irregular, her hair still falls out, and her knees “sound like Saran Wrap” every time she goes up and down stairs.

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