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Micromax X 101 is a customary handset with Dual SIM (GSM+GSM) suitable for everyone who wants a phone with the standard features.
This customary phone is adorned with a 1.77 inch TFT screen that has resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The user can also share the content from this phone to other digital devices with the help of its Bluetooth enabled connectivity. Micromax X101 comes with an inbuilt CMOS camera that allows the user to click images and also record video clips.
This phone has incredible battery life of 4 hours talktime as it has a 1000 mAH inbuilt battery. We doesn’t sell any product or offer free samples or anything,We Just provide offers, or other thing which is available online on actual offer website.

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It has user-friendly interface and comes in a candy bar shape that is easy to hold and keep in the pocket.
The screen is wide enough for the user to read the messages, view the images and play basic games on the phone with ease. Bluetooth allows the user of this phone to easily transfer the data from one handset to the other. So keep on capturing the best moments of your life in your mobile phone and make your memories immortal.
You can store all your contact information, messages and songs with its 16 MB RAM and 32 MB ROM memory.

The phone can also enable the user to surf through the internet with WAP 2.0 version and GPRS Class 10. The phone also supports media files such as MP3, WAV, AVI that allows you to hear to your favorite songs with its superb music player and you can view videos on this phone as well.

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