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Open marriage: Egon teased about an open bisexual relationship but a€?I didna€™t want to be a European Park Avenue princess with a pretend decadent life. Dianea€™s first serious boyfriend was Sohrab, born in Iran and an architecture student at Oxford.She was a virgin at sixteen and wearing little girl cotton underwear that embarrassed her. Diane with her son Alexander von Furstenberg in New York CityTheir marriage was getting complicated.
Irresistable: Diane had a brief fling with Richard Gere after he finished the film American Gigilo in 1980.
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The pair broke up a€“ until she bought silk panties and then he became her first lover at sixteen.The following summer she met Lucio on the beach in Riccione, Italy. They went on to the University of Madrid together.That same year, she was in on holiday in Gstaad in the Swiss Alps with her family when she bumped into her best friend from boarding school in Lausanne.

They ate, sat around, both nervous and then he quickly left.Diane flew to Paris the next day. Finding herself quickly pregnant, Lily Nahmias tried to abort but then threw away the pills and decided to keep the baby.Diane writes that had she not gone through with the pregnancy a€“ carrying Diane, she believes her mother would have killed herself.
She walked for hours on the beach, swam hundreds of laps in the pool and had long conversation with God. She hired the model to do a campaign for her in 1979 that incorporated all of her products a€“ clothes, perfume, intimate apparel, jeans.a€?Gia was gorgeous.
I tried to embrace his behavior and accept an open marriagea€¦.a€™But when a story appeared the couple on the cover on New York magazine in 1973: a€?The Couple Who Has Everything a€“ Is Everything Enougha€™? She took Ayurvda treatments of diet, herbs, and massages to prepare for this battle a€“ along with homeopathic remedies from a Dr. Carangi told her.a€?I was hurt and confused by that comment, and I wish I knew what Gia had writtena€™, von Furstenberg confesses.
Diane knew it was over.Egon teased about an open bisexual relationship but a€?I didna€™t want to be a European Park Avenue princess with a pretend decadent life.

I had a girla€™s crush on hera€™.Returning to the house after a long, solitary walk on the beach, Diane found Gia sitting on the floor of the bedroom closet.
He would make love to me endlesslya€¦.a€™During the day she was on holiday with her father and brother but a€?at night I had a secret life, a grown-up woman having a very sexy love affaira€™ a€“ at seventeen. But the idea of being able to go to 54 alone is what thrilled me the most: again, a mana€™s life in a womana€™s body. It was a miracle that she survived the torture of the camp that killed nearly one million Jews.

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