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In our coaching we have found that people want to make a midlife career change for very specific reasons. We have been successfully coaching people through midlife career changes for the past 30 years. The solution will be your identified choice of the best work, job, company and industry, to build your ideal, enjoyable career where you never have to feel that you have to work very hard a day in your life, yet you add great value with great income.
It is often the work or the way we look at the work that sucks, but something sucks, it has to be changed.
People stay in the same circumstances; mostly they just realize they are not happy, the travel bugs them, the workplace bugs them, the industry bugs them, and there are so many possibilities.
Let us look at people who are really happy in their job, career and industry, they just need more challenges. There is also the natural change; it’s just a restless feeling, I can do better, I can do more.
Six years ago at North-West University in South Africa they couldn’t find practical work in the industry for students.
About Unre VisagieI am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience.
We are planning to bring our systems to USA sometime late next year and look for collaborators?
What others are saying:Llewelyn VenterCurrent Professional Coaching Student"Roughly 3 weeks ago I was in a terrible place. At some stage during midlife, you may begin to feel dissatisfied with the way your life is headed. If you get anxious or unhappy just thinking about work, that’s a pretty good sign that a midlife career change is on the cards. When work starts affecting your health, either mentally, physically, or both, it’s time for a midlife career change.
You feel that there are work ethic clashes or when you’re morally misaligned with your employer and you find it hard to believe in the company, the workplace becomes very uncomfortable. You are no longer asked to attend key meetings, or your proposals are met with silence or denial. Your ideas are no longer heard or valued; you can’t seem to get time with the ‘powers that be’. You can try to work out the problems you’re having with colleagues or your manager, but sometimes they’re just not fixable. If some or all of these signs apply to your situation, then maybe it’s time for your midlife career change!
You have all the skills and resources to make a midlife career change or start your dream businesses at midlife if you want to. What will you do today, this week, this month, this year, to get your midlife career change going in the direction you really desire? Career transformation or constant job differences once bore a harmful stigma together with raised a fabulous red the flag to inform prospective recruiters. Take a short look at your up-to-date position, each of those professionally and additionally personally. Statistics show we who work inside of a job makes enjoy happen to be healthier and additionally experience a fewer number of stress connected illnesses. I didn’t have a cruel but prescient childhood nickname like Chinky Giraffe or Albino Flamingo that I could later appropriate as the name of my clothing line or band, to show the haters that they couldn’t keep me down. The only designer for whom I was a muse was my paternal grandmother, whose specialty was ethnic print flannel ponchos.
A supermodel-turned-singer who made the genius career move of marrying Jack White and instantaneously giving street cred to her debut album, The Ghost Who Walks: Karen Elson.
I’m sure if you ask your daughters, they could come up with a suitable nickname for you. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously think this web site needs a great deal more attention.
Some people have an idea of what their passions are but they lack the support on where to start and how to go about the changes they need to make, so they tend to stay where they are for years.
As a success and purpose coach I hear these messages over and over again and it saddens me, because I was there myself for years, so I relate to the feelings of pain, overwhelm, confusion and frustration. A lot of people spend years developing careers that appear to be fulfilling and successful on the outside, but very often, at some point, usually in midlife, there is a longing for more and they realize that their career comes up short. They recognize that their professional life is missing a few vital elements that make them feel like if  something is lacking, so the work they do feels unfulfilling, without purpose, non-authentic and not aligned with who they really are. The general sentiment, among these people, is that it’s too hard to keep going to work every day and feel motivated. The truth is that, in most cases, it feels like a drag, so some people tend to change jobs frequently because they are looking for that feeling of satisfaction. They don’t know what they want, all they know is that they don’t want to continue feeling this way. The truth is that until they find what they are passionate about and line up with their true purpose, they will continue to struggle. So how can you go from feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious and trapped, to feeling clarity, confident and committed to make the changes you need to live the life you came here to live, so you can shine and make a difference in a big way? Pay attention to the dissatisfaction, the anxiety, the confusion, and welcome those as signals from your Spirit — your True Self — letting you know that you’re ready for growth, expansion and the bigger life that you deserve. And while it’s easy to stay the course, being happy in the stable job that you have, you might start to wonder about all the what ifs. For the working adult, studying for a diploma might seem like a pipe dream - we don’t have the luxury of time to spare! Unfortunately, the hard truth in the working world is this: the further down you are on the skills ladder, the more easily you will be replaced. Even though upgrading your skills may not guarantee you a stable job, it’ll make you more valuable, and reduce your chances of being laid off. Singaporeans are known for being kiasu, but that’s a symptom of the underlying problem - competitiveness. For instance, business management and marketing skills are transferable skills that can be applied in a variety of jobs.
Just like how the elderly have been going for computer-literacy programs, upgrading yourself is a means of self-improvement for the working adult.

When Steve Jobs first took a calligraphy class at Reed College after dropping out of university, little did he know that his knowledge about the different typefaces would come in handy when designing the first Macintosh computer.
Depending on your stage of life, as a working adult, there are just so many things to do: work, pamper your spouse, look after the children, clean the house, cook etc. However, the beauty of part time courses is in their flexibility - at institutions like PSB Academy, you’re given the freedom to take as long as 2 years to complete a program! Besides the economic benefits learning a new skill can bring, gaining new knowledge helps to build your confidence. It's a free world, but Neil Young doesn't want to rock in it anywhere near Donald Trump.The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer says Trump didn't have permission to use "Rockin' in the Free World" as a theme song for his budding presidential campaign on Tuesday.
In our multi-million dollar companies we were privileged to build, then through professional coaching, also pro bono work at universities, schools and in communities. This typically comes from companies that downsize and industries that change; the key thing is the job may disappear very soon. Let us look at one of the most urgent needs in our 40’s: I really must earn more money right now.
This is also a very straightforward process, typically achieved in a few months, that usually leads to a 20 – 30% salary increase within 18 months. The other one is that the job has become too easy, it’s repetitive, and repetitive is never good for us.
Today 700 students find their own practical work simply because they know where they are going, they know why they want it, they can say why and what about a company, why and what about an industry and they talk to the right people. I just came across your website, doing some research for a class project, and you and I share many similar concepts.
I went through this some time ago, and decided on a midlife career change,  so I speak from experience. You’ve been passed over for promotion, and offers to take on more challenging assignments have been ignored. When you’ve outgrown the position and there is no opportunity for advancement, or you work at the same job day in, day out without any opportunity for growth, it’s time for a midlife career change. Here are three reasons midlife career change is harder and how to do it anyway:You’re pigeon-holedWhen you’re post-40, you have 20+ years doing whatever it was you want to change from.
So, when you’re contemplating a fabulous mid position change, it is now time to do something. If you may make an occupation change, salary and additionally benefits will be a factor inside determining any route it is advisable to take, but that truly the primarily reason you ought to make any move. You also need to review the information, skills and additionally abilities that your choice of prospective vocation requires. Tune into your inner wisdom, we can only get clarity of our true values and passions when we listen to our higher self. Trust that you’ll be divinely supported once you commit to living an authentic life – the life you came here to live. Vishen Lakhiani’s transformational course, Consciousness Engineering, allows you to challenge any limiting beliefs you may hold. A life filled with INNER PROSPERITY, so they can give their gifts and greatness to the world. But if you’re still unsure, here are 10 other reasons to upgrade yourself if you’re already a working adult. As we upgrade our skills, we’re constantly in the loop, and equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise. Even so, given the unpredictability of the economy, and the constant need of internal cost cuttings, you can be laid off anytime. Show your employer how much you can contribute with your skill set, and build up a good rapport.
By obtaining a degree, you essentially enhance your employability and can make a switch to another industry.
It’s important to keep learning - as new industries emerge, those skills which you once dismissed as ‘useless’ will come in useful. As part of the Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) goal to encourage Singaporeans to upgrade themselves, you’ll get to enjoy up to 95% in subsidies, from the Skills Development Fund.
PSB Academy offers a wide range of part time diplomas, including courses in Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, and Life Sciences. To be the best that we can be, we need to seize opportunities and adapt to new technologies. To help you get started with a successful, safe and secure career change, please view the video below. It takes you from the perceived box on limitations right through to a successful place where we typically see a 20 – 30% increase and we see big moves towards doing work people enjoy with confidence. We have created a list and we ask you to please consider each item on the list below and start on the road to your successful midlife career change. Often we find that looking at things a bit differently solves this problem, but often it has gone so far that changing company, or at least changing the vision in a company is practical.
We always say repetitive is like a groove, there’s an old adage that says the difference between a groove and a grave is just the depth. It’s to one way or another identify the root causes, prepare a lot of information and facts, think of possible alternative solutions, communicate that with the right people, and you have a fantastic solution.
What makes it so exciting, about a third of them get jobs at companies that didn’t even have a position, but when they meet this enthusiastic, sorted-out person they create a job for him.
I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company. You have an amazing opportunity to change, to choose the direction you wish to take.  Midlife is not the end of the story, step into this brand new phase of your life, it’s just the beginning! According to make sure you Department about Labor Reports, the person with average skills will improve career somewhere within 4 to 6 times to their lifetime. Love yourself enough to honor your calling, this is one of the most important actions successful people take. You are the creator of your own life, so make sure every decision you make brings growth and makes you feel authentic.
Honoring your own truth, owning your story, will make you feel that you’re living to your fullest potential, it will provide a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that you’re being who you came here to be and creating a beautiful ripple effect, making a difference in a big way. What if you could find a dream job that would let you travel overseas but lacked the necessary certifications?

With technological advancements, handphones are becoming smarter and devices are becoming smaller. If the newly-learned skills are relevant to your job, you’ll become better at your job, and your employer will recognise that and reward you in turn. From Infocomm Technology to Banking to Sports Science, learn something new and keep your brain stimulated! Simply apply through your company, or if you’re self-sponsored, through CDAC, Mendaki, or NTUC. No doubt, he would've soon discovered that "Rockin' in the Free World" was written to protest former President George H.W. In the video master midlife career change coach, Unre Visagie takes you through an introduction of the top reasons.
Should you not find your reason for your midlife career change on this list, which is possible, please help us to help you and others by posting a comment about it and we would love to address the reason with a specific answer as soon as practical or possible. In Career Maker Systems we see it as a bridge for people to move from triggers of discomfort and perceptions or interpretations, like being behind a glass plate. However, what we found more often than not, people are responsible for a whole bunch of upcoming people, they are responsible for people seeing their life out, and even somewhat responsible for people in their current generation who’s not doing so well. A change of company may be necessary, but often it is just a change in perception and looking at things differently. It’s like you are not alive anymore and you need to change that, you need to get out of the groove.
We find that when a man arrives with this clear insight and a clear plan, he is never refused. We call it a secure and safe way towards your ideal work, job, career, company and industry. Your California’s department about labor is a fantastic resource regarding finding dating profiles on many different careers. What if you had beaten that work rival for the promotion but couldn’t for the lack of a piece of paper?
Today’s society is rapidly changing - new jobs are being created every day, the economy is constantly evolving, and processes are being overhauled. With all the grants available, the monetary cost of improving yourself should be the last concern for you.
Holistic Counseling takes traditional counseling methods to the next level incorporating mind, body, and spirit in a holistic approach to each person individually. We hope that your change process could start with understanding and defining these reasons, what we call triggers that drive the need for a midlife career change. I really hope you will make your choice and I hope that you will identify one of the items on the list below or please communicate with us, challenge us to see whether we can answer you. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want. Younger career changers won’t encounter as much skepticism and even if they do, they have fewer years of specialization to overcome.So the bar is set higher for you, and the solution is to show you’ve already changed — that you already know the new industry or role you want. People seek help for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to): Anxiety, Career crisis, Creative blocks, Depression, Emotional Distress, Gender Issues, Grief, Health, Life Transitions, Midlife Crisis, Personal growth, Relationship Issues, Spiritual needs, Stress, and Worry. Once we have found these triggers, you can identify and design a solution that best fits your unique situation. If you simply want to change because you’re not paid enough, it is often a very simple communication problem, and I like that one because it’s the quickest to address. Be prepared to do exhaustive research into your new field and to get relevant projects, even pro bono, under your belt.On the plus side, you have 20+ years of networking contacts. If felt that you’re most likely not correctly utilizing any existing knowledge or that you will find hit an established plateau, perhaps it is time to contemplate a completely new career program.
This should serve you well when you need to land those key informational interviews to get the best research insights. Your established relationships will also help you land those key projects — your connections can take a chance on you because you have a track record elsewhere.You’ll need to inventory your contacts, reconnect with people, follow up, bounce back from rejection when old contacts don’t get back to you, and learn what and how to ask in terms of information and leads. If you need help navigating your network, this is an area where I would definitely invest the time to find a mentor, coach or resources to help you.You’re weighed down by othersIt’s more expensive to change careers for older professionals. If you need to set aside savings to cover living expenses as you make your career change, you need that much more money before you can take a leap. Even if you try to change careers while holding down your current job, you have less flexibility in your off-hours, due to more constituents vying for your time. Wherever applied, Psychosynthesis seeks to enable you to discover and take the next step toward greater inner freedom and responsible expression in the world.Holistic Counseling can help you make your life what you want it to be.
If your career change means a lifestyle shift downward, you have to factor the effects of these changes on everyone else.The extra burden isn’t insurmountable, but you have to do the math and the trade-offs.
You have to trim your budget somewhere to funnel money into conferences, professional associations, classes and other investments toward your career change. You have to say no to family activities so you can funnel time for the research, networking and projects in your new field. If you invest in a business and it doesn’t take off, you have fewer years to earn back your investment.
Or you can choose to stagnate, to hesitate, and remain fearful and doubtful and live in mediocrity. You are responsible for your improvements and success as well as your frustrations and lack of progress.I'll assist you the best I can in helping you find the answers. So, in addition to saving more for a larger household, you may have to save more to mitigate the higher risk.You’ve forgotten how to playYou may be pigeonholed by others, but you also may pigeonhole yourself because of limiting beliefs and hardened routines. I meet many would-be career changers who have been so stuck in a job they can’t stand that they have no idea even what they enjoy. One first baby step could be to just practice playing, without worrying about how it translates to career.
Given that age increases the difficulty of career change, hopefully that gives you the urgency to start today. The second best time is today.Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a career expert with SixFigureStart®.

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