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So this year I joined the Reddit Gifts Secret Santa Gift Exchange and made this super awesome one of a kind never before seen plush Reddit Alien! Material on this website is copyright by arixystix creations and Alix Banegas unless otherwise cited. For the last four years, thousands of Redditors have participated inA a Reddit Secret SantaA gift exchange. Cali writes that the donation made her glow: "IA can't even begin to describe how incredible it makes me feel knowing that he made this donation in my name!
The inscription in the book Gates got Cali reads, "Melinda and I have been to Africa many times and loved it.
This past year was my first time participating in Reddit’s Secret Santa gift exchange—and how fun! When 25-year-old Cali signed up for the annual Reddit Secret Santa gifts program, she may have thought that she'd receive something like the stuffed adipose that she got last year. But the self-confessed fan of Loki was blown away when she received the helmet of her favorite character from the Thor series as a present from her Secret Santa, who just happened to be one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

Gates, who apparently found out about Cali's love for Loki through an online questionnaire, also sent her a book of pictures of Africa (where she hopes to visit someday) and a giant stuffed microbe of the polio virus.
Bill Gates Reddit gifts have made headlines since the 59-year-old joined the Secret Santa program in 2013. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
I was one of almost 200,000 people who signed up to exchange a gift with a complete stranger. I found this wine-themed novelty fabric buried deep in my stash (in fact, I remember that I made an apron out of it probably 10 years ago, but for whom?
Well, if I couldn’t get a private island, I like what I did get—my Secret Santa picked up on my love of traveling, and she sent me this National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime book of the best places in the world!
Last year, he gave Reddit user Rachel a stuffed cow, a National Geographic travel book and also made a donation of a real cow on her behalf to Heifer International. This year more than 210,000 users are reported to have signed up to exchange gifts on Reddit - setting a new Guinness World Record.

Several of my coworkers participated too, and we had fun filling out our profiles and wondering what kinds of gifts we’d get.
I made them in 2013, as you can see in the photo, but hers did not have the year embroidered on it.) In her thank-you note she said she actually collects ornaments! I wand to get it as his gift for his birthday on November 13th (: How much do you charge and how soon can I get from you?
And even though she didn’t talk about being a crafty person herself, I decided to give her something handmade, too.

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