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Even if you try to hide your insecurity, others may pick up on it because you telegraph it though your words, actions, attitudes, and body language.
We’ve all known someone who seems to have an air of desperation and fear about achieving a goal—and that person may be us!
It can be helpful to think of lost confidence as a lost soul part that separated from you and can be reclaimed and reabsorbed and reintegrated into who you are. Then too, the energetic imprint of being a failure is simply an aspect of being vulnerable. OMTimes MagazineOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. California kicker Matt Anderson, left, makes a 37-yard field goal as Cole Leininger holds late in the second half an NCAA college football game against Washington, Saturday, Sept. The sophomore used a torrid stretch in preseason practices — for two weeks, he didn’t miss a field goal inside 57 yards — to beat out junior Noah Beito for the starting job. Ultimately, I work out because after having the two aforementioned children, I hated my body. Physical fear in the sport of riding is a given – we are dealing with a powerful and sometimes unpredictable animal.
The reactions you may experience after an accident will vary, but I find that there are four general ways in which people may respond. They may avoid going out to ride, or make excuses about why they can’t have a lesson or do a particular exercise. Every time I instructed the group to canter, he would go into the middle of the ring and begin to fix his boots. Finally, you may experience a reaction in the form of excessive anxiety that was not present prior to your fall. Analysing also tends to have a calming effect, as you shift into a logical mode of thinking as opposed to an emotional one. Many, many accidents happen to athletes and in general because of preoccupation with other life stressors. Unfortunately there is no way you can escape this condition, unless of course you happen to be inhuman.
The point is, you can ease a lot of fear if you carefully go through what happened, and what’s more you may discover it may only be a matter of correcting a very obvious mistake. You should also take care to ensure that you are adequately physically prepared before you begin riding again. I’m not suggesting that you wait until you are 100%, but rather that you assess how your injury will affect your riding. For instance, if it is the type of injury that will affect your balance, and you begin too soon, again you may be asking for another accident to happen or risk losing confidence in your skills. Take it slow: unless you have an impending competition, it is a good idea to take things slow when you resume riding.
Realign your self talk: when we experience anxiety, we are always conveying certain messages to ourselves. Visualize yourself correcting the problem: if you have discovered that the accident was indeed due to a technical error, then you can visualize yourself performing correctly.

How you begin to build up your confidence after an accident will depend on your unique situation and your individual personality. It may take some time to sort out the best approach for you, or if it feels overwhelming, you may want to invest in some outside help.
April Clay is a Psychologist and former rider, instructor and judge residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If it’s a particularly big loss or failure, or part of a series of failures, it may be difficult to have faith in yourself afterward. Most have experienced a loss of confidence and a resulting fear that we’ll never get it back.
Through discovering the part of yourself that has confidence in some arena, you can reclaim the energy of confidence and let it propel you forward.
When we feel insecure, we’re recognizing that we don’t have expertise, that our control is limited, and that we have much to learn.
Earlier this month at Texas, Cal kicker Matt Anderson started to feel more at ease when he converted a 34-yard field goal in the second quarter. All riders possess some physical fear at some point in their riding career and usually for good reason. That is, you may assume you can get back on and jump that oxer, but when you find yourself nearing the actual fence, you pull your horse away or pull up. In other words, the butterflies are going crazy in your stomach, your heart is pounding seemingly right through your chest and you feel as though you might pass out.
Accidents occur for many different reasons, and how you proceed to deal with it will in large part depend on this factor. It also could be that you were attempting a task which was over your skill level, or that you got a little too overconfident and took a risk with very poor odds and you happened to lose. If you ignore what happened, and begin before you are psychologically prepared, the ensuing tentativeness or overcompensating boldness could lead to another injury or a further loss of confidence. One big caution with this: make sure you do find out, from a coach preferably, what exactly it was you should have been doing (like shifting your weight to the outside when riding a corner) and concentrate on that in your imagery sessions.
An exercise which is easy to practice at home is what is called progressive relaxation:  lie down comfortably with your arms stretched out at your sides.
Lost confidence can affect you for years and become embedded in your story as a recurring theme that seems to have a life of its own. If you have failed at business after business or job after job, you might spend some time pursuing an interest that you have achieved success in.
Vulnerability and what the Buddhists call ‘beginner’s mind’ can be an asset if you need to learn something new. You may need to learn more about developing a healthy relationship or business partnership. He took the wrong angle on his 44-yard attempt in the second quarter at Texas, sending the ball way wide right. I hated that I didn’t want to go to the beach with them because I would have to get into a bathing suit. It can be just as effective for you to go to the gym and work on those legs!  In terms of focusing on basic skills, like body position etc.

Start at either the top of bottom of your body, working your way to the other end, alternately tensing and relaxing each major muscle group. You may need to learn the art of tolerating your discomfort in discovering your weaknesses and holes in your understanding. But I have lost 5 inches off my waist and am wearing clothes that I never thought I would ever fit into again. Others are not so lucky, and have to work hard to rebuild their shattered confidence, writes psychologist April Clay.
I am feeling a little bit anxious about riding again, but that’s normal and I can still ride with that anxiety. Hold the tension long enough to remember what the sensation feels like in that particular area, before letting the tension go.
Many entrepreneurs have built successful businesses around a talent or skill they had previously undervalued. Having a major riding accident is like having any kind of accident for the first time, it shakes our belief system. If practised frequently enough, you will be able to quickly assess, even in a competition situation, whether or not you are properly relaxed or have excess tension in your body. As human beings, we have this tendency to go around thinking we are invulnerable until something comes along to challenge that notion.
This approach is not only effective in terms of getting you logically, as opposed to emotionally oriented, but also has the tendency to inject some much needed humour into the situation!
If you don’t practice the skill of relaxation already, then you should be!  I believe relaxation is the most important skill a rider can possess.
Think about it – the way you communicate with your horse is through your body, and the more relaxed you are, the smoother this communication will be. The ACC regular-season title is the only crown the Cardinals have left to play for as a team.Duke played with its own sense of urgency, knowing it just reached the unforgiving part of the schedule with dates against No.
Mom to two kids, wife to a husband who sometimes feels like another kid, full time lawyer and occasionally I even read a full book. They pulled it out having lost every bit of a 15-point lead, even trailing by one with six minutes left.
They came together after falling apart, which they failed to do in home losses to Notre Dame and Syracuse.After the loss to the Orange, the Blue Devils had their pass revoked in the top 25 polls and were escorted out for the first time since 2007. Duke relies on its core of Jones, Allen, Brandon Ingram and Marshall Plumlee to play about 35 minutes each game.Kennard has become more consistent with his shooting.
Point guard Derryck Thornton continues to take small steps, including hitting a jumper with 33 seconds left with Louisville still hanging close. That usually happens in November for Duke, which is why coach Mike Krzyzewski said this team isn’t thinking about March.

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