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Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, which is when a person has an unreasonable or excessive fear of social situations and symptom relief, according to researchers at Stanford University, may be a meditation benefit.
For those suffering with SAD’s intense nervousness or anxiety can potentially lead to panic attacks. Meditation is a practice that dates back thousands of years and draws on Buddhist principles.
Anticipatory anxiety plays a large role in SAD; worry about upcoming social or performance situations can cause significant impairment in daily functioning.
Indeed, when researchers at Stanford University looked at brain scans of participants with SAD during meditation, they found changes in brain activity that suggested the potential for a reduction in social anxiety symptoms and reactions to negative self-beliefs. Finally, meditation is believed to have some direct impact on the body’s nervous system. Social anxiety disorder is, according to research, the most common anxiety disorder and the third most common mental disorder in the U.S. Slowly but surely, traditional western medicine is embracing, what used to be called ‘alternative’ practices. One of the reasons is because of the new ‘hard science’ that’s now arising around these practices. Check out this primer for do-it-yourself meditation from the Mayo Clinic, or find a class near you. There is a magic in nature, notice how your mind settles down, the stress melts away, your breathing deepens and your heart fills with joy. We evolved in the natural world so make it a practice to meditate in nature as often as you can, and notice how easily your heart opens. Meditation as a practice is paradoxical, it is on the one hand simple and on the other it’s a powerful tool that leads us to a state of deep relaxation, dissolving fatigue and all the accumulated stress which speeds up the aging process.
As we meditate, our breathing slows, our blood pressure, along with our heart rate, decreases and our stress hormone levels fall. Meditation not only helps people feel calmer but the practice has been shown to  produce changes in the brain, including areas associated with memory, empathy, a sense of self as well as stress regulation. This blog is about the meditation benefits of a regular practice, and so, the health benefits of nurturing our brain’s power to help us sustain a youthful mind and presence so we may tap into our inner reservoir of energy, creativity, peace and love. At Harvard University researchers analyzed blood samples and found that there was a difference in how genes expressed themselves between meditators and a control group. The conclusion of the Harvard study was that there is verifiable scientific proof that meditation has positive genetic effects influencing cell metabolism as well as a positive response to oxidative stress.
There is a new blood test that measures the length of the telomeres, which can be used to measure how fast a person is aging. Stress hormones, which play an important part in aging, are regulated by RNA, which is a copy of the DNA. Meditation may not be the actual fountain of youth, and yet, because of the meditation benefit for our DNA created by relieving the symptoms of stress and helping us to let go of our daily anxieties, meditation, just may be as close as we can come.
Outside the biologists test tubes and flasks, DNA gets influenced by your every thought, feeling, and action. The benefits of meditation are therefore in direct contrast with so-called “modern” medicine which is carried out hurriedly, aggressively and using expressions such as “It is useless to look elsewhere, there is nothing else that can be done ”. People have meditated for years and enjoyed better health (and a slower aging process) but many others have been skeptical as to its benefits. Enjoy a couple of You Tube Videos that use binaural beats so your DNA can kick back and relax.
Because caregivers for both the ill and the elderly are under so much stress that the relief meditation provides make it a natural tool to use to help alleviate the stress.
The caregivers in this study were divided into two groups, one practiced Kirtan Kirya yoga, a meditation exercise, and the other group listened to relaxation tapes.
Insomnia is a growing and widespread health problem around the globe, a problem that tends to become worse as we age. Meditation practiced in the evening before bed is a wonderful way to prepare for sleep, because allows the mind to settle so that the transition from waking to sleep is easy and natural.
Insomnia is a big deal these days for more and more people are getting affected by it in the process. If you find that you really can’t sleep or if you find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night, try getting out of bed and meditating.
Then  third video takes you on a journey into deep inner awareness, with a Native American electronic feel. Because the benefits of meditation are so much in the news and because there is so much research being done there’s a tendency to begin to see meditation as a cure all. That said, as this article points out meditation is helpful in alleviating or in the prevention of symptoms from depression to irritable bowel syndrome or from social anxiety to pain reduction.
The paradox is that this challenge can lead us to a realization, that we are not our thoughts; we are the witness of our thoughts. This awakening to the ‘witness’ is both a paradox and the most powerful meditation benefit. If you're unable to play this mp3 in your browser, you can download the file by signing up for the newsletter using the form below. Meditation produces a balancing effect on the nervous system known as the relaxation response. We are going to use the healing and balancing power of green energy to draw stress out of the body.
Now picture the energy flowing to the top of your head, then back through your lungs and finally outwards.
Each time you draw this energy in to your body, you feel more relaxed and in control of the energy. Your stomach which has been gently moving to bring this energy into your body is relaxed by the constant flow of the breath. On your next breath the energy will flow deeper through your stomach and fill the entire pelvic area.

With these last few breaths, you are going to pull energy deep down into your legs filling all of the muscles. Inhale slowly and deeply, moving now to the deepest level of consciousness you have ever been. As you prepare yourself to move into your personal space of power, the door slowly slides back.
Now when you want to go back, when you are ready take care of your friends and family you can. Breathing deep into your Dan Tien using your belly breath technique, you pull the cooling blue energy throughout the entire body. You can use this feeling to remind yourself throughout the day that you are in complete control. Mantra Meditation Apr 24, 16 03:10 PMHere are some simple tips for effective mantra meditation.
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We have an collection of Meditation Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques From Mind in various styles. Additionally, there is anticipatory anxiety, which is a fear of a social situation before it happens.
During meditation you learn to focus your breathing, reduce negative thinking and live in the present.
In a study at Manchester University, Chris Brown and colleagues found that people who practiced meditation had less negative reactions to pain.
If meditation helps to reduce anticipation of pain, it follows that it would also help to reduce anticipation of feared events.
Breathing, heart rate, and other physiological mechanisms respond to this form of relaxation. Now many of the so called ‘alternative’ practices have redefined as complementary, a better definition, for at least some of these practices.
There are a multitude of new studies extolling the benefits of meditation, yoga, deep breathing and other relaxation therapy’s. When you meditate in a place of natural beauty, you know that you’ve arrived a place that feel like home, even if you’ve never been there before, that what meditation is. After a year of clairvoyant training and studying a variety of meditation techniques, it became clear those moments in nature were effective meditations. There is a growing body of research about the role of meditation and the brain’s capacity to grow and change (even at later stages in life) along the brain’s amazing plasticity. A number of the genes were involved in the body’s response to ‘oxidative stress’ and cellular metabolism.
In a 2010 study, meditation was shown to have a positive effect on telomerase activity in the immune cells. The hope being that maybe the test will motivate people to take action, or better yet sit quietly and meditate, to improve their health. Budzynski has done extensive research on learning and suggestion when the brain is in a theta state. And while both group benefited, those who practiced the meditation reported greater improvements in the quality of their lives, including the feeling that care-giving wasn’t as much of a burden as it had been before. On the surface meditation is the simplest thing a person can do, sit, close your eyes and quiet your mind. We are going to use a guided visualization in order to achieve a highly relaxed state of mind and body. Please find a relaxing position that you will be able to sit uninterrupted for the next 30 minutes.
If you are not familiar with belly breathing, then you may want to take a moment to read the breathing techniques article. Through practice, most meditation techniques help you induce relaxation throughout the entire body.
By meditating regularly at least 10-30 minutes a day, you are bringing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance. The moving muscles are relaxed and giving your inner organs a gentle massage which further relaxes you. The energy moves throughout your hips and relaxes all of the muscles and organs in the pelvis.
The legs carry you throughout the day and build up a lot of tension, which will soon be gone. This is an elevator into deeper consciousness and will bring you into a place of complete peace and resourcefulness.
As you inhale and move deeper, the energy grows so much within you that you are completely filled. You are now full of powerful, relaxing and healing energy which you can control in any way you like. Your mind is at one with your body, and you can choose to bring this with you throughout the day. The green energy around you begins to turn a cool blue, and it invigorates your mind and body.
You know that you are nearly full awake and alert, but choose to remain within your personal energy cocoon, absorbing it into your body.

Take a moment to sit and enjoy this feeling, knowing you can come back to it whenever you want to. If you don’t like bombarding your body with pills and aggressive medicines, discover more amazing breakthrough energy healing therapies. Here is some inspiring pictures about Meditation Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques From Mind . Meditation is being shown to have beneficial effects in helping with anticipatory anxiety as well.
The practice of meditation has been shown to have a positive impact on many medical and mental health conditions, including social anxiety disorder (SAD). As part of the study, participants were administered pin pricks on their arms with a laser; brain scans showed that areas involved in anticipation were much less active in those who meditated.
Is it any wonder, given the meditation benefits regarding the fight-flight response, which researchers are seriously looking at meditation for relief in dealing with SAD’s. One of our biological responses to mental and emotional stress is oxidative stress, which produces free radicals. To explain this hypothesis has been formed that meditation could help to achieve a very good state of balance in biochemical development which would maximize the efficient use of DNA to induce itself to self-repair. Theta, Budzynski suggested, is the state in which superlearning takes place—when in theta, …. Almost one in five adults suffers the consequences of poor sleep, which causes daytime fatigue and affect the quality of our lives. One of the benefits of meditation is that as your regular meditation practice develops, worries and anxieties begin to diminish and as a consequence sleep comes more easily. Meditation, as it relates to the physical, is a wellness practice, a preventive and as a complementary and not alternative medical practice. It’s that last instruction, quieting your mind, which turns out to be such a challenge; it’s the first complaint of a new meditator.
The energy begins to flow in waves and drip down all around you.The energy is light and moves slowly, transforming into an egg shaped cocoon surrounding your body. Feel the energy going over every muscle in the front of your face, loosening and relaxing all of the muscles. The energy brings the entire area into a balanced state and removes any built up sexual tension. With each breath the energy begins to fill the legs, moving first into your thighs and proceeding down.
Even within, the energy is still surrounding you providing a relaxing and healing protective barrier.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Meditation Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques From Mind interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. It's best to keep your normal attentive meditation posture if you don't want to fall asleep during this meditation, otherwise you can lay down. As the green energy moves within the body it is pushing out any negative energy with each exhalation.
You do not need to use these muscles to breath any more and can continue breathing gently in to the belly. When you exhale, all of the tension in your hips and pelvis will leave the body, leaving behind a cool refreshed feeling.
With each breath it fills you more and more, continuing to relax and heal you as we continue the meditation. As you inhale the white ring of energy shines and comes to life preparing to take you deep within your mind. Nothing can harm you when you are here, and no one can come into your personal space of power without you letting them.
The energy begins to hum around you and you see the number 10 light above your head as you inhale. Maybe you hear them repeating faintly in your mind, or feel their vibrations moving through you. You see them clearly defined, you feel their energy and hear them repeating in the cells of your body. With each breath you take, imagine the air flowing into your Dan Tien , which is 3 finger widths below your navel, and 2 widths behind it. Any injuries you may have from sports or working on the computer are forgotten, as the energy removes pain and replaces it with a feeling of renewal. Though you are completely relaxed, you are still alert and aware of the powerful calm which is now a part of you. Now you can choose to go walk on the lush grass and feel it in between your toes and the pads of your feet.
Now, exhale and move closer to waking consciousness, carrying your peace and energy with you.
The energy now moves through the knees soothing any injuries and replacing it with a fresh healing sensation. As you exhale the energy flows back up through the arms, carrying away any negative energy. You are now so completely relaxed that the word is within you, repeating gently and communicating to your subconscious.
The energy you have brought with you still circulates within your body, bringing you calm and focus throughout your day.
It draws the tension down to the ground with it, and all of the tension is going to flow out of the bottom of your feet. Recall for just a moment, the youthful happiness which you reclaimed in your personal space of power.

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