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Yes, it sounds a little strange and you might not want to do it in a room full of people, but shaking can help to get rid of your stress.
Next gently shake your head and shoulders, then move onto your chest, legs and feet so that you are shaking all over.
Then stop suddenly and let the upper half of your body drop so that your hands are touching the floor.
Finish the exercise by beginning to gently shake again, starting with your head and working right down your body. Through the early part of the season, the Indiana Pacers look like one of the better young teams in the league.
We may be quick to poke fun at Hibbert for using such an approach, but as Ball Don’t Lie pointed out it may actually be working. Perhaps relaxation exercises have allowed Hibbert to slow it down and play a more disciplined style of basketball.
Yoga as a form of alternate healing for various physical and mental ailments is gaining a lot of popularity these days. As for the practice itself, it is best if you practice on an empty stomach or after a very light meal. As a general guide line, a typical Yoga session starts with Meditation followed by deep breathing exercises or Pranayama . In the beginning, the Tad asana (mountain pose) that brings the focus on your breath, sun salutations ( surya namaskara) .
Progressing through the practice,  triangular pose, adhomukha vakrasana ( handstand) , Mayurasana , chaturanga dandasana ( four limbed staff pose) , bhujangasana( cobra pose) . However, it is best if you decide on the sequence of asanas and the time duration allotted to each only after having a thorough discussion about these with a well trained Yoga practitioner.
Last but not the least , ask somebody to accompany use to keep the energy and enthusiasm levels high. In order to relax your body during running, you need to know what it truly feels like to have your body in a relaxed state.
Utilizing your relaxed strength is particularly helpful when more effort is required to run and train, such as when running uphill or doing speed work.

The following exercise is from Body Mind Mastery: Training For Sport and Life by Dan Millman. This relaxation exercise teaches you how to use your muscles more efficiently with less tension and effort.
Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler Apr 15, 16 09:59 AMBarefoot Running by Michael Sandler is a step-by-step guide to help runners overcome and prevent injuries.
Use Your Mind Power to Stay Healthy Mar 24, 16 01:25 PMUse your mind power to stay healthy and keep running.
Keep Running While on Vacation Feb 17, 16 09:03 AMRunning while on vacation is not as hard as you think even if you are going to a place you have never been before and even if it is going to be hot! You may want to practice it early morning or choose a time when you are less likely to be disturbed by people and phone calls.
You may do physical workout practice three days a week and meditative Yoga the rest of the three days. This exercise really helped me understand and get a feel for how to be strong and soft at the same time. Your partner puts one hand on the crook of your elbow and gradually begins to push down, in order to bend your arm (in the direction it normally bends, or course). Visualizing the flow of energy helps develop effective and relaxed strength.Throughout the day, whenever you feel tension, shake it loose and breathe deeply to relax. Most conditions in our bodies have been created by our thoughts.The mind makes all decisions that are responsible for the body's condition.
The season is young, but those numbers are the highest of Hibbert’s four-year career. If relaxation therapy has been one of the keys to a 7-3 start, maybe some other players around the league (like the Washington Wizards) should give it a shot. You might practice Yoga in fresh air or you might create a personalized corner in your home. It is essential for runners to run in a relaxed state in order to achieve their maximum efficiency and to avoid injuries. There are many other great relaxation exercises and practices throughout this book that can help you discover your potential and natural athletic abilities.

Always wear light, comfortable clothes for practicing yoga so that your movements are not restricted. Also, if you are really passionate, on weekends you might indeed have an extended Yoga session that combines all the forms of Yoga you do. It is only when you become aware of tension that you are able to release it.While you are running, check that your gaze is soft and gentle. You will not only become a more efficient runner, but because you are not holding tension, you greatly reduce the risk of injury and your muscles will be looser and will not require as much stretching. You are just becoming more sensitive to it, which is the first step to having a more relaxed and tension-free body. You might light some tranquil essence sticks and put on some soft music.  Also, make your there is enough space around so that there is no hindrance in movements and there are no sharp objects around.
You may take help from a trained Yoga practitioner or might pick some Audio Video DVDs from a store. You do this by imagining a powerful flow of energy, like water gushing through a hose, continually flowing through your arm and out the ends of your extended fingers, shooting right through the wall for a thousand miles.Let your awareness flow with the energy, continuing past your partner's arm.
You can always join a Yoga class but nothing can beat doing it right at the comfort of your own home. It is great if you perform yoga along with some mantras playing in the background for positive vibes. As your partner begins to push more, imagine an increase in the power of the flow balancing the pressure.Experiment with this exercise, and see if you begin to feel a new kind of relaxed strength. You may allot 20 to 30 minutes each day, in the starting and gradually deepen your practice. As you increase your awareness of resistance, you will be able to recognize it and let it go. Also, be patient Yoga practices need a little time, discipline and regularity to bear fruits.

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