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Mantra Meditation Apr 24, 16 03:10 PMHere are some simple tips for effective mantra meditation.
High School Wellness classes will be scheduled with the Wellness teachers by the school nurse.
Poor sleep can affect your energy levels and your mood – not to mention your overall health and wellness.
Sleep and give your body a relaxation, being one of the most vital necessities of life when disturbed causes a lot of problems.
So if your thoughts are relaxed, if you learn how to handle stress then naturally you will be able to sleep better. Often times when we exercise, we are actually helping our body cope with tension and stress. Music is one key ingredient in relaxing anyone for anything, it not only helps you mentally but also focusses on your body as well. Now, most of you will be thinking that does not happen but let me tell you it does work and a lot of people have beneficial from it over the years.

We have mastered the art of guided sleep and relaxation, using the perfect combination of voice, music and BiNaural technology to help you completely de-stress, unwind, let go and be submersed into a state of serenity and peace. Our guided sleep and relaxations are designed to completely de-stress your body and calm your mind, completely relax you and guide you into a peaceful, deep, relaxed state or sleep. Although some individuals may need quite a bit more or less that this average amount, we all need regular patterns of rest and relaxation in our lives. The main aim of the relaxation techniques is to purely help you sleep better and think better. Studies have shown that people who have been under a lot of stress or have a routine that disturbs them mentally have been not able to sleep more than 40 minute at a single go. So before going to bed all you need is to stretch your muscles all over the body one by one.
You can have a look at different websites which tell you how to relax your muscles and you can take it one step at a time. You just need to focus on a beautiful place where you want to go, where you might find peace.

These sleep and relaxation compositions will leave you with lasting, calming effects and improve the quality of your life.
The gentle music seeps into your subconscious, nourishes your mind and you wake up feeling refreshed and revived. Adequate sleep and life margins comprised of restful activities can improve academic performance, protect against infection and chronic disease, regulate hormones, and allow life to be lived to the fullest. Remember, when it comes to your brain all things are inter connected and they all depend on one another. Instantly you will start feeling better and a feeling of something heavy being taken away from your shoulders will take over. So play on some Yani, Bach or some good soft music listen to the sound coming from the headphones and just relax into a good sleep.

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