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Itsu Sync uses the science behind how our brains work to help you go from alert, to relaxed, to asleep within 15 minutes.
Your sleep patterns are linked to your brainwaves and when certain brainwaves are overactive and others are underactive you can end up with problems sleeping--insomnia, low energy, etc. The brainwaves which control our sleep are called the "Delta and Theta" brainwaves, which normally operate between 1-4 Hz and 4-8 Hz. Itsu Sync uses the correct Delta and Theta binaural beats to mimic the correct frequencies your brain should be producing. Get the entire program, including all 4 Itsu Sync CD's and our profesional binaural headphones.

Itsu Sync uses binaural beats which are based around neuroscience to bring your brainwaves into alignment. They are very low, slow, and methodical brainwave frequencies and this is why they are so important for deep sleep and relaxation. You may have already tried dozens of other remedies and are still unable to fall asleep quickly, unable to get the proper restorative sleep you want that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and energetic the following morning.
While these are the normal ranges they operate in many times they will start operating outside these natural frequency ranges.
Itsu Sync just might be the answer to getting the type of deep sleep relaxation music your body craves.

All you have to do is start listening to Itsu Sync and you will begin to experience deep, restorative sleep.
Too much stimulation, stress, or other forces can cause them to become overactive, operating above their normal range.
So if your Theta brainwaves are operating at 12 Hz this is too fast and will prevent you from falling into a deep restful sleep.

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