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Nothing is forever and the rise of Google plus begs the question “When will Facebook be dethroned? We now know that that business decision ended in tears, with MySpace being sold in 2011 for less than $40 million, as its user base continued to decline. Facebook is not taking the private sale route but is going public this year with a market valuation estimated at $100 billion. Google had attempted in the past to create a social media network as it knew that social networks were the future. Stickiness is a term that is used to describe the amount of time users spend on a platform engaged and using its features and functions. The numbers from Nielsen regarding time spent on Facebook compared to Google and other web properties are worth considering and reveal why Google had to launch Google+. In fact Facebook beats Google, YouTube, Yahoo and AOL combined, based on time spent on the platform! Paul Allen (who calls himself the unofficial statistician of Google+, as Google is very coy about its numbers) has estimated the following growth path of Google+ very accurately since its launch. He estimates that Google plus is adding 625,000 users a day and estimates that it will reach 400 million users by the end of 2012. When Google built the Google plus social network it was obvious from the start that they had allowed for the increasingly visual evolution of the internet and social networks. They have continued this focus by providing instant upload from the Google mobile android operating system that has 700,000 new activations every day. An observation by Paul is also worth noting about the highly engaging power of photos for users and the Google+ users activity. This competing duopoly would provide a competitive environment that would lead to a continually evolving and healthy social media network ecosystem. Maybe 2015 will see Facebook matched by Google+ as it does look likely it will pass LinkedIn as the second  largest social network this year. With Google Plus, the business pages are basic and they have a lot to catch up to (at the time of writing) what Facebook has done. Hey Steve, As far as I know I have not met a single person in the whole world who is using G+ or even thinking about using it but almost all of them love facebook. However, I do believe if G+ focuses on the B2B side of things in social media they could be the #1 network for professionals and easily replace LinkedIn.
It is amazing to think that by the end of the year G+ will have close to 400 million subscribers. Reflecting back, the facts would likely show that such a competition existed only in the mind of the writer, and it succeeded in selling lots of magazines to anxious teens. I don’t doubt a bit that there is far greater likelihood of real honest competition in the case if Facebook vs. I think Google has the most to gain, not by head to head competition in the same space, but in capitalizing on it’s existing strengths, and integrating processes and social networking into search, gmail, etc.
I don’t see Facebook trying, yet anyway, to become the next great search engine or email tool, messaging notwithstanding. I joined G+ for three months and gained close to 5,000 followers… but narrowed down those I followed to around 60 individuals. But I habe the problem that most of my family and friends are still only on FB and don?t see a reason why to change to Google+. Why not set up a Raspberry Pi to do the not-so-heavy lifting instead of importing your feeds into yet another web-based service? While these are all undeniably cool, the gadgets that will really transform the future are being prototyped in hackerspaces and garages all over the world.

The advent of prefabricated machines and graphical operating systems has helped the industry explode like those of us who witnessed its birth could never have dreamed of, but that remarkable success has come at the cost of the pioneering spirit that started it all. Replaces Google AdSense ads with a rectangular box to indicate where the ads would have appeared on the website you're visiting. Google is so hacked off with Oracle's java antics it is seriously considering taking it out of Android and replacing it with Apple's open sauce Swift software. While we would have thought that there would be little choice between Oracle and Apple as evil software outfits, the fact that Apple uncharacteristically made Swift open source might make life a bit brighter for Google. But since Apple open sourced Swift, Google, Facebook and Uber have al said that they are interested in it.
Of course if it did all this, Apple might realise that its biggest rival was using its own software to club it to death.
Cortana, the famous digital assistant from Microsoft which first debuted on Windows Phone, and now on all version of Windows  is ready to take over Google Now service. This was rolled out in tier recent update to the service, so when you press the home button shortcut, it will ask you to make choice for Cortana and Google Now, and you will be able to set your default option as well.
That said, the next obvious step to is bring Voice support, but as of now it is little difficult for Cortana because of hardware limitation. One thing that remains same is the interface, and I won’t be surprised if the Google users start complaining about it and ask for material design.
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Smart business heads such as Rupert Murdoch paid over a half a billion dollars for direct ownership, betting on the the future continuing success of MySpace and its longevity.
Google+ users upload 5x more photos per day than Facebook users (perhaps because of Android instant upload). I’m not using G+ right now, but I use it mostly for networking and promoting my blog. I wonder if the statistics we read on the web about G+ have been tampered with and simply an inflated report. G+ is indeed good for business but it’s still a purely social platform, designed for individuals. The orange number box continues to skyrocket, and if this is the case when I am not on it all day, I feel that G Plus is growing, and growing fast. I am sure it is possible, it just seems improbable with some of the lack of interest being shown currently by the public over the site. Google+, but it still seems to me like asking if the Skill Power Saw will take over, leaving the SawzAll in the dust. Someone published statistics some time back about how more searches were performed on Facebook at a point in time than on Google, but no one addressed the fact that on Facebook they were searching for old classmates and new girlfriends, and searching for EVERYTHING ELSE on Google. I think 62M serious networking are trying to figure it out, and most are as lost and confused by Google+ as I am. But a comparison between functionality can never ever been a factor in saying that Google+ will outrule Facebook. I read an article yesterday saying google made the biggest mistsake ever with google plus and their search results.
With Google Reader shutting down this July, you might be looking for another way to stay on top of your feed subscriptions.
After all, you never know when anyone (or everyone) is going to pull the pin on their aggregators a€” especially since RSS is supposed to be dead already anyway.
In the eyes of some, ita€™s one of the more powerful, cost-effective embedded boards to hit the market.

2013 will be an exciting year in the world of gadgets -- new game consoles are launching, gadgets to automate homes and improve health are popping up regularly, and this could finally be the year the mythical Apple TV ships. Increasingly, the Raspberry Pi is the platform of choice for these forward-thinking gadgeteers. Back in personal technology prehistorya€”you know, before computers were idiot-proof enough to grace any living rooma€”it was tough to use a PC without possessing an intimate understanding of how and why it worked. It was introduced at WWDC 2014, and has major support from IBM as well as a variety of major apps like Lyft, Pixelmator and Vimeo that have all rebuilt iOS apps with Swift. It might not be be so nice about allowing Swift out to play and eventually Google have to fork Swift and dump the Apple version. Surprisingly, Google Now works on almost every phone, and I am guess Microsoft needs to fix this instead of putting this up as hardware problem. May be in coming versions. Microsoft has opened up limited beta testing for  Cortana for Android Check out the sign-up process for potential beta testers. He Owns a Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550, Lumia 1020 & BLU WIN HD LTE and have used all the Lumia Phones and Non Lumia Phones as well.
Linkedin has carved itself a niche that is going to be more and more difficult to break as time goes on or something drastic, as you said, happens. Like a caveman finding a modern tool or weapon, it’s shinny, it MUST do something important, but GRUNT if I know what. We installed and built all of the necessary software on the Pi starting from a standard Debian Wheezy system image and we have published a guide so you can build your own supercomputer. To others, ita€™s one of the most compact, bare-bones personal computers ever to grace the electronics world with ita€™s presence. Makers are using the tiny $35 (A?22) platform to help the blind, manage their email, play games -- even put on pyrotechnic stage shows that would make the most hardened hair band weep with joy.
The Raspberry Pi ($35, as tested), a tiny and brilliantly inexpensive proto-computer, encourages exactly the kind of exploration and tinkering that are nowadays often relegated to even the fringes of the DIY and enthusiast communities, and demands your active participation and intellectual engagement. Google would also have to make its entire standard library Swift-ready, and support the language in APIs and SDKs.
This would probably result in an anst-ridden moany album about how life is so unfair which makes a fortune while scoring passive agressive revenge on the dumpee.
This to me means people that don’t really care that much about social media but are on Facebook to keep up with friends and family. Ita€™s an open-source app that has been around for ages, and its developers provide a tarball that makes setup on the Pi (or any Linux-powered system) a simple task. These 10 projects show the enormous potential of this tiny board and should keep your weekend full of prototyping fun. These people will not switch over to Google + unless something drastic happens to Facebook which will keep Google+ from being highly successful. I am not a facebook user but G+ has made me think about facebook and now I will start using it. It is the single biggest thing to have happened to the recruitment industry since the internet and now its established as that, I’m gonna find that a hard cycle to break. Time-Lapse Dolly Moving time-lapse videos are a sweet art form, but kind of tricky to pull off. What I did last name, pictures from my vacation, invitations to parties, getting in touch with old friends.

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